Today is a very special day here at

We are so excited to announce the very first installment of a new feature on our blog aimed at helping YOU, our readers get varying perspectives on COMMON QUESTIONS and PROBLEMS you may be encountering in your blogging from Top Bloggers in our industry..

blog content imageThe project is called Experts Speak, a collaboration of 18 expert bloggers who have agreed to share their secrets to success in building a highly effective (and profitable) blog.    I've already discussed why we formed Experts Speak and what you can expect in a previous post, so I won't repeat myself here.

Before I bring out our Expert Bloggers to share their secrets, let me first tell you how I believe you can use this valuable resource.

How Best To Utilize This Blogging Resource

There are 3 ways to get the most out of each installment of Experts Speak.

First, read through each blogger's response to the question to get different perspectives.  See which one(s) are useful and relevant to you, and run with it.

Implement what you learn on your own blog.  Use the answers to improve your blogging skills.

Simply reading the answers will do no good.  You must take the next step.

Second, be sure to check out each of the Experts blogs.  Each blogger is tops in their niche and you'll definitely learn much from subscribing and reading their posts “hot off the press.”  While you're there, be sure to opt in to any free giveaways they may have.

Third,  comment at the bottom of the post, let us know your experiences in answering this question, and even pose questions for the Next Experts Speak post.

You have an amazing chance to GET NOTICED here by some of the top bloggers in the World.  Leave an insightful comment, make a suggestion, ask questions, and share your experiences.

Take advantage of this chance!

With that said, let's get to it!


The first question I posed to our Expert Blogging Panelists is one that every blogger worries about, whether you are a complete newbie trying to find your voice or a more experienced blogger looking to take your blog to the next level.

“Where Do You Find  Great Content Ideas For Your Blog?”

jane sheeba imageJane Sheeba of Problogging Success:

“I read a lot of blogs; the more I read the more ideas I get.   Other ways include:

1. Questions from my subscribers
2. Ideas that arise during blog commenting and
3. Stumbling

I maintain an idea spreadsheet on Google to capture the gathered ideas, so that I have lots of them in storage to work on.”

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kim castleberry imageKim Casteberry of

I focus a lot on content curation these days and that means filtering through a lot of what the industry as a whole is doing. I use tools such as Google Reader, extended with add-ons like PostRank, combined with avidly reading a lot of blogs, combined with following OTHER key players on social networks so I see what THEY are finding interesting, combined with a lot of extended media such as podcasts, webinars etc.

All of these are things that keep me up to date on where the industry is at and constantly inspire me and give me new information to share with my community… with my own unique flavor.

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eric walker imageEric Walker of

“I live it.”

I do marketing every day as a social media manager for Ann Sieg's 80/20 Marketing team. We interact with thousands of customers, and hundreds of teammates. And then there's Ann's inner circle marketing team. We're always plotting and scheming various angles and offers. This daily experience provides more than enough fodder for blog content.

If you're having trouble coming up with blog content, here is my suggestion… Write down your number one challenge for your business in the form of a question.

Be ultra specific.

Here are a couple of examples:

-How do I generate 20+ free leads per day within the next 90 days?
-How do I get 1,000 unique visitors to my blog within the next 6 months?
-What are my best options if I want to create a lead capture page that is attached to my blog?

These are common challenges for anyone. Your blog isn't your business. Your blog is the place you write about what you're doing in your business.

As a successful entrepreneur you're going to run into challenges, turn those challenges into questions that you actively pursue an understanding/answer to. Document the process in which you answer it, and watch both your blog and your business move forward.

Just another way to live it.

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kristi hines imageKristi Hines of

I find my content ideas in a variety of places.  My posts are the result of explaining how I do things, sharing new things I discover, blog comments I am posting elsewhere, and questions I receive via email or on Twitter.

If I'm not getting enough inspiration from those areas, then I look to questions on particular topics on Quora, LinkedIn Answers, and forums.

Those will always spark an idea!

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jerry chen imageJerry Chen of Build a Magnetic

If you're in the game there is definitely no shortage of topics to blog about.

