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Master The Art Of Email List Building And Writing Non-Salesy Emails In Just 2 Hours

Finally, a Consistent, Profitable and FUN Email Marketing Strategy That Delivers Real Results For Your Business, Even If You Don't Have Much Time!

What Is The Email Playground?

Most marketers agree that having a responsive email list is one of the most valuable business assets you can possess.  The know they should be building their email list, yet they don't.  They stop and start.  And stop again.  But why?

So I asked...

I polled my current email subscribers and social media followers and asked the simple question...

"What is holding you back from building your email list?"

It turns out there are lots of reasons, but 3 answers showed up repeatedly for the majority of people who responded to my poll...

-- How do I get people onto my email list?

-- What do I write and how do I make my emails not seem "salesy"?

-- How do I keep writing emails consistently, even when I feel like I've run out of things to say?

Thus, the Email Playground was born.

An Email List of Responsive Subscribers Is GOLD... And One Of the Few Marketing Assets That Is 100% YOURS!

The Email Playground was a virtual 2-Day Workshop that was designed for those who wish to focus on building an email list but don't have a lot of time.

Day 1 (60 mins) was devoted to building your email list -- simple, effective and fast methods for growing your email list consistently and without stress.  Attendees learned how to create a free giveaway that people actually want, and you can, too.

Day 2 (90 mins) focused on the email writing process -- what to say, when to say it, how to say it to build trust, getting more people to open your emails, how to sell in your emails without feeling spammy, and much more.  Your subscribers will look forward to receiving your emails, and you'll enjoy writing them!


Here Is Just Some of What You'll Find Learn In This Fast-Paced 2-Day Workshop...

Simple strategies for building an email list that is both responsive and profitable
How to promote your Free Giveaway to build your email list FAST... so that you won't have to struggle with searching for email subscribers.  They'll be eager to subscribe! 
Crafting conversational, non-salesy emails that build trust and engagement with your subscribers... and you'll actually enjoy the email writing process!
Using automation to save time and increase revenue, perfect for Part Time Entrepreneurs!
The art of storytelling and how to use it to make your emails more engaging and persuasive
How to write subject lines and email copy that get your emails opened and read.  My Bonus "Headline Swipe File" will help you create email subject lines that your subscriber will be eager to open!!
Best practices for tracking and analyzing your email marketing efforts to optimize your results.
And much more...

What Email Playground Students Say...

What Others Are Saying...

"Bob's really the guy you want to talk to when it comes to part-time. He knows how to do it"

Mark Harbert

7-Figure Online Marketer

"Bob's definitely one of those top tier leaders. Probably has more value than most MLM company top earners."

Brian Fanale

7-Figure Online Marketer

"If your goal is to fire your boss, replace your income, or simply to make some extra cash, Dr. Bob can definitely help. He gets my highest endorsement!"

Ferny Ceballos

7-Figure Online Marketers

"When I started working with Dr. Bob, I had 90 days to turn things around. And I did! And made my BIGGEST COMMISSIONS yet!"

Tracy Erwin

Online Marketer

"Dr. Bob had helped me overcome my weaknesses and doubts. And help me make and execute a plan to WIN!"

Bill Conte

Online Marketer

"Dr. Bob has mastered the part-time atmosphere and I was trying to figure out what I should be doing every day. He showed me how to do that." 

Baxter Cribbs

Online Marketer

"The first thing I learned from Dr. Bob was how to create a DMO. Now I spend time on money-making activities first!"

Lorie Durfee

Online Marketer

"Dr. Bob is a leader, a listener, and a generous mentor. I'm immediately implementing the great ideas you gave me!"

Sharon Gist

Online Marketer

"Because he's experienced first hand what we Part-Timers face, he knows how to really assist us. He has the answers!"

Pamela Fike

Online Marketer

For a VERY LIMITED TIME… You can access this 2-Day Workshop for Only $197! (retail value $691)


Day 1: How To Create, Publish, and Promote a Lead Magnet to Build Your Email List

$297 Value

Day 2:  How to Write Effective Emails to Nurture Your Subscribers and Monetize Your List

$297 Value

BONUS: My Best Headlines Swipe File To Maximize Opens

$97 Value




Got Questions?

Was there good feedback from people who attended the workshop Live?
YES... Check out the testimonials from students above.
What if I don't even have an email list yet?  Is this for me?
YES... On Day 1, you will discover simple ways to grow your email list.  
What if I'm more advanced, have a big list and generate income from my list?
This Training is for beginning and intermediate level marketers. It would NOT be for you, in this case.

What if I don't like it?
There is a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee if you attend the workshop and don't get value


You can SAVE $80 RIGHT NOW off the normal price! This is not offered at this price anywhere else except right here and right now!