I'm getting a bit of a slow start today — still basking in the glory of the Giants victory last night against the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

It wasn't the greatest Super Bowl game I've ever seen, but it was fun to support my team and celebrate with others after the victory!

What a great night.

I've also got a bad cold and I really just want to curl up on the couch and watch old movies but before I do  …. I wanted to make sure you saw these 2 Event Invitations for TODAY.

I know both of these savvy entrepreneurs very well and I can guarantee you that this will be the MOST PROFITABLE TIME you spend on your business this week:

 Jump on These 2 Online Events Today…

Your Business Will Thank You!

3pm Eastern Standard Time:  Discover the Fastest Path to Ideal Clients and a Targeted List

cindy schulson imageBecause her first webinar last week was so packed, some people got left out so Cindy Schulson has graciously agreed to put on an Encore Live Event today.

I was blown away by how much valuable information Cindy provided on the call.

She really shows you how to create a step-by-step system to attract your ideal clients.

Register here —> http://bobandrosemary.com/recommends/Fastest Path to Ideal Clients teleseminar

7pm ET:  Email Story Selling Secrets LIVE

daegan smith imageDaegan Smith, one of the top marketers in the world and I'm happy to say one of my trusted mentors is revealing his secrets to creating emails that convert to cash.

We all know that the money is in the list.  But what good is your list if no one reads your emails.

At tonight's event, Daegan will show you exactly how to get your emails opened AND what to say so that your list members trust you enough to buy from you.

Register here —>  http://bobandrosemary.com/recommends/MaxLevSpecialInvite

EVEN IF YOU CAN”T MAKE THESE EVENTS LIVE, be sure to register so you can get the recordings.

See you later today!

    4 replies to "Let Me Hook You Up Today! [Time sensitive]"

    • EleonoraEOF

      Hi Bob,
      thanks for this interesting post, it is always nice to read or hear how we can earn more money thanks to internet. this can be a life changing thing for someone…

      • Bob

        Sure thing Eleonora,

        I hope you had a chance to take advantage of the trainings.

    • Adrienne

      Sorry I’m so late reading your post Bob and I missed both of these. Yesterday was a very busy day for me so I did no blog commenting at all. That’s what I get I suppose.

      My mastermind group meets every other Monday night so I wouldn’t have been able to make that one with Daegan anyway I’m afraid. I hate that I missed the one with Cindy too darn it! That’s what I get for not checking out my regular blog posts at the beginning of the week.

      Hope you’re feeling better now, sorry you’ve been under the weather. I hate being sick but I guess with the Super Bowl win that helped a little to brighten your day! 🙂

      Have a great week Bob!

      • Bob

        Hi Adrienne!

        I’m sure Cindy’s webinar was recorded. Maybe you can chase her down and grab a copy! Her stuff is always extra good.

        I AM feeling better, thanks for asking. Just one of those winter colds. I got through it with a little extra rest, a lot of Nyquil and some extra TLC from Rosemary 🙂 She says that all men are babies when they’re sick.

        I know that in my case, at least this is true!

        Thanks for stopping by Adrienne!

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