If you need some inspiration or ideas, using keyword research tools like Google Keyword Suggestion Tool

Read Jerry's Popular Post:  Gold and Silver MLMs?  Better Think Again


emma tiebens imageEmma Tiebens of The Relational Marketer

When I started blogging 2 years ago, I started blogging because I was told that if I wanted to have a footprint and visibility online, I MUST start a blog.  At that time, I wasn't quite sure about what my brand was going to be nor how I am going to use my blog to let people know what my service and product offerings were because I really didn't have any.

I was a Network Marketing leader who was learning the ropes so I could help my team succeed and transition online.   All I wanted to write about was anything that would inspire, encourage and motivate entrepreneurs, especially those who are Parentpreneurs or Solopreneurs.  I would write about the very essence of Relational Marketing.  I found inspiration for content from whatever emotions, challenges, successes I was experiencing at the moment as well as general issues and concerns that I believe were common for my audience at that time, particularly on Mindset, Marketing, Time Management, Spirituality.

Now that my blog is more seasoned and I have evolved to becoming an Author, Speaker and Brand Marketing Strategist, I find that I still tend to blog about the same things, but now it is with more authority.  I now write about not just inspiration and motivation but how to simplify and leverage technology while adding your essence into what you do, so you can attract people you wouldn't have been able to reach before.  To continually come up with content now, here's what I do:

1) I commit to blog at least once a week – on a Monday or Tuesday.  Knowing that I am scheduled to post a blog, puts my mind in that creative mode.
2) Wherever I am and inspiration on a topic hits me,  I type on the Memo Pad on my iPhone the  topics I want to blog about and it comes in very handy when it's time to blog.
3) I love incorporating videos on my blogs so whatever emotions or inspiration or life's lesson I get for that day is what I video about and that becomes my blog post.
4) I celebrate and feature my clients via my blog posts.
5) Sometimes, I write about my peers and do my best to support them… More of a journalistic feature about them.
7) I also write about positive book and product reviews, especially of those I recommend.
8) I also get questions asked from our The Relational Marketers Facebook Page which I address in the form of a blog post.
9) Of course, one of my most beloved strategies is subscribing to Chris Brogan's Blog Topics… He's truly my blogging Mentor and he keeps me on my toes!
10) Last but not least, sharing other people's posts and giving them credit for and on the post.

When you think you don't have anything to write about, just start typing and just start with: “”Today is a bit exceptional as I found that even as I didn't want to start blogging here I am… “” then add to that and believe that ideas will flow freely!   Happy Blogging!

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adrienne smith imageAdrienne Smith of

I usually write about what I am either learning or have learned, something I have found that I think my readers would be interested in or information others are talking about and would like to know more.

Those topics keep me rather busy.

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teach jim imageTeach Jim of

I love content creation because it is an extension of learning by living and learning by doing for me.  When you and I use learning as the key leverage point for content we never run out of new information to share.  (Truth be told there are many times my blog is really just a learning log of my recent learning adventures. The blog allows you and I to solidify our learning as we report on the research and experiences we have just completed. [When you teach you learn!])

Whether our blog is based on a “”reporting”” model, Guru/Expert model or a quality content curation model we are continually striving to  connect our content to real people in interesting ways. That is the fun and joy I find in blogging.  Sharing interesting experiences in interesting ways is the story behind continual content.

Confession.  I just finished editing the latest version of the book John Pike and I are working on; “”Is Collaboration Your Next Competitive Advantage?””.  I now have another topic for a blog post.  You might see editing a book on collaboration as a great chance to post about “”Collaboration””. Not me. You see it is the learning/living process that drives many of my posts.  I have just clicked on the “”Accept Change”” command in the word processor's change tracking tool hundreds of times. So I'm thinking a post on the need for us to embrace and “”Accept Change”” needs to get written.

Looking beyond the obvious is sometimes more fun and enjoyable for our readers. This way there is an endless stream of potential content. So, next time you have a challenge in a collaboration or coming up with content for your blog…. “”Accept Change””! …. maybe the best way to go!

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natasha nassar imageNatasha Nassar of

There are several ways that I come up with content, here are just a few of them:

1.  I ask my readers what they're having trouble with. Since my focus is making sure that I'm giving them the information they're looking for, I make it a point to ask them what THEY want to learn about (usually, via a broadcast message to my subscriber list) and then write articles or shoot videos regarding their suggested topics.

