Whether you're looking to start a blog or you've been blogging for a while and struggling to get eyeballs on your posts, these blogging tips will definitely help you out.

First, why should you bother listening to me?

I've been blogging regularly since 2009.  At first it was slow going, and I was getting no traffic.

But I kept at it and it has paid off!

My traffic is up, I generate leads from my blog pretty much daily and most importantly, my blog is responsible for a large portion of the income I generate online.

How popular is my blog?

blogging tips #11 mlm blog 2016

According to MOZ an Alexa, my blog is rated #11 in the Top 80 MLM blogs of 2016.

So I know what I'm talking about!  🙂

3 Blogging Tips For Beginners

The hardest part about blogging is… getting started!

I see so many aspiring bloggers get bogged down in the minutia of starting.

They believe that blogging is hard and keep waiting to get started until “the time is right”.

Of course, the time is NEVER right, so really you've got to just roll up your sleeves and get going!

In the video below, here are my top 3 blogging tips, especially geared towards beginners or those struggling to get eyeballs on their blog:

Did you dig those 3 tips?

Pretty powerful, right?

4 More Blogging Tips To Attract Others To Your Blog

How about some more blogging tips!

4.  Write like you speak and be yourself.

A mistake that beginning bloggers often make is that they try to sound like someone they're not.

They believe that they need to sound like a professional business person or MLM prospector and they try to “play the part”.

Big mistake!

Being yourself and conversational in your writing will attract others to you because they'll feel like you're being a real person.

And what readers love more than anything else is…


5.  Don't worry about it being perfect.

Another mistake bloggers make is trying to make everything perfect before they post.

My advice…

Do the best you can in a reasonable amount of time and keep going.

Accept imperfections.

In fact, your readers will love it, because you'll seem more real.

Better to be “imperfectly in action” than doing nothing, waiting for perfect!

6.  Use videos on your blog.

Most people LOVE to watch videos, so if you can create a simple video to go with your blog post, that's a big plus.

As I've done above, you can make a short video giving a few tips on any subject, and then continue it on your blog.

It's a great way to get more people onto your blog, by placing your video on social media sites like YouTube and Facebook and then linking back to the whole article on your blog.

And if you just cannot stomach the idea of making a video, no worries…

Try searching for a relevant video on YouTube and placing that on your blog post.

7.  Don't forget to tell people!

Once you've written a post, your job is only half done.

Be sure to PROMOTE your blog post on social media and (if you have one), to your list.

Talk about your blog post on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

Post a video on YouTube.

Post images on Pinterest and Instagram and link them back to your blog.

Bottom line…

If you don't promote your blog post, your traffic will suffer!

So get on it… promote every post and get the word out!


BONUS TIP – When writing a blog post, your reader should feel like you're speaking directly to them.  Yet, you also need to write your post in such a way that the Search Engines can find your post and rank it high so others find it as well (called Organic Reach).  

Fortunately, I have a free guide that can help you do both.


I hope these  blogging tips have helped you out!

If you're serious about learning how to blog successfully, you might want to grab this course or you can learn more on this training webinar here.

The information in these trainings is what helped me become the successful blogger I am today.

To your success!

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