part time mlm imageOne question I get quite often from Part Time MLM marketers is…“Should I prospect for my home business at work?”

It's a fantastic question.

Here's the bottom line:  I have never “actively” prospected at my job, but it's a very personal choice.  

There's pluses and minuses to doing so… watch the video below to get the full explanation so you can make up your own mind.

And don't miss the Million Dollar Passive Prospecting tip I give at the 3:00 minute mark of the video.

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They'll never even know they've been prospected!

How was that for some killer Passive Prospecting tips?

Part Time MLM Recruiting – A “Safe” Way to Recruit Your Co-workers

As I said in the video, the best way to “prospect” at work, in my opinion is by demonstrating your product in front of your co-workers.

If you're in the health and wellness industry, you'll want to be using your products in front of co-workers.

They'll naturally get curious and ask what you're taking and why.  

That's when you tell success stories that you or others have had with your products.

Similarly, if you're in a travel MLM, you'll want to use the time in the “coffee room” or other common areas to take out your phone and look at your vacation pictures.

Show one of your co-workers and chances are good that others will be peeking as well.

Explain how you got to go on such on a wonderful vacation.  If they ask questions, that's when you begin sharing your products.

It's a much safer way to prospect than actively pitching your products at work.

So what's your experience?

Have you ever prospected at your job?  If so, how did it work out for you?

If not, why not?

Leave a comment and tell us your story!

To your success!

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    23 replies to "Part Time MLM: “Should I Prospect at Work?”"

    • April Marie Tucker

      The title of this post drew me in right away! This is a great topic!! I tried prospecting when I was working my peers and it never turned out well. I did the take my energy shots and stuff in front of them too lol. I later found out that the people at my job were not my prospects. I think we are taught in MLM that everyone is our prospects. I really don’t believe this is true. I look back at the people I worked with and can now see that they would definitely not be a fit for what I do. I think recruiting at work like you said needs to be done with caution. I think when your excited about a something the people close to you can tell and may ask. That may leave you with a open. but seems many with the JOB mentality are close minded and one other thing you never know who secretly hates you. So like you said Bob if your job has a strict policy on soliciting be super careful. Great info Bob!! Looking forward to your next post!!

      • Bob

        Thanks, April. I prefer to “prospect” at work strictly by attraction. And I am very careful to pick and choose who I work with, especially with someone at the job. Generally, I don’t do it, but there are some exceptions.

        Thanks for your insights!

    • Wade

      I remember when I first got into MLM, I wrote everyone a letter inviting them to join me on the path to financial freedom. My reward for this was being kicked out of the company. I later quit the industry and have now rejoined the same company. I believed and still do believe that MLM provides an opportunity for job creation in the formal sector.

      • Bob

        I also believe that Network Marketing is a great and profitable business model, Wade. But I feel we must be smart in how we prospect, not only to protect the integrity of the industry but also to protect ourselves!

        Thanks for the comment, Wade.

        • Wade

          Thanks for the response. If I may, I would like to elaborate on what I said in my comment. Imagine if you could move people already in the workforce into MLM full time and replace those people who currently do not have jobs? People who have jobs, join an MLM program , they build a business part time and mentor someone to take over their job. Once they are earning enough money to quit their jobs and or they have killed debt such as mortgages and the like, they resign from their jobs. Thus making way for an unemployed person who then also signs up into mlm and repeats the process. Imagine how poverty and unemployment could be eradicated then?

    • Ken

      I don’t know about you guys but I got so many downlines at work! Hahaha

      • Bob

        LOL Ken. Work has never been a hotbed of activity for my home business, even when I have chosen to share it there.

    • Carmen

      Thanks for the great video. It gives a lot of explanation, very well said. Looking forward for the next informative blog.

      • Bob

        Thanks, Carmen… more to come soon! Stay tuned…

    • Carol Lynn Rivera

      This is an interesting topic, because although I am not in this particular industry I do see parallels. For example, sometimes I may work with a designer who has “a job” but is freelancing on the side. And it becomes this whole “thing” about whether or not he should tell his boss or should he put the work in his portfolio in case anyone finds out… ultimately I know it’s not exactly the same thing, but it’s definitely crossing borders between jobs and I think so long as you are fair and do not let one infringe on the other to the detriment of one of them, then it’s ok to cross the borders! I imagine in your industry it’s exactly as Donna said – all in the approach. If I was on the receiving end, I would want it to be a positive and friendly thing, too – not pushy. But isn’t that true of all good marketing??

      • Bob

        Good points, Carol. I can see the parallels with your situation.

        Yes, it’s all in the approach and yes, it’s true of all good marketing but the problem is that, at least in our industry people are taught to get out there and pitch anyone within a 3 foot radius and other nonsense. This is where it starts to cross the line over to obnoxious and could cause issues in the workplace.

        Thanks for the comment.