2.  I visit forums to see what challenges my target market are currently facing.  Then I provide content that solves their problems (or shows them how to fix their problem).  If a few people on one forum are having the same question, it's a pretty good bet that others are facing the same issues.

3.  I take note of  common mistakes my target market is making that may jeopardize their business, and then point out these mistakes in an article in order to make my readers AWARE of a problem, and then provide a SOLUTION for that problem.

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mavis nong imageMavis Nong of Attraction Marketing Online

What really helps me to create content regularly and consistently is by sticking to my blogging schedule.

I publish new content on set days at the same time – first thing in the morning. I have also found that the more I write the more blog post ideas I get.

Truth be told, if you want people to keep coming back to your blog, you need to keep updating your blog, at least 3-5 times a week.

In order to write great content consistently and frequently, without burning out, you need to plan ahead. How you do this will depend mostly on how important blogging is for you and what you want to achieve with your blog.

Here’s what I do to avoid putting myself under unnecessary pressure:

– I keep a journal of blog post ideas running. I always pick up ideas that I want to share with my readers, even when I'm away from my desk.

– I always have draft posts ready to be published. Having your posts ready before the actual publishing day also works well. I never stress and wonder: “Oh, what can I write about today?…

– I tend to share what I have learned and implemented in my business or on my blog.

As you can see, the not-so-secret secret of regular content writing is to keep writing content. Before you know it, you’ll become a prolific writer and never stress about writing.

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richard goutal imageRichard Goutal of Fitting The Pieces

I try to post once a week; I am not looking to get multiple posts per week. This reduces some of the pressure right there!  Anyway, I tend to be more attracted to creating various information products- ebooks, reports, videos. However, these projects typically create ideas for blog posts. I'm working on an eBook right now and, it has suggested quite a few blog post ideas, two of them already posted. The blog post may be an almost cut and paste from my larger project, or it may simply be one or two paragraphs in my project that can be developed in greater detail in the blog post.

But whether it's a blog post or a larger information project, most of my ideas come from 1) thinking away from the computer (walking, lying in bed, taking a shower), and then 2) writing, writing, writing. Naturally only small part of that “”writing”” actually goes into a post.

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timo kiander imageTimo Kiander of

To begin with, I have a big list of topics to write about. I just checked my list and currently I have well over 150 topic ideas waiting to be turned into content.

I used to have a weekly brainstorming session on Sundays, where I would sit down and write down my ideas for the future blog posts. Now it seems that these ideas pop into my mind all the time (yes, even at my day job, go figure :), so there is no need for a separate brainstorming session anymore.

I read a lot of literature about my industry but also, participate to training courses and if possible, to live events too. Also, I find it useful to think outside the box a bit. That's how I came up with a post about babies and time management on my blog sometime ago.

Once I have my ideas listed, I like to have a basic outline ready for the next coming blog posts. I have a very simple editorial calendar, which tells what type of blog post is going to be published and when. Since I have the outline ready in my calendar, I can write my blog posts faster.

Finally, I tend to focus my writings to weekends. I used to write my posts early in the morning (on Monday-Tuesday), but since we have a newborn baby in the house, I might be too tired to wake up at 5 AM.

Anyway, having a consistent time blocked off your calendar helps you to get your stuff done.

I try to write my posts at once and with a timer. I love working in 45 minute blocks, so starting my timer is a great way to focus on just the writing and nothing else.

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janet callawayJanet Callaway of The Natural Networker

Like many  bloggers, I receive a lot of ideas for my posts from reading other people's posts and the comments either on my blog or other's.

Often times as I am reading facebook or twitter I will see a quote or a video clip that inspires me. While usually the idea  for the  post “flashes” when I first read or see it, if it doesn't yet the quote/clip strikes a responsive chord in me, I will save it in my blog idea file.  Periodicially I review those items and, more often than not, am inspired to a post.

Another method I used when I first started blogging was to pick up a book, open to a chapter and then write about that topic in my own words.  It was not a paraphrase of what was in the chapter rather it was my own ideas on the topic.  No matter the topic, each blogger would address it differently just as we have each answered this question from our own perspective and in our own style.

If I absolutely, positively had to write a post and had no ideas, if I started reading quotes, it's guaranteed I would come with a post.

