part time business from homeI'm a little different than most folks building a part-time business from home.

I have a job that I actually love.

In fact, I've been building my business online since 2009 with the intent of “retiring on my own terms” when the time comes.

As such, I have a lot of experience with what works and what doesn't…

And what it takes to build a profitable Part-Time business from home.

Believe me…

I've had more than my share of setbacks and obstacles.

But in the end, I've been able to put quite a few tick marks in the Success Column as well.

Below is an interview I did with 8-Figure Earner Ferny Ceballos, who asked me to come to talk to his community about building a successful Part Time Business from home…

5 Essential Truths To Building A Part Time Business From Home

Last year, I started what has become a highly successful coaching program solely for Part-Time Marketers.

To prepare for my clients, I did a lot of soul searching, looking back on my experiences for the best way to guide my students.

And what I came up with are what I consider to be the ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS for building a business Part-Time.

These will definitely help if you're Part Time in your business.

But even if you're Full Time,  you probably have team members or associates you know who is growing their business “on the side”.

Hopefully, these tips will help you guide your Part-Time teammates, as well.

Without further delay, let me give you what I think are the critical components for building a business part-time from home.

TRUTH #1:  You Really Need to Double Down on Your Mindset

This is especially true if you have a traditional job.

Have you ever said to yourself or even outwardly, “You know, I'm only part-time. What do they expect?”

Or,  “I'm only part-time. I can't compete.”

These are the scripts that go on in your head that will hold you back tremendously.

I know this from experience.

I remember going to my first event and watching people get up on stage who've been in the business for a shorter period of time than me.

They look so happy as they're getting their awards.

I remember turning to my wife and saying, “You know, what do they expect, we're only part-time. Of course, we can't be onstage.”

Talk about negative scripts, right?

I gradually got past these negative thoughts by understanding this… 

It's super important to understand that Part-Time is just where you are right now.

It's not an excuse.

It's just where you are right now.

It doesn't mean that that's where you'll be in the future.


If you have a traditional job, it's even more important to dive into mindset.

You really need to get good at transitioning from an employee to a business owner.

It can be really hard, especially if you're working all day as an employee, then to switch gears and all a sudden you're an entrepreneur, you're a business owner, and you're the one making the decisions.

That can be tough.

How especially is it difficult?

First of all, there are mistakes.

I don't know about you, but in my job mistakes are not encouraged.

In fact, they're dealt with pretty harshly.

I don't know too many jobs where mistakes are encouraged.

But as an entrepreneur, you have to make mistakes.

The only way you grow is if you make mistakes and learn from it and keep going.

You've got to make that switch in your head which can be tough.

You also have to learn how to discipline yourself like a boss.

If you have a boss who tells you what to do all the time, when to come in, when to leave, when to take lunch, what to do, giving you deadlines…

All of a sudden when you're a business, you're the boss.

And you've got to be the type of boss who is strict enough, disciplined enough to hold you accountable when you're alone, working on your business.

part time business

TRUTH #2:   Time Isn't Your Biggest Roadblock

My mentor, Ray Higdon told me one day…

“You know, if you're not getting results part-time, going full-time won't help.”

It's the truth.

You need to get a handle on your time if you want to succeed.

You can't let your time handle you.

You've got to handle your time.

One of the biggest jumps I made happened when I stopped looking for big chunks of time to build my business.

I always thought if I don't have at least a two-hour chunk of time to build my business, why even start.

Then I discovered the concept of working within the “nooks and crannies of your day.”  (credit:  Diane Hochman)

The little 10 or 15 minute times in your day that will most of us hardly even notice..

The times where you're commuting to work, the times where you're waiting at your doctor's office, the times where you're waiting outside the school of your kids to come out.

These little chunks of time that, if you're smart enough and wise enough you can use them very effectively to grow your business…

Even when you don't have a big chunk of time that day.

It's super important.

It's the quality of time you put into your business that matters, not the quantity.

It's what you do with the time you have, not how much time you have.

Let me tell you a little story…

My job schedule is a little bit weird.

We work super hard for four months straight and then we get three weeks off.

That's just the way my schedule is.

What I started noticing was that when I had these big blocks of time off, I was less productive than when I was super busy.

When I had these big blocks of time off from work, I couldn't manage it effectively.

I wasn't as efficient with my time.

Yet when my schedule was hectic and I had little free time, I worked on my business much more efficiently.

I've since solved the problem, but it just goes to show you that it's not how much time you have to devote to your business, it's what you do with your time that's important.

TRUTH #3:  Your Success will be Dictated by Your Habits

The better your habits, the better your results are going to be.

That's the truth.

I'm leading a Challenge right now with some part-time entrepreneurs.

We went back to the fundamentals and put into place some really good habits for building a business Part Time from home.

Going forward, these habits will make a huge difference for the coming year.

You start with having a plan of action.

One thing you don't want to do, you don't want to sit down at your computer without a plan.

You don't want to sit down and say, “Hmm, what should I work on today for my business.”

That's such a huge mistake.

Every time you sit down at your computer, you need to have a plan of what you're going to do.

In our Challenge, we talk a lot about a daily method of operation (DMO) and effective routine.

Your DMO is so important.

If you don't have a plan, it's like you're lost in the woods without a compass.

You're just going every which way trying to figure out which is the right way.

Your DMO is essentially your compass in the woods.

It's going to point you to true North every time you sit down to work on your business.

It's so important.

I talk a lot with my coaching clients about the most important part of your daily method of operation… your money task.

Your money task is essentially that one task or activity in your business that will give you the best chance of making money.

It can be different for different people.

You've got to know what it is.

And you must focus on it, especially when your time is limited.

TRUTH #4:  Your Ability to Counteract Distractions will go a Long Way Towards Your Success

As a part-timer, it's so important that you don't waste your time.

And one of the worst culprits is DISTRACTIONS.

Your ability to “go to war” against distractions will go a long way to determining your success.

There are lots of tips about handling and removing distractions.

Here's one I've been teaching my clients (I learned this from Darren Hardy)…

Start working 30-60 minute “intensive” sessions, where there are no distractions.

Not as easy as it sounds.

But to the best of your ability, create a distraction-free bubble around yourself.

The phone goes off.

Limit the use of the Internet to only the program that you're using.

If you're doing Facebook ads or prospecting on Facebook, that should be the only tab open on your computer, nothing else.

Talk to family members and ask, “Give me an hour if you can, and don't disturb me.”

Then set a timer and don't stop working until the timer goes off.

You will be amazed at how much you can get done in 30 or 60 minutes of focussed attention without distractions. 

After you're finished, take a break and regroup.  Relax your body and your brain.

Then, if you have time repeat the process.

It's been a true game-changer for me and my coaching clients.

Try it out!

TRUTH #5:  You Cannot Do Your Business Alone

This is especially for part-time business owners…

You cannot do your business alone.

Coaches are invaluable.

They can shortcut your learning curve to success more than anything else that I know.

If you haven't yet hired a coach, I strongly urge you to consider doing so.

It doesn't have to break the bank, either.

Here's a simple rule when it comes to hiring a coach…

Find someone who has already accomplished what you want to do.

If you're looking to make your blog into a lead generation machine, find a blogger who's done this and hire them to show you how they did it.

If you need a coach to show you how to generate leads, make sales and build a team when your time is really limited, hire a coach who's done that.

You get the idea.

Don't fall into the trap of thinking that you must have results before you should hire a coach.

The opposite is true, in fact.

If you invest in a good coach sooner rather than later, your rewards (profits) will be 10x or more than what you paid.


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