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Let's just say it, if you're not blogging for business you're missing out on a huge opportunity to build a loyal audience, build a list, build your brand, and, oh yeah…

Make some money!

This post will show you that blogging isn't hard, nor is it something that only professional writers should do.

Blogging is for anyone who has a business, big or small…

It's a highly leveraged way of building your business, especially for Part-Time Marketers and the results are REAL.

Blogging For Business:  Statistics Don't Lie

Consider the following statistics about blogging for business (source)

  • 81% of U.S. online consumers trust information and advice from blogs
  • 61% of U.S. online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from a blog.
  • Small businesses that blog get 126% more lead growth than small businesses that do not blog.
  • 57% of Facebook users say they never click on Facebook ads or sponsored content.

This tells us that a) blogs are an extremely popular way to find targeted prospects and develop long-term trust and b) most people hate ads and are demanding useful content to help them make their own decision to purchase.

Blogging For Business: Need More Reasons To Blog?

Blogging is flexible.  If you don't like to write, you can always post a video or audio on to your blog, have it transcribed, and voila…

Instant blog post!

Blogging is easy.  Simply blog as you speak.  There's no need to be a professional writer; in fact, people are probably more attracted to you when you write naturally.  

And you can be yourself!




Anything goes with your blog.

And most importantly…

Blogging is YOURS!  No one can take it away from you.

Facebook and Google can cancel your ad account at any time.  Your blog remains standing.

YouTube can delete your video channel overnight.  Your blog still stands.

When you blog on a self-hosted platform, your words are there FOREVER… unless you decide otherwise.

No other platform offers that kind of guarantee.

So, why aren't you blogging?


3 “Obstacles” To Blogging That Should NEVER Stop You!

Here are the 3 most common reasons people give for not blogging…



Too often I hear people use this excuse about blogging…

“The technology overwhelms me!”

“I'm terrible with technology!”

While it's true that setting up a blog with all its moving parts (theme, plugins, design, etc) can be hard for those of us who are not savvy with technology, there are so many solutions out there to get around this issue.

There's no shortage of outsourcers out there willing to help you for very little money.  Go on and ask for someone to create a blog for you, and you'll see what I mean.

And many online lead generation systems now offer pre-made blogs as part of their membership as well.  They do the heavy lifting and problem solving, you just need to create!

If you're using technology as an excuse not to blog, you need to stop.  There are just too many options out there for the technologically challenged to let this stop you.



“I don't know what to write about!”

I can't tell you how many times I've heard this excuse.

The reality is this… ANYTHING that will help others is a good blog post.

Want specific ideas?

I just finished a bonus module in Ray Higdon's 3-Minute Expert blogging course and he offers 10 easy ideas for content creation.

Here are some easy ideas for content creation:

  • Your bookshelf.  Pick up a business book you got value from and ask yourself why you bought the book.  Chances are that others have the same need or questions.  Provide a few tips from the book that helped you and your blog post is written!
  • Your bookstore.  Go to your local bookstore or head over to Amazon and see what's hot in your niche.  Buy the book and do a review.  You're likely to get a bunch of traffic because it's something people are searching for.
  • Your Conversations.  When you have a conversation with someone (about business or life) and you see the opportunity to create a blog post, write about it.  Get the other person's permission if you think it's sensitive information.
  • Your Notes.  Take your notes from an event or training you attended and turn them into blog posts (and potential profits!).
  • Quotes – Especially from influential leaders in your niche.  Write a post about what that quote means to you.  Ray also gave a ninja trick on using quotes in your blog posts to get the attention of big leaders in your niche and get some serious traffic on Twitter.  

Once you get the hang of it, finding ideas to blog about becomes really easy.  This concern shouldn't stop you from blogging for business.



The third excuse I hear often regarding blogging for business is the concern that you'll spend all this time writing quality blog posts and no one will read them.

Well, a couple of things here…

  1.  If you're consistently creating value-based blog posts, people will come.  It may not be instantaneous, but they will come.  Remember, you're building your “home” on the Internet and everything you create adds to your foundation.
  2. If you have a good content-sharing strategy, word will get out faster and your traffic will grow exponentially.  Again, consistency is the key.


Killing 3 Birds With 1 Stone

Depending on when you are reading this post, this may or may not be available to you…  

Currently, there is a solution being offered that will solve all 3 of the obstacles discussed above.

As I mentioned above, Ray Higdon's new blogging course, The 3-Minute Expert (Attraction Marketing Edition) will teach you how to blog, where to get content creation ideas (in addition to the one's I've listed above), and how and where to share your content to gain maximum exposure (and traffic to your blog).

As of this writing, this offer also includes a free trial to MLSP Sites, a new blogging platform that will literally have your blog up and running with 3 clicks of your mouse.  They do all the heavy lifting and problem solving that goes along with having your own self-hosted blog.  

You gain all the benefits.


It's Your Time to SHINE!


Dr. Bob Clarke


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