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ken pickard imageKen Pickard of The Network

For me is comes down to four factors. Before we dive into these I would recommend to all bloggers to put some personality into each post. A good post gives the reader a sense of connection to the author while at the same time they are picking up a valuable piece of information that will help them.

1. Find your passion. A lot of bloggers know this and teach it, but I still see that it's a bit of a struggle for new people. The question usually is “How do I know what my passion is?” Sometimes it takes a while to uncover this. If you start writing about what you know or what you're good at then you will start to uncover what you true passions are. It's ok to give it some time.
2. Understand your marketplace and what they need. Identify who your reader is. Ask yourself questions like…what do they do for work, hobbies. What are their passions? What keep them up at night? What are their fears or concerns? Then start to look for answers. See what's already out on the Net. Then craft your answers to their questions in a way that brands you the leader and go to person. Knowing your reader and your marketplace gives you the advantage over others.
3. Build towards the cause. Once you have identified your passion now look for the bigger cause. Most people don't teach this. But when someone starts sharing the bigger vision then you and your blog start taking on a different role. You can now start to attract people to your bigger vision and not just to you. However alignment to you now becomes even easier. Start a movement and share the journey.
4. Bring it. Once you've started the momentum it must be continued. This is where a lot of bloggers including myself have stumbled. But here a cool trick I just picked up. 10 x 10 x 4. Find the top 10 question people ask, then identify the 10 questions they should ask, then find 4 topics of interest. Now you can write a post on each of these and you have 24 pieces of content.
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vanessa duplessie imageVaNessa Duplessie of

Choosing a blog post topic, especially when you are a new blogger, can be especially nerve-wracking.   I solve this problem for myself and for my students with the following statement:
“It is your blog and you can write about whatever you want.   If your blog is a business blog, then for the most part your posts will be business related.  If you blog is a personal development blog, then you'll be writing about empowering others.”
However, I always leave myself an out so that I can write about any topic I choose.   I do this by creating a post category that is called, “My Everyday Life.”   This goes along with my other main post categories of Business, Marketing, Personal Development and Reviews.   This more “generic” topic allows me to talk about anything I want as it pertains to my life.
I've used it to write about spending time with my kids or to share a favorite recipe.   In doing this, I can never run out of topics to write about and it allows my readers to get to know me on a personal level because they get a glimpse of my life.
Therefore, when it comes down to it, while I stick to the main theme of my blog I can really write about anything if I get writer's block.   It's a simple solution to a complex problem.   And of course I've even written posts about what to write about on your blog.
Read VaNessa's Latest Post:  I'll Have That With Milk, Please

My Turn

bob clarke imageDr. Bob Clarke of Part Time Entrepreneur

I find content for my blog in a variety of ways:

  • Every day experiences in my life – be a people watcher
  • Reading other blog posts of interests
  • Reading the blogs of insightful commenters on blog posts I read (you can really find gems here)

Being a Part Time Entrepreneur, I need to make every minute count.  I absolutely need to make technology work FOR me, rather than overwhelm me.

Here are a few ways I utilize technology to my advantage when finding content for my blog:

1.  Create Google Alerts for keywords of interest in your niche and allow Google to send you relevant posts to your inbox (one of my favorites).

2.  Take advantage of the “Subscribe” option on my favorite blogs, sending their latest posts to my Reader or inbox.

3.  Subscribe to Free Ezine Articles Email Newsletters from  You can choose from a variety of topics related to your niche, and the good fellows over at Ezine Articles will send the latest posts in this category right to your inbox.

Don't waste time chasing around the internet looking for content for your blog.  Allow technology to bring it to you!

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How Do YOU Find Great Content Ideas for Your Blog?

Now it's your turn.  What's your favorite strategy for finding content for your blog?

How did you like this new feature, Experts Speak?

LEAVE A COMMENT and join in the Discussion!

    35 replies to "Experts Speak: “How Do I Come Up With Great Content Ideas For My Blog?”"

    • Bob,

      My best ideas come from,, and Delicious because I can scan headlines really fast from those sources and I can see which ones were most popular. This allows me to come up with content fast and to see what people want to hear about.

      Great post!


