If you're struggling to build your home business Part Time, you'll definitely want to read this post in it's entirety.

I've been building a thriving home business “on the side” for over 6 years now, and as I begin winding down my healthcare career and look towards retirement, I've come to realize…

 That most of the “advice” given to Part Time Marketers is entirely B.S.

The reason?

Because the people giving that advice are Full Timers who lack an understanding (or memory) of what it REALLY takes to build  a home business Part Time.

In today's post, I'm gonna give you what I believe to be the most important tips for building Part Time.

I've learned some of these from other marketers, but mostly from trial and error…

And making lots of mistakes myself.

You ready?

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7 “Controversial” Tips For Building Your Home Business Part Time


Well, maybe not on the level of a Donald Trump but controversial nonetheless…

Meaning these are not your USUAL Part Time tips given out by full time sponsors who don't have a clue.

Tip 1:  Don't Confuse Busy-ness With Business

Just because you're “taking action” doesn't mean you're building your business.

You can be “busy” working on your business for hours each day and never get anywhere.


Because you're not doing things that actually matter!

If your actions don't fall into one of these 3 categories, then you're wasting your valuable time:

  1. Getting someone to watch your presentation.
  2. Making an offer (or sending someone to an offer).
  3. Building your own list.

If you're not doing one of these 3 things, you're just busy.

Tip 2:  Forget Your To-Do List

I see so many Part Time Marketers getting PARALYZED by their To Do list.

Here's the problem with these lists…

For the most part, they're never completed and they just keep growing (as you move yesterday's unfinished items onto today's list and keep adding).

It's frustrating.

It's not productive.

And it's a mistake.

Instead, just grab a sticky note and write down the ONE thing you can do today that when finished, will take you a step closer to your goals.

One thing.

Not a list.

Then do that one thing.

And tomorrow do it again.

And again.

And watch your business grow.

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Tip 3:  Don't Worry About Generating Leads

What?  Am I crazy?

Yeah, probably.

But hear my out.

Generating leads is EASY.  It really is.

If you're not generating leads right now you probably disagree, but I'm telling you.

It's not rocket science.

There are dozens of ways to generate leads for your business.

Just go study one and stay focused until the leads start coming!  

(Most people jump around when something doesn't work in 24-48 hours… they go try something else).

So what to do instead?

This is one of the biggest takeaways I've learned from my 6+ years of building my home business part time…


I'm telling you…

Your mindset is what's holding you back, not your skills.

I could give you 100 leads right now…. hand them right over to you for free.

And chances are you wouldn't make any money from them.


Because your posture is all wrong.

You don't understand the importance of positioning.

And you lack the confidence to show the ability to lead others.

All this involves mindset work and until you grasp this, you won't have much in the way of results…

And it won't matter if you're Part Time or Full time.

Concentrate on your mindset and watch what happens.

RESOURCE:  The mindset training that has helped me the most.

Tip 4:  Stop Using TIME as an Excuse For Your Lack of Results

Lack of time is not the issue, I promise you.

It's how you're using it.

  • It's waiting for big blocks of time to start working on your business, rather than grabbing the 10-15 minute chunks of time to get things done.
  • It's not knowing how you really spend your time each day.
  • It's not recognizing the shortcuts when they're staring you in the face.

Read this again…

Time is not your problem.

It's your use of time that's holding you back!

RESOURCE:  This ridiculously inexpensive gem of a course I created just for you.


The last 3 tips can be found on the short video training below.

Watch closely (they are 3 of my BEST!)…

Tip 5:  Minute 01:15:  Be Your Toughest Boss

Tip 6:  Minute 02:05:  Be The Best Employee You Can Be

Tip 7:  Minute 02:45:  Mistake Abundance Philosophy

Good stuff, right?


Now it's your turn…

What did you think of these Part Time tips?

Not more of the same BS tips that most give you, right?

COMMENT below if you got value and please consider SHARING with your friends and followers.

To your success!

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Dr. Bob

Creator of The Part Time Business Blueprint

Email: bob@bobandrosemary.com

Skype: drbobclarke


P.S.  One of the best TIME SAVERS in your business is having people come TO you, asking for details about your business… Unless you enjoy chasing and begging!

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    • Kathleen

      Fantastic advice that just makes sense. Thank you for sharing.

      • Bob Clarke

        You’re very welcome Kathleen…thanks for the kind words.

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