9 Powerful Traits Of Successful People

traits of successful people

In this post, I’m gonna share with you 9 very powerful traits of successful people. What do you think makes someone successful? Is it money? Is it status? Is it self-defined?   We’re gonna explore this and more, but first let’s get started with some great quotes about Success and Being Successful. Success Quotes   […]

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My Top 3 Takeaways From Ray Higdon’s Mastermind Event

I just returned from a very cool Mastermind Event this weekend, led by Ray and Jessica Higdon. It was an amazing experience with 2 full days of training followed by an “adventure day” (more on this later). The training ranged from the basic to the advanced, from mindset to webinar presentation slides and everything in-between. […]

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10 Keys To Building Trust With Your Target Market

building trust

There’s a key ingredient that all successful marketers emphasize in their business — building trust with their target market. After all, as the saying goes…   “People buy from those they Know, Like and Trust!” As an affiliate marketer who’s participated in many contests, I’ve been witness to the “surprise” showing of marketers with relatively […]

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The Power Of Persistence: Prepare For Battle!

power of persistence

I did a training call today for our Community and the topic was The Power of Persistence.  It’s destined to be one of those calls that people go back to time and again, because it’s that important. “Consistency of action” has become one of the buzzword phrases in our Profession, and the importance of being […]

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The Fear Of Making Mistakes

FEAR is a huge obstacle for most home business builders, whether they’re full time or building a business “on the side”. — Fear of failure — Fear of rejection — Fear of embarrassing yourself — Fear of letting your family down. But there’s one FEAR that’s especially relevant to Part Timers that can stop you […]

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