7 Blogging Tips For Beginners

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Whether you’re looking to start a blog or you’ve been blogging for a while and struggling to get eyeballs on your posts, these blogging tips will definitely help you out. First, why should you bother listening to me? I’ve been blogging regularly since 2009.  At first it was slow going, and I was getting no […]

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9 Ways To Create A Killer About Page

One of the most important pages on any blog is the About Page. This is the place where readers can get to know the blogger on a more personal level.  A visit to the About Page usually means that something on the blog intrigued the reader, and she wants to learn more. The About Page […]

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We’re Back, Slimmed Down And Ready To ROAR!

It’s been a while since I posted here, and there’s a reason. A few weeks ago, we began having troubles with our blog hosting company.  They kept shutting down our site for “using too many resources.” As it turns out, that pretty much means that we were getting too big for our britches and they […]

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A Quick And Easy Way To Monetize Your Blog

If you’re looking to monetize your blog, you’re in for a treat today. If you’ve spent anytime with me or read my blog, You know that I’m all about LEVERAGE and finding the simplest and fastest ways of accomplishing my goals. It’s just that I’m really busy, and a little LAZY!  🙂 It’s Not That […]

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Look What’s New at BobandRosemary.com!

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We got back yesterday from the No Excuses3 Summit and learned a ton that I’ll be teaching you. But while I was in Vegas, I had my blog designer/programmer working on a few cool additions to BobandRosemary.com  — things will will help YOU learn more and make it even easier to ask me your questions. […]

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