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We all know how important they can be to your success.  I've written about it extensively here on this blog.
But here's the truth…
Live Events can be a MAJOR Pain the the Neck to attend for Part Time Marketers.
There's lots of reasons, including…
  • getting time off work
  • the cost of airfare, hotel, and meals
  • precious free time away from family
Most people don't mind paying the small registration fee to attend a Live Event…

It's these other factors that make most Part Time Marketers ultimately decide NOT to go.

There is a solution.

Most major events are now offering Live FEEDS of the trainings and talks, at a reasonable cost (below that of the standard registration fee).
This isn't meant to replace the experience of going to a live event, but for Part Time Marketers it can be a reasonable alternative when attending just isn't possible.

This weekend (October 20-21, 2012), My Lead System PRO is sponsoring one of the major live events in our industry…

Live the Dream 3

All the major players are there and most of them are speaking and training.
If you aren't there, you can still grab the LIVE FEED here.
It will also be recorded so, if you're working like me and Rosemary you can still watch it later on.


Attending live events can be difficult for those building their business on the side.  
When you just cannot make it to the live event, consider the Live Feed option if it is available.  You'll still get the crux of the training, even if you cannot take advantage of the live networking.

    23 replies to "Why Many Part Time Marketers Choose NOT to Attend Live Events"

    • Peter Bowee

      My opinion is the same. It’s awesome to have live feeds when you can’t physically attend an event. Having the opportunity to meet and interact with people at live events is great, but sometimes it is just not feasible. Thank you for posting this.

      • Bob Clarke

        Agree, appreciate the comment, Peter

    • Purnima

      I completely agree that like many I too have hardly been to live events after being into the small business world for quiet sometime now . However LIVE FEEDS is undeniably too tempting to resist as this sounds to me the most distressing and motivating thing .Engrossing share .

    • Sandra

      I don’t know about most people but I think the inconvenience of attending live events starts with a lazy mindset. But with Live Feed, you won’t have any other lame excuse not to take part in these helpful events. Thank you for this one!

    • Calra

      Live Feed? I mean, that’s one of the most de-stressing things I’ve ever heard! It’s great actually, for people like me who keep on turning down invitations to live events because I’m always swamped with work. Keep writing!

    • Stacey

      These people who choose not to attend to such I think have their hands full all the time. That’s why online conferences and live chats are very useful.

    • Stacey

      Most people would dwell on rationalizing that attending such events will just cause a dent on their savings account, or that they have better things to do. Thank you for helping us realize that it’s very important to take part in these activities!

    • Veronica

      I admit, I’m a blogger and businessman and I’m always called for conventions and meetings. But I just can’t get time off from work and hop to the next bus or plane! Thank you for this article though, it’s very thoughtful of you to post it.

    • Kelly

      That’s because there are times when going to live meetings and events can be so inconvenient. I think organizations should switch to online conferences so their members won’t have any excuse. Almost every professional owns a laptop and carries wi-fi!

    • Emilia

      Time and financial constraints never fail to deter me from attending important summits and conferences that I know I must attend for the betterment of my business. It’s such a great idea to watch live feeds instead 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    • Steve

      Glad to read this post, Bob. These are few things really useful for me.

    • Calra

      They think it’s inconvenient, time-consuming and too expensive. But I don’t think so, because if you want steady career growth, you’ll have to toil for it. Very inspiring article!

    • dipa

      What are the goals behind attending these events in the first place: Connect with brands, learn new strategies, meet other marketeers AND save money while doing so. You have indeed suggested a free (at least inexpensive) method of getting all these things done.
      Thanks for the inputs.

    • Kelly

      This one just hit below the belt! Definitely, you’re right about those points that you’ve mentioned in your article. Hopefully more and more people would agree with your precious points.

    • Veronica

      That’s because there are people who only think of the fees to come. But this is definitely an enlightening article. Thanks!

    • Kristine

      Thank you so much for making this recommendation. I often find myself struggling to meet deadlines and fulfill my obligations but I recognize the fact that I do need some training every now and then. Great!

    • Abhishek

      I agree with you on this one. I myself haven’t attended any live event as of now. Live feed options looks great to me. Thanks for this great info.

    • Joy

      Hi Bob! I frequently find myself too busy to make it physically to seminars, conventions and other events where I could potentially gain a great deal of information from so live streaming would definitely be such a great alternative. Thanks for the informative share 🙂

    • erda

      I’m glad i stopped by your post.I agree. Live feeds are awesome when you realistically can not make an event.Thanks for sharing this interesting post.

    • Fatima

      Thanks for sharing an interesting point of view here. I’m glad i stopped by your post.

    • Maja

      Live feeds are really a good opportunity but its price should be in the enduring limits of the newbie bloggers.We will sure get benefit from it to promote our business.

    • Jared Hager

      I agree. Live feeds are awesome when you realistically can not make an event. I love live events because it great to meet and interact with people but sometimes it is just not realistic to go. Thanks for the post

    • Lynda Cromar

      And particular not just part-time but sometimes the budget just won’t allow the stay and airfare. This is one of the few I have missed actually. I look forward to being able to partake of the livefeed which I have already purchased 🙂

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