Trollface. Internet troll 3d illustrationWouldn't you like to know how to market on Facebook without looking like one of the spamming trolls?

If you understand the incredible POWER of Facebook for marketing your business, then you'll want to read this post and watch the video.

First, remember that Facebook is a SOCIAL platform.  People generally go on Facebook to be entertained, catch up with friends and maybe even be educated.  You wanna know what they're NOT on Facebook for?

To buy something!   How many times have you gone on Facebook with the purpose of purchasing an item?  Probably never!

You'd visit Amazon or Google or even the manufacturer's website when you're interested in making a purchase.

Thus, when business owners go on Facebook (or any social media platform) with the intent of SELLING, things go horribly wrong.

How To Market On Facebook:  Don't Spam Your Links

If you're out on Facebook spamming your links all over groups and even people's pages, not only will you not have much success but you're likely to get yourself banned.  Accounts are getting shut down regularly as Facebook looks to declaw the spammers on their site.

But there IS a way to market on Facebook while still being social and helping out others…

It involves piquing people's curiosity and being sure folks can find out more when they “snoop”.

Watch the video below for more on how to market on Facebook:

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So what did you think?  Are you making it easy for people to find out more about you and your company?

Or are you making the same mistakes that so many make on Facebook?

Let me know in the comments below…

Hopefully after watching the video, you'll know exactly how to market on Facebook while looking like a total Pro and staying in compliance with the Facebook hatchet men! 🙂


To your success and happiness!







Dr. Bob

Creator of The Part Time Business Blueprint


Skype: drbobclarke

 P.S.  It's actually pretty easy to generate leads FAST on Facebook.  But you can also loose quite a bit of money when you know what you're doing.  Here's your complete guide to generating leads and making sales on Facebook.

    3 replies to "How To Market On Facebook Without Looking Like A Troll"

    • Chuck Holmes

      I just like to post things that make people curious and get them to contact me. For example, if you sell weight loss products, do a daily update on your weight loss journey. People will like and comment on your post and then you can engage in a conversation with them. The whole goal is to draw people in rather than push them away. No one likes to be sold to, but people like to buy.

    • Arcee

      I’ve been a follower of this blog.. I’m a part-timer as well and this blog has been a great source of information that helped me a lot in my mlm career…
      Thanks for sharing Dr Bob..

      • Bob Clarke

        Thanks Arcee! I appreciate the kind words!

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