If you're struggling in your Part Time Home Business and you don't know why or just can't put your finger on it, this post may really help you out!

I've been helping Part Time Marketers with their businesses since 2009 and I've got a pretty good handle on what stops most people.

The first is pretty obvious…

If you're building a part-time home business and haven't figured out how to master your time, you're pretty much dead in the water.  That's why I created Part Time Mastery.

Pretty obvious, as I said.

But there are far less obvious challenges that Part Timers face that can also derail their business before it even gets off the ground.

I'm talking mindset… as in Part-Time Mindset.

Part-Time Home Business:  3 Mindset Hacks You Need Today!

Here's a short 60-second video I did recently that spells out the kind of mindset hacks you'll need to make it you want to ever go full-time in your business.

If you've got your time figured out but still aren't killing it in your business, the problem might just lie between your ears!

Here's a brief outline of what I covered on the video… watch it to get more details!

part time home businessDo You Refer To Yourself As “Part Time”?

If so, I can tell you that you're already lost.

Whether you're saying it out loud or just thinking the thought, calling yourself Part Time already tells people (and yourself) that you may not be someone who can help others.

Referring to yourself as Part Time is a prelude to justifying failure.

So watch your words… and your thoughts!

Reduce Overwhelm Fast!

Everyone gets overwhelmed, but Part Time Home Business owners seem to take it up a notch.

Either you're trying to do too much…

Or you've got too many things coming at you.

Or Both!

Either way, you've got to take steps to reduce overwhelm… and fast!

If you find yourself trying to do too much, think “one”…

As in the Power of One,

Slow things down…

Promote only one company.

Even limit yourself to one product.

And promote it with one marketing method.

Seriously, the biggest reason Part Timers get overwhelmed is that they see Full Time Marketers doing all this stuff and try to match it.


You're only got a finite amount of time, so use the Power of One to your advantage.

And if you've got too much stuff coming at you…


Unsubscribe from unwanted emails, get rid of social media friends or followers who aren't serving you, and definitely…


This one “skill” (saying No) will help you more than anything else.

Find A Mastermind

They say that a person's success is dictated by the 5 people who they're around most.

If you're a Part-Timer, that could be your boss, your coworkers, an unsupportive spouse or friend, and even kids who are too selfish to want you to grow.

It happens.

If you want to break free, you've got to change who's in your head.

And the best way I've found to do that is with Online Masterminds.

In a Mastermind, you're surrounded by people who are go-getters, action takers and who will push you to be better.

Here's my recommendation for finding a Mastermind that's right for you…

  • Join a PAID mastermind.  These people are flat-out more serious.
  • Look for masterminds led by marketers you respect and want to be around.
  • Find a mastermind with people at varying levels of success, and make sure there are folks who are higher than you on the success ladder.

When you replace those “negative nellies” with a group of people who push you and actually WANT you to succeed, amazing things will happen!

More Mindset Help:  3 Essential Mindset Shifts To Rock Your Part Time Home Business


Did these tips help you out?

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It's Your Time to SHINE!


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