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Rosemary Connecting at a Company Event

Attending Live Events is one of the best investments you can make in your business.  But if you're going to fork out cash for registration, travel and food, you want to be sure you get the most possible out of each event you attend.

If you are attending the No Excuses 3 Live Event  next weekend in Las Vegas and you've never attended an Industry event before, here are a few things you should remember:

1.  Bring a camera.  Leaders at these events are almost always willing to pose for a picture with you.  Pictures with industry leaders are great social proof.

2.  Bring your business cards.  You'll be doing a lot of connecting and meeting others so bring some business cards to exchange information.  

If you don't have any, print out some labels with your contact information and stick them to cardboard cutouts (i.e make your own!).  Just tell the other person you didn't have time to get your cards yet, and exchange.  It will be no big deal

3.  Dress For Success.  You're representing your business, so dress accordingly.  Some may find it okay to wear shorts and flip flops, but I personally believe in putting your best foot forward.  You don't have to dress like it's a black tie event — in fact, you should dress comfortably — but don't slum it either.

4.  Watch for the Discounts.  Most people who present on stage will offer huge discounts or great packages on advanced training.  If this is something that will benefit your business in the short term, then jump on it.  But don't get so caught up in the excitement that you lose sight of your marketing plan (yes, you should have one).

Let's say that you don't particularly like to write and the thought of blogging doesn't really appeal to you, but you listen to one of the event speakers who shows the amazing success he's having with blogging.  You get caught up in the excitement and buy his advanced training program, only to remember when you get into it that you hate blogging.

Keep your head on straight and make rational business decisions, but don't miss an opportunity for advanced training at a discount when it makes sense for you.

5.  Don't be a Wallflower — remember the main reason you're there — to meet people, make connections and network like crazy.  You can get great training on online webinars, but you can only meet people face to face at live events.  Don't miss your chance.

If you're shy, force yourself to meet others. Connections you make at Live Events can lead to some of the greatest advances in your business.


Now relax and enjoy!  

The next live event we'll be attending is Live The Dream4 in San Diego on Nov 2-3, 2013.

We'd love to meet you, have some lunch and kick around some ideas for your business.

Click here — tickets are 33% off (for now)!


    21 replies to "A Beginner’s Guide to Attending Live Events"

    • Abdul Waheed

      Hey Bob,

      Some great tips you got here, a Camera is super important and definite gold for your credibility and exposure especially if you can get some with top leaders looking natural.

      Great post buddy

      • Bob

        Many of these things seem like they’re no brainer, but I know the first time I went to a live event I forgot my camera, so I felt it was worth listing. Getting pics with leaders can lend social proof when some is sorely needed, especially in the beginning. And of great importance is that you have now “walked the walk.” You have taken action by attending an event and others will see you as an action taker.

        Thanks for the comment, Abdul.

    • Simon

      I think what always scared me away from live events is the idea of turning up, alone, and having to network from square one. I think that’s quite a common social anxiety that many people share.

    • mdenise

      These are useful tips for all levels of marketers. The bottom line here is to be ready to mingle; converse with people because more likely than not, you will benefit from them. These events give you the chance to discuss your brand personally. You would want to go beyond your ads by putting more life into your products and services.

      • Bob

        True True True! And you know what else is really fun? Meeting people at events face to face who you have gotten to “know” on social media like Facebook. When you can put a face to a name and talk on a more personal level, the level of that connection skyrockets.

        Thanks for the comment.

        • mdenise

          Oh yes. There is so much time and many topics to talk about over the internet but it’s better to discuss things in person.

    • Lora G. Maxwell

      Glad I found this tips that you shared and it is extremely helpful for me..

      • Bob

        That’s great, Lora… there’s lots more to follow, so stay tuned.

    • Betty Daily

      Thanks for the checklist, I never seem to get the most out of live seminars.

      • Bob

        Hopefully now you will, Betty. Live events are key to the growth of your business, in my opinion.

        Good luck!

    • Ken Pickard


      Love me some live events and the points you made are right on the money! My favorites are # 2 and #5. However I don’t do business cards anymore as I have people sign my “guest book” I’ve made a special “celebrity autographs only” book and people get a kick out of it. It’s nothing more than a notebook with a marked up cover. But it brings the right mode when asking for an autograph.

      When I go to large networking events like no excuses I never leave with anything less than 30-50 names and numbers. It takes a little effort but easy to connect with people. I try to meet someone new at every break and lunch and dinner. And here’s the most important part for me….It’s ALWAYS about them. I never pitch anything I’m doing…or at least I try not to. I don’t want to minimize the opportunity to build the relationship first.

      Here’s my take on events. Get up early and stay longer than most. The meeting after the meeting is where the magic is. In fact I just wrote a story about this in my last blog post.

      Ken Pickard
      The Network Dad

      • Bob

        I love the idea of an autograph book. Very original.

        Also agree with arriving early and staying late. It’s true what you said… some of the best conversations I had and connections I made were far after the last talk of the day.

        Appreciate your insights, Ken.

    • Kelly

      Good check list! I wish i had it before my last seminar. Good Info

      • Bob

        Oh well… now you have it for your next event! Thanks for sharing!

    • Nicky

      My very first event since I started marketing online was the very first No Excuses event – I took a few pictures at the time and these pictures have been on my facebook page ever since and cause many people to stop and ask me how/where I met all the people that I did. I made some fantastic new friends there and have stayed in touch and even met my current upline there too.

      I am not able to make it this year, but I know you will have a fantastic time,

      • Bob

        Pictures at live events are like GOLD… and you can use them forever. They are social proof that you are a serious marketer who invests in their business.

        Sorry you can’t make it this year, but I’m sure we’ll meet up soon!

        Thanks for the comment, Nicky!

    • April Marie Tucker

      I love live events!! For me it’s always the meeting after the meeting. Being able to connect with so many successful people all in one place is the best learning experience ever. Thank you for the great post Bob and Rosemary!! You two have a rockin blog!!

      • Bob

        Totally agree, April… especially about the meeting after the meeting.

        Ken had similar insights and this is something that many newbies should take note — don’t be too quick to run out after the last speaker. Stay a while and connect. Hit dinner with everyone and maybe even a few drinks later. Many collaborations start this way.

        Thanks for sharing your insights here, April.

    • Adrienne

      I remember my first event Bob, it was several years ago. I walked into the conference room not knowing anyone and Jodi Hennessy walked up to me and said she knew me from Facebook. I had several other people approach me that same day because they remembered me from Facebook too.

      Now as you probably might know this about me, I’m not bashful. I’ll walk up to anyone, at any time and introduce myself. I’m very much a people person so I had the best time at that conference. I met Casey Eberhart too, she was Jodi’s upline and we all had lunch together.

      I go to meet Big Al but I didn’t take as many pictures as I should have. I was too busy talking and enjoying myself. But it was a wonderful experience and just getting to connect with those people in person has only strengthened our friendship online.

      Live events are the best way to network and get to know those people you’ve only had a chance to chat with online. I highly recommend them to everyone as well.

      So, have fun at the No Excuses conference. I know you’ll come back with plenty of stories for us.


      • Bob

        Sorry you won’t be there, because I know I would have learned a thing or two about networking from you, Adrienne.

        To me, you are the relationship queen! — and it would have been great to see you in action.

        Hope to see you at the next event!

        • Adrienne

          Ah, you are too kind Bob… I have no doubt you’ll do just fine. As a matter of fact, you’re probably the pro and I need to follow along behind you. Hey, maybe we’ll make a great team by the time we do catch up with each other. I’m looking forward to that.

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