One of the most important pages on any blog is the About Page.

This is the place where readers can get to know the blogger on a more personal level.  A visit to the About Page usually means that something on the blog intrigued the reader, and she wants to learn more.

The About Page is one of the most visited pages on a blog, so it's important to make it memorable in the eyes of your readers.

about page

9 Components of a Killer About Page

Because the About Page is a popular blog page, it's important to use this opportunity not just to build a relationship with the reader but to also build your email list.

To accomplish both objectives, here are the main components to build a highly magnetic About Page that will help you stand out from your competitors.


1 — A Short Welcome Video

Nothing builds rapport with your reader more than video.  When someone can see you and you speak directly to your reader, this is highly magnetic.

No need to get fancy here…

Make it short and sweet, no more than 30-60 seconds.  

Welcome your readers and thank them for taking the time to check you out.  

If it's too long, your reader may lose interest and click off the page.


About Page Welcome Video


2 — What's In It For Your Readers (Your Mission)?

People are selfish.  They want to know “what's in it for them”.

So tell them.

Why should they read your blog?

What help and solutions do you offer them?

In other words, WHY did you create your blog?


Your Mission



3 — Establish Your Credibility (Why Should They Listen To You?)

In this section, you want to tell your readers what qualifies you to help them.

You should include honors, awards, people you've worked with, and even some results.

What if you haven't had significant results so far?

No worries…

There's always someone who is lower on the success ladder than you.

Talk about your first lead, your first sale, or your first recruit.

And if you haven't generated your first lead yet, you can discuss how you made the DECISION to start your business.

Lots of folks are still trying to decide.


About Page accomplishments step 2



4 — Tell The Story of Your Struggles

This is where you can really connect with your readers.

Tell the story of the struggles that preceded your successes.  Talk about your feelings, your disappointments, and your frustration.  

The more “feeling” you can put into this section of the About Page, the better.


About Page Struggles Step 3


5 — The Pivot Point

If there were things that helped you transform your struggles into successes, be sure to tell your readers.

What happened?

What was different?

This section of your About Page provides hope for those that are still muddled in a sea of struggles.


About Page Pivot Point Step 4


6 — Get Personal

Let your readers into your world, as much as you feel comfortable.

People love to know the “inside story” and to feel included.  This section of your About Page satisfies this desire.

Talk about your hobbies, your interests, and your family.

Again, only reveal what you're comfortable with, but avoid being too secretive.

Your readers what to know the REAL you!


About Page Get personal Step 5



7 — Give Them A Chance To Get More Of You

You don't want to make your About Page an island.  In other words, you want to provide interested readers a chance to work with you more closely.

This is the place to link with your “Work With Me” page (if you have one).

Alternatively, you can simply ask your readers to email you to discuss working more closely with you.


Work Closer


8 — Build Your Email List

You never want to miss a chance to build your list.

On your blog, this is accomplished by giving away something valuable for free in exchange for your reader's email address (often called a Lead Magnet).

You can get a graphic of your Lead Magnet done on for just $5.

Insert your graphic at select places on your About Page, so that interested readers can easily claim your free training.

about page Lead Magnet Step 7

9 — Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Finally, be sure to include lots of lifestyle pictures on your About Page.

Nothing tells a story like pictures.

You can use pictures to engage with your audience and allow them a glimpse into your world.

Don't skimp on this section!

about page



Final Words

Take the time to construct a well written and magnetic About Page.

Since it will be one of the most visited pages on your blog, it's time well spent to attract your readers and build your list, all at the same time.


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It's Your Time to SHINE!


Dr. Bob Clarke


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    8 replies to "How To Create A Killer About Page That Stands Out From Your Competitors"

    • Arpit singh

      Hi Bob,

      I think bob you have covered all key points which require making about page interesting. About page work like a cover page of any website reflecting its motive.

      Have a nice day…

      • Bob Clarke

        Hey Arpit, great to see you here! In my opinion, your About Page is one of the most important pages in a blog, or on social media for that matter. You can not only reveal more about your site, but possibly more importantly, give your readers a quick glimpse of what you’re all about.

        Appreciate the comment, look forward to seeing you here again.

    • Robin khokhar

      Hi Bob,
      About page must contain all those things which defines the website owners and the points you have shared are really good because about page is one of the important page in a website and is also good for Search engine optimization.
      Thanks for sharing this great post.

      • Bob Clarke

        You got it, Robin.

    • Dana C Beck

      Bob, this is great information and really useful. I never really thought about taking advantage of the about page on my FB page. Just curious though, in my FB page I didn’t see a way to add a video to the about page, am I missing something. But thanks for the great info, really helpful and useful!

      • Bob Clarke

        Glad you got value, Dana. About Pages are huge on a blog!

    • Danielle Ellis

      Awesome post, Bob. I have searched for tutorials on About pages. Most deal with just the text, but you hit all the elements.

      • Bob Clarke

        Awesome, Danielle!

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