    • Lambert twagirimana

      Dear all + Mr bob

      Thanks for your commets :: for me now , l don’t have any thing to say abaut it . l do not have a chance to wach your videos plz l am sorry for that , but l w’ll try.

      Mr bob knows that l am jobless but l still have hope for making some thing +++
      You know , if you have strong friendship with strong pples (lol) it’s your success !!

      God bless you all + Mr bob.
      Lambert twagirimana
      Kigali – Rwanda

      • Bob

        Keep learning and growing, Lambert! The more you know, the valuable you become!

    • Donna Merrill

      Hi Bob, Well I don’t have a JOB, but if I did, I would be comfortable talking to my friends at work about my opportunity. Because of the fact that it causes financial freedom, I would want that too for my co-workers.
      I think this is a powerful message and great food for thought.
      As long as we have confidence in ourselves and believe in the product we are selling, why not?
      I think it is all in the approach. Just like anything else, as long as we are respectful and not “pushy” people will respond well.
      Donna Merrill

      • Bob

        Absolutely, Donna. it IS all in the approach. That’s a great point. And you’re a master at it.

        I guess my biggest area of concern (asides from trying to market to subordinates, which would likely get me fired) is having a coworker join me and be one of these people who expect something for nothing, success with no effort. It could get a bit uncomfortable if you have to work with these people every day after they’ve decided they wasted their money joining your business.

      • Cat Alexandra

        Hey Folks,

        Just loved Donna’s response to this interesting blog topic for discussion! I fall into a similar category as Donna in terms of where we are in our businesses (no “J.O.B.” & an open-minded approach about prospecting with integrity).

        I started network marketing when I was 20 years old and in college. I have always had a business to support me financially since that time. Pretty much everything I have done was somehow sales-related in my professional life, so I have always had a healthy approach to prospecting having learned my A, B, C’s from the likes of folks like the ever-famous Tom Hopkins!

        I concur with Donna’s statement: As long as we are respectful and not “pushy” people will respond well.

        Knowing this ahead of time makes it so easy. The truth is that the world is full of opportunities for us to enjoy! Jobs have plenty of opportunities for folks who work them, but it is up to US to recognize the opportunities and have the substance to seize them as they come!

        Great topic Bob!!

        Cat Alexandra

        • Bob

          Exactly, Cat. What was it that Jim Rohn said?

          “Rarely does a good opportunity interrupt you.”

          We need to be ready and receptive when these opportunities occur. As for prospecting at work, I agree with both you and Donna about doing so with integrity and not being too pushy.

          However, quite possibly the real issue is whether or not you WANT to work with the people at your JOB. As I pointed out, you need to see these people on a regular basis and should choose wisely the type of person you want to do business with.

          Sylviane made the point that people in a JOB often have that employee mindset that may make it difficult to transform to the way of thinking of an entrepreneur. I think it’s valid.

          Thanks for your insights, Cat.

    • Sylviane Nuccio

      Hi Bob,

      This is a very interesting point! I guess this is really a matter of personality and how smart and discrete one is to prospect at work.

      Also, in a lot of cases if you have a JOB to go to, a lot of the people there, will be what I call “affected by the employee mentality”. meaning not entrepreneur material. This said, if you happened to notice that one person that is different it’s a good opportunity to move in.

      Thanks for this and have a great day!

      • Bob

        This is a great point and not one that I’ve considered Sylviane — the employee mindset. It’s prevalent in most workplaces, as this is all that people with jobs have ever known. But like you said, you’re looking for the diamonds in the rough, those with a different way of thinking.

        Thanks for your insights, Sylviane!

    • Adrienne

      Well, I don’t have a work to prospect in so I know what my answer is Bob. But very good points.

      I think for me it would be whether I personally want to work with some of my co-workers on that level. As a lot of the prospecting gurus will tell you, would you want to go on vacation with those people? There will be company events and trips being won. Are these the people you would want to spend time with. If the answer is yes then go for it. If the answer is no then absolutely not.

      I think it is a personal preference like you suggested Bob. I actually have not had a chance to get the scoop in your video since I’m not someplace I can watch it at the moment. But will have a look and see when I get home.

      Thanks for sharing and will be interested to see what everyone else thinks as well.


      • Bob

        Hi Adrienne!

        Your point is perfect — you must make a personal choice if you want to take this route. There are many people I work with that I wouldn’t WANT on my team! LOL

        But there are others that I think would fit in very nicely and understand the basic need to work for success. I still choose not to do so, but this is because of my circumstances. I have a position of authority in our hospital and for me to go this route would be very dangerous.

        Appreciate your comment as always, Adrienne. Have a great day!

    • Lambert twagirimana

      wow , for me l know that you should prospect at work in you part time MLM , FOR ME IS *= YES*=

      • Bob

        Like I said, it’s a very personal decision.

        So how do you prospect at work? Are you aggressive or are you prospecting passively the way I taught in my video?

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