    • Val Adams

      It’s great to see a collection of views, experience and tips from experts. But what I like most is the cooperation and teamwork of bloggers. Instead of competing with each other, you shared ideas and help each other. It’s not my first time to see this one but whenever I see one of this, I get amazed.

    • Levis

      I think it may great help for those who want to achieve through blogging. I was very pleased to find this web-site. I wanted to thanks for your time for this wonderful read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you blog post.

      Pineridge dog walking

    • bilal

      amazing man you have great deals of ideas and it really turned out very helpful , thanks

      • Bob

        More coming soon, Bilal!

    • Janet I Mueller

      Hi Bob,

      Congrats on a wonderful resource and to each of you for sharing your valuable insights.
      A couple of key things that I focus on, that others may find of value include:

      1) Be consistent with blogging 3-5 times per week (Mavis I agree)
      2) Read, learn, research and blog (teach)
      3) Listen (Natasha mentioned visiting forums)
      4) Don’t be afraid to ask questions in your posts
      5) Daily disciplines
      6) Inspiration from other top bloggers
      7) Write for 30 minutes, get up stretch
      8) Find the best time of day to write for you (I like to write in the morning, higher energy level)
      9) Schedule, have a blogging schedule.
      10) Invite a guest blogger to write a post

      For anyone brand new to blogging, I encourage you to simply make a start, write that very first post! If you struggle for what to write about some thought starter’s (a book you read, what did you learn, a webinar you were on, what did you learn. A personal experience that could help someone else. A solution to a problem).

      To your blogging success,
      Janet I Mueller

    • Audrey Ross

      I think the longer you do this, the easier would be for one to come up with ideas. I mean there are ideas everywhere. It’s just a matter of finding the connection in things.

    • Stephen Mills

      Good post, any time I add a new feature to my blog, I have material for a post that I hope new bloggers will find useful for starting their blogs. Thanks for sharing.

      • Bob

        Glad you found it useful, Daniel! Did you have any favorites?

    • Lucy R.

      These are inspirational ideas for great content for blogs !!

      • Bob

        Thanks, Lucy… glad you found it useful!

    • Cat Alexandra

      Hi Bob,

      What a fantastic list of ideas to keep the hopper full of great blog topics to discover and share with others!

      I picked up a couple of completely new perspectives on how to keep that creative cup running over! Great stuff and thanks so much for organizing this together. Very well done and much appreciated!

      Highest regards,
      Cat Alexandra

      • Bob

        You’re welcome, Cat. This was fun to put together. Just curious — what were your biggest takeaways from the post?

        • Cat Alexandra

          Hey Bob,

          I think that my biggest “Ah ha” was from Eric Walker. I love the idea of thinking in the relevant questions. This got my stewing on some possible ideas for ways to answer my own questions and posit them in such a way that they not only encourage my OWN growth and development, but share value and the active growth process with my readers.

          I’m definitely working on this…

          Thanks for asking too, by the way. 😀

          Hope you had a fantastic weekend, amigo!
          Cat Alexandra

          • Bob

            Definitely, Cat… Eric is a master marketer and blogger and I also learned a lot from his answer. It’s so great to have him on our expert panel.

            So glad you found value in this post to use going forward!

    • Timo Kiander



      What about adding this stuff in the form of e-book sometime later ?


      • Bob

        Reading my mind, my friend. Definitely in the future plans. Thanks for your great contribution to this post, Timo!

    • Jane

      Bob, thank you for including me in this elite group.

      As Adrine told we should be consistent with our efforts. As you share information and hear what your audience says, you will get new ideas again. This is a continuous process, a never ending process and there will be no dearth of ideas. When you start writing on new ideas, more and more visitors will follow you.

      Thank you once again for providing useful and thought provoking article.


      • Bob

        Hi Jane,

        I agree — Listening to your readers is probably the best way to come up with new ideas to write about. When they ask questions, it means they want more. Give it to them!

    • Mavis Nong

      Hey Bob!

      Wow! This is great stuff indeed. A lot of bloggers are going to benefit from this resource. You have a great line up here and I’m excited to be among these awesome people 🙂

      As you mentioned, the key is to take action. Learn and implement!

