content creation imageYou're frustrated…

You've been creating articles, videos and blog posts like clockwork, just like you've been taught…

You've been doing all the right things and yet…

No one is noticing.

No one reads your articles.

Very few people view your videos.

And it seems like only spammers leave comments on your blog posts.

So what should you do?

Stop, right?


In the short video training below, I teach you a really VALUABLE strategy for repurposing your content so that you can accomplish the biggest long term money-making activity in your business…

Getting leads and building your list.



Here are some of the trainings I discussed in the video should you wish to grab them.

25+ Proven Shortcuts For Getting Faster Results In Your Home Business

Starting a Home Business After 50

How To Find People To Talk To on Facebook… and What To Say To Them Without Looking Creepy!

How To Run Your Business in 30 Minutes/Day or Less


Whatever you do, DON'T stop creating content… it's one of the best long term lead and branding strategies there is!

To your success!

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Dr. Bob

Creator of The Part Time Business Blueprint


Skype: drbobclarke

Grow Your Business in 30 Minutes/Day or Less

    5 replies to "Why Produce Content If No One Is Noticing?"

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    • Wendy Hensley

      To all above…Everyone wants to win, and I wish everyone could, but there is only one winner…I know times are hard, and you may be down to your last dime…Remember God will take care of you…I want to win as bad as you all! But, everyone can’t win…Times are hard and it’s ever harder when you’re a single mom working full time, going to school full time and still not making enough money to make ends meat…Trust me I undersatnd winning would change your and my life in a good way…Just keep holding on and all your dreams will come true…It may not happen when you want it to, but it will be on time…I tell all my friends and family that I’m going to win the publisher clearing house…they laugh at me and tell me to stop wasting my time…But, I believe if you have dreams they will come true – only if you believe…I wish the best to all and hopefully if you don’t win this time maybe next time you will…Just hold on…God will make a way even if you don’t win the publisher clearing house….Maybe you may win the lotto, or some other way…Just keep praying that God keeps making a way for you….I struggle so bad being a single mom, there are some days I don’t even know how I’m going to make it to work, or put gas in my car, but God always makes a way out of no way. That’s why I know if you hold on all things will work out for the good of them that love the Lord.

    • Simona

      The fear of not being appreciated is the reason that I could never start up a blog… I`ve read so many articles on how to ensure traffic site but with all the tips and tricks of how to bring people on the blog, the only way to keep people and the blog and keep them coming is to write quality content. Bloggers should also understant that they can also reuse and rewrite content whether the initial form in which it was presented did not appeal to the public. Thank you for the video, I enjoyed it.

    • Dan

      Nice advice Bob. I think you are really give answers to the questions a lot of people have and helping them get what they want. Thanks for sharing this and keep them coming!

    • Abhishek

      Great vidoe, Bob. Giving up is never a good option. Thanks for sharing.

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