work on your mindset image“Work on your Mindset” is something we're all told to do, right from the beginning of starting our home business.

But what does that really mean?

In the audio training below, you'll find that working on your Mindset is much more than just reading books and listening to audios (although that's a big part of it).

In fact, I provide you with a 3-step process for replacing ANY negative thought with a more powerful, positive thought that can change your business and your life.

Enjoy the training...


If you're having issues with negative thoughