part time entrepreneurs imageFor all the Part Time Entrepreneurs out there — take notice.

You'll want to read this post very carefully.

What's the main difference between Full Time Network Marketers and Part Time Network Marketers?


I am a Working Professional and have been building my Network Marketing business Part Time for the past 3 years.  I'm building my business as my Exit Strategy, for when I'm ready to move away from my career in Healthcare and retire early.

So I know a thing of two about building a home business “on the side”.

From my 3 years doing this, watching those that succeed and those that give up on their dream,  I am convinced that the only difference between Full- and Part-Time Marketers is TIME.

We all have to understand our Why, find our niche market, educate ourselves, learn how to market and start attracting others.  That's the same whether you're in MLM full time or part time.

The difference is this —>  Because time for building our business is so limited, Part Time Marketers CAN NOT afford to waste time on things that don't matter. 

We can't afford the luxury of “trying stuff” just for the fun of it.

Part Time Entrepreneurs, above all else must be laser targeted in how we spend our time.

  • For a beginning Part Timer, this can be hard to do because they don't know what the right use of our time is.
  • And if a Part Time Marketer is struggling, he/she may have no idea why.

That's why I hit the concept of FINDING A MENTOR so hard on this blog.

If I believe nothing else, I believe 100% that the most important thing for a Part Time Network Marketer to do is to find a mentor.  As quickly as possible.

I cover this topic in depth, explaining How to Find your Perfect Mentor in a training video on my blog. 

It's part of my Part Time Entrepreneur Success Kit, and you can get it here:

It's free for the asking… watching this video is a MUST for all Part Time Marketers.  (There's also some really cool stuff in your Success Kit on How to Best Spend your Limited Time in your P/T business).

Finding a mentor is a crucial step for the success of your Part Time Marketing business

A mentor can show you the best place to spend your time, what to do and more importantly, WHAT TO AVOID.

Time is your most precious asset if you're building a business Part Time.

Don't waste it.

    38 replies to "Part Time Entrepreneurs: This Mistake Will Cost You BIG TIME"

    • Abdul Waheed

      It’s simple right Bob,

      There are things in place by people who have already tried it and achieved results, why do people try to add things remove bits and customise it seriously if it works for them it will work for you as long as you actually get down to work and do what they tell you to do.

    • Emilia

      I completely agree that the difference between a successful online entrepreneur and the one who quit is the time they are willing to devote to their businesses. Although it’s quite difficult to find the motivation you need when working from home with all the distractions around, employing proper time management techniques spells out the difference. Thanks.

    • Don

      I look at a mentor as someone who will keep you on track and motivated to attain your goals and aspirations in life. Great share as usual, Dr. Bob. Thanks!

    • Joy

      Mentors are really essential to one’s success. When you find a good one, you are likely to shortcut your way to success as you will be taught not to commit the same mistakes that your mentor did and, instead, go directly to the ways that spelled success for them. Without mentors, you could always end up wasting precious time experimenting and doing the “trial and error” system.

      • Bob

        I think the key is that you used the word “mentors” and in plural, Joy.

        Too many people get caught up in looking for the one mentor that will take them to the Promised Land. But it’s rarely one person.

        In my case, it’s been a series of people who’ve helped me through various stages of my business. It was just a natural transition.

        Here’s my tip – look for a mentor that’s just a bit ahead of you on the learning curve and learn from them. When you get there, if they can no longer help, go find another. Rinse and repeat.

        Thanks for the comment, Joy.

    • Terry Conti

      Hi Bob,

      Coming from Barry Wells blog, it’s nice to be here at your blog. Your post is a wake up call. A mentor will get you moving in the right direction. Since I found a mentor a while back ago and wrapped the right kind of people around my brain things finally got a whole lot clearer and when problems come they are handled better than if you had no mentor and the right people around your brain.

      Terry Conti

    • Steven Papas

      I couldn’t agree more about this. You’ve got to defer to people who have been around and done more than you have. In my previous years I had trouble with that, and I was all too willing to work my own way through things. Not to knock individualism, of course. But sometimes the vets know best, and this goes especially for entrepreneurship where experience is everything.

      I thank you very much for putting this advice forward and therefore helping lots of entrepreneurs like myself.

      • Bob

        Hey Steven… I am like you in that way, I like to figure things out by myself.

        But I realized that you don’t always need to reinvent the wheel; in fact, when you are pressed for time to work on your business, it’s best to let others who’ve been successful lead you down the right path. Nothing worse than spending a lot of time on something, only to find it was doomed from the start.

        Appreciate the comment, Steven.

    • Donna Merrill

      Hi Bob, I absolutely agree that one needs a good mentor. Without that we are lost. I had been in companies a few years ago and the mentors were no where to be found. My uplines weren’t answering questions. You know how that is
      It is difficult going at it alone. You need a mentor to help you – leadership is the key. What you learn from your mentor you can teach your downlines.
      Thanks for bringing up this topic.
      Donna Merrill

      • Bob

        Hi Donna! I wish I had known this secret when I first started. I am a bit of a loner sometimes and like the challenge of figuring out things myself. But I could have saved so much time and money if I had just sought out a mentor to show me the ropes.

        Thanks for your comment. Will we be seeing you in Vegas?

    • Barry Wells

      Hi Bob,

      I couldn’t agree with you more. When I first started online I really didn’t have a clue and spent the first few years going around in circles and never really getting anywhere. Sure I’d make small steps forward but they’d take me far to long to achieve each one…… although that didn’t stop the feel good factor when it was achieved.

      I liken those times to a dot to dot puzzle without the numbers and it was only when I got a mentor that I started to see the numbers appear, at which point the pieces of the puzzle started to fall into place.

      I wish that i had got a mentor when I first started it would’ve saved me time, headaches and a hole pile of mistakes.

      Let’s hope people listen Bob as it’s the best advice anyone starting out or struggling could get.

      Take care,

      • Bob

        Love that Barry — a dot-to-dot puzzle without the numbers. And in some cases for me, without even the next dot!

        Great analogy, my friend. Thanks for sharing your insights.

        Will we be seeing you in Vegas next weekend?

        • Barry Wells

          Sorry Bob but I won’t be in Vegas for a while yet 🙁

          Be sure to have a blast though 😉


          • Bob

            That’s too bad, Barry… hopefully we’ll meet up at an event real soon.

    • Ken Pickard


      After failing for 6 months when I first came online I was frustrated. Trying to “do it all” like the big boys. It wasn’t until I found a mentor who slapped me upside the head and said…are you ready for this… “Why are you trying to do it all?”

      I was like a deer in the headlights. ” What do you mean?”

      He said… “It’s like a buffet. Pick a one or 2 items, get good at them and then come back for more…the rest will ALWAYS be here for you.”

      I’m glad that you are one of the few who are stepping up the game by hitting this hard on your blog. Never stop telling people the truth. You can do it alone by yourself and struggle and end up paying a lot more in the long run with your time AND money or you can cut the learning curve and dive in with someone who is blazing a trail.

      Ken Pickard
      The Network Dad

      • Bob

        That was one wise mentor you had, Ken. People get overwhelmed because they think they have to learn everything, when the reality is they only need to master one or two. That’s when you get noticed, not when you’re mediocre in many things.

        Thanks for you support and insights, my friend. Much appreciated.

        Be seeing you at NES3 in Vegas?

    • Nicky

      After having a bad experience with my first marketing training, I was convinced that “if it was going to be, it was down to me” and I struggled along on my own sometimes near exasperation with technical issues that I could not resolve. When I had figured it out on my own, I then attended a live event and couldn’t understand why so many of the so called “gurus” were using a marketing system. And then of course I got it.

      If you join a mentor or a group of highly motivated individuals who will give you the most cutting edge technology with guidance on what is working now, then it gives you such a HUGE leg up and saves a whole heap of time which is essential if you are working your business part time, exactly as you say Bob. Guidance and mentoring is exactly what you need in the beginning to help you choose the right path for you.

      Great post,

      • Bob

        It’s possible to figure it all out on your own, Nicky… if you’re a savvy marketer and a smart cookie.

        But its so much easier when someone shines the flashlight down the path, you know?

        Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    • Carol Lynn

      This is so true no matter what you’re doing in your business. I tell this to my clients and other people all the time. Don’t reinvent the wheel! There are other people out there who have done it, who have made the mistakes and figured out what works and what doesn’t so you don’t have to. Sure, if you have all the time in the world to mess around and try things, good for you. But for the rest of us it would pay for us to learn from others.

      • Bob

        Don’t reinvent the wheel… words to live by, especially if you’re just starting out, or struggling to find your footing in something new.

        There are people who have done what you’re trying to do… it’s best to find them and copy what they did.

        Thanks for sharing your insights, Carol Lynn!

