There are 2 truths when it comes to TIME and building your business.

  • There usually isn't ENOUGH of it.
  • We tend to waste it doing the COMFORTABLE rather than the NECESSARY.

I've made it my business to solve these time issues.

Out of necessity.

I work 50-70 hr weeks in my job in Reproductive Medicine.

So I only have a couple of hours each night to work on my home business.


My friends and colleagues have been after me for a while to talk about how I do it.

And I've been reluctant, mostly because I wasn't sure there was an interest.

Then I polled my list and I asked the simple question…

“Would you be interested in a webinar on How to Build Your Business in just 2 hours/day?

Here's the response:







So, I guess it's time.

Announcing a Free Training…

How To Run Your Business in 2 Hours a Day or Less

Monday, 12/10/12

9PM ET Sharp (recording available to those who register.


Among the topics I'll be discussing:

  • how to make more time in your day- take the Time Challenge
  • how to stop wasting the time you have
  • what you need to be focusing on when working on your business
  • and much more.

Join me Monday night, 12/10/12 at 9pm ET:

Register:  How to Run Your Business in 2 Hours a Day or Less



    11 replies to "How To Run Your Business in 2 Hours a Day or Less"

    • Kent Morris


      What a nice post its look like so interesting .
      I am planning to launch my business and it seems to be a useful tips to me Bob.

      Thank you

    • Sawicka

      Hello Bob, I am really curious about your tips for “Run Business 2 hours day”. I wonder if there’s any way I can get the recording of this free training, or can I get the recording if I register here https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/3528785059627503104.

    • Stacey

      Good job on this Bob! Nothing is impossible. I’m a big fan of your work 🙂

    • satish

      Awesome post here thanks for sharing with us .


    • Kelly

      Hi Bob, thanks for the share! To operate a business in just 2 hours or less per day, you must really be a hardworking one. Everything is possible and it wouldn’t hurt to try.

    • Veronica

      I agree! When it comes to work, business, or anything neccessary to do, there is no enough time for it. And so, we should learn how to make our time well-managed for it.

    • Kristine

      I think you’ll have to manage your time tightly and in order to make the best out of everything in as little as two hours of your working time every day, you have to be a pro at your work as well. Thank you for this article.

    • Fatima

      Your tips further confirm my belief that everything is possible if you are willing to be persistent and work hard. Great share.

    • Great advice, thank you Bob. Is the Free Silver giveaway contest still active? Of so, I’ll be able to enter Today! Thanks again Bob.

      • Bob

        Yes it is — 2 drawings each day. Good luck!

    • Sidara Kaldar

      Hi Bob, thanks for the article. This is great and sounds so possible to do so. May I just say…. your original job sounds so harsh! I think you are a hard worker Bob! Which makes your tips even more believable!

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