      I look forward to the next one! 😉


      • Bob

        Me too, Mavis… won’t be long. It’s been a great experience putting this together and connecting with so many incredible bloggers and marketers such as yourself. Thanks for making my job easy, Mavis!

    • Stacy

      Hi Bob,

      This is a fantastic resource! I’ve bookmarked this post so that I can come back again and again, which I am sure that I will! One idea that I love from this list is to take something that challenges you and turn it into the form of a question.


      • Bob

        Glad you enjoyed it and had some great takeaways, Stacy! It was fun putting it together and, in doing so I also learned alot from our great panel of experts. They really know their stuff!

        Stay tuned for more… coming soon!

    • Natasha Nassar


      I knew this was going to be a tremendous resource when you first told me about it, but WOW! This is truly a goldmine of information. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next question. This is a fabulous idea, and I’m honored to be included in this rockin’ panel.

      Love hearing what others are doing- always getting great new tips, and this article was no exception. : )

      • Bob

        We are honored to have you, Natasha. You’ve definitely a mover and shaker in this business, and your blog is an amazing resource.

        Appreciate you stopping by!

    • Kevin K Lau

      Great article. Thank you for sharing. With this mindshare, I now have more than enough topics to write about for the whole of 2012.

      • Bob

        Fantastic, Kevin! Glad you can use this resource to help you with your blogging. This is exactly why we’re doing it!

        Thanks for the comment! See you again soon.

    • Adrienne

      Wow Bob, what a great group you have gathered and like Ken said, epic indeed!

      I know I’ll even learn some things from this series you have put together so thank you for this opportunity. I can’t wait to visit everyone’s blogs and get to know them a little better too.

      My only advice as well is to be consistent with your efforts. These bloggers have shared with you how they find content to write about week after week so take what they are sharing, come up with your own topics and be consistent with your efforts. That’s how your blog will start to get the recognition it deserves along with the awesome content you’ll be sharing as well.

      Can’t wait for the next installment. I know it will be just as good.


      • Bob

        Great advice Adrienne… so true. Consistent effort and persistence in the face of adversity is what separates the top bloggers and marketers from the rest. Thanks for adding this bit of wisdom to the discussion.

        Second installment of Experts Speak is in the works. You should have already received the question. Can’t wait for your response and that of the other expert bloggers!

    • Bryan

      Since my blog is about building my first blog, I’m lucky enough to be flush with ideas. Any time I add a new feature to my blog, I have material for a post that I hope new bloggers will find useful for starting their blogs. As my blog matures though, I’m going to referring to this post constantly to help generate new ideas.

      What a great concept for a blog series! Thanks.

      • Bob

        Thanks, Bryan. Sounds like you have a great concept. I’ll be over to check it out!

    • Janet Callaway

      Bob, aloha. To begin, let me thank you for including me as one of your experts. Indeed, I am honored.

      As I knew it would, Bob, how each of us answered your question provided a wealth of information. What I so appreciate about that is that it demonstrates perfectly to the new blogger that there is not one “right” way to do it. We each do it in our own style and from our own perspective. We need to find our blogging voice and then speak it clearly and consistently.

      Bob, already I can tell this series is a “keeper” and will one day be a terrific e-book.

      Wishing you a Wonderful Wednesday and continued success. Until next time, aloha. Janet

      • Bob

        Aloha, Janet!

        I am really excited about the response this series got with just the first post. I also believe it will be a “keeper” and will provide great insights to other bloggers for a long time.

        You’re right… I think a “best of” ebook will be very cool at the right time.

    • Ken Pickard


      This is epic! I’ve done a few collaboration posts before, but this line up of talent and insight is awesome! The different ideas and opinions coming together for a single purpose of enlightenment is refreshing. I’m going to camp out and marinade in a few of these posts.

      There is one thing I want to comment on, as that is what you said up at the top of the post. Implement what you see here. Words to live by…for the new and seasoned blogger.

      Ken Pickard
      The Network Dad

      • Bob

        Thanks for the kind words, Ken. Great to have you onboard. It IS an amazing group and this will benefit not just our readers, but also ourselves as we learn from each other.

        I know I was taking copious notes on what the other experts had to say about generating blog post ideas.

        Very true what you say about implementing. Without it, there’s not much sense to acquiring knowledge, I suppose.

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