    • Kamilla Lecher

      Hello Bob,

      I’m subscribing to your newsletter!

      • Bob

        Welcome aboard, Kamilla… great to have you here.

    • Eleazar F. Bernea

      Great post!.. It is always great to have more people dropping by your websites, and your post should come handy for getting more people to drop by.

      • Bob

        Glad you found the information, Eleazar!

    • Adrienne

      Oh boy Bob do I ever agree with you on this one.

      I wasted so many years online and had I only located a mentor in the very beginning I would have knocked off years of struggling.

      I have had a few people who have coached me throughout the years but I admit that they weren’t fully invested in my future. You either need to invest in a mentor or partner with one through joining an opportunity and you will definitely save lots of heartache and time along the way. And that my friend, I know from experience.

      Thank you Bob for pointing this out and I do hope everyone will take your advice.


      • Bob

        Sometimes you can gain a mentor and an income source at the same time, right Adrienne?!!

    • Stefan

      I think it’s worth noting that one of the advantages of being a part time entrepreneur is that you are under less pressure to be successful in everything you do, and as such can sometimes have ‘more’ leeway when it comes to time management and trying things for the fun of it. A lot of part time entrepreneurs I know are doing it as much as a hobby as a way of making a living.

      • Bob

        That’s true Stefan… and not “needing the sale” will make you more attractive to your prospects as you position yourself.

        However, I would point out that doing this “as a hobby” will never result in your replacing your income and get you out of your job. It’s much more work than that.

        Thanks for the comment.

    • Maxwell Ivey

      Hello; it is great if you can find that one person to be your guide in the confusing and frustrating road to being an entrepreneur, but in my case it isn’t one but a group of them. It includes my two brothers, three long time internet friends, and a couple respected blogs like Bob and Rosanna. They help me with the hard decisions, but all the work is still up to me. smile And while I am no means an expert on website creation, search engine marketing, blog writing, or marketing in general; I’d be happy to help anyone here if i can. thanks for the post, and good luck on the early retirement, max

      • Bob

        It’s so great that you have a circle of support who are helping you, Max. I often have more than one mentor, because I need help in different areas of my business. You’re headed in the right direction, Max! Good for you!!

        • Maxwell Ivey

          hi bob; yes, I’ve been lucky. what’s really great is when you find those people and they go farther than just advising you. I have one friend who helped me with my site before i even had a site. before i got to the point where i could maintain a site, she had a webpage for selling jewelry. She graciously created a page for my amusement equipment on her site and would post items for me that i sent to her in emails. our products couldn’t have been more different, but I’m probably years ahead of where i could be because of it. recently, a Facebook friend decided to start a fan page for me. being blind Facebook is not one of my favorite sites. its fairly accessible with a windows computer but a nightmare with a mac. and they are constantly changing the layout. I try to remember how i felt in the early days, and to show my appreciation for those who helped me by offering to give back if i can. i wish all the other aspiring entrepreneurs here all the best, max

          • Bob

            That’s great, Max. It’s wonderful to have people in your life that will help while asking nothing in return. You are lucky in this regards.

            I look forward to hearing more of your progress.

            • Maxwell Ivey

              Thanks bob; That is another thing good friends will do. they will listen and understand or try to understand when you go on and on about search engine rankings, sep marketing, blog post frequency, social networks, etc. Yesterday was my birthday and I spent it adding new listings to the site and getting out my weekly email newsletters. but one of the new listings was special because me and the owner of the ride have set up a program where we are going to promote the sale of poor performing rides before they are removed from this company’s family amusement parks instead of after. To use the big words we have settled on a long term equipment management program. smile. thanks again bob and rosanna its always nice to know someone is listening. take care, max

    • Azam

      I agree with you Bob, finding the mentor for part time online business is really a tough job but provided facility is milestone for me. I will sure get benefit from it.

      • Bob

        The right mentor means a world of difference for your business, Azam. Finding that person takes patience and persistence, but it’s so worth it in the end.

    • Timo Kiander


      I agree!

      When it comes to blogging and building business on the side, finding a mentor was the best thing that happened to me.

      Knowing that you are moving forward is great feeling. I wish I’ve had a mentor when I started, but better late than never 🙂


      • Bob

        I know how much your mentor has helped you, Timo. It is a great feeling knowing that you’re being guided by someone who has “walked the walk” and done what you wish to accomplish. Congrats on finding that special person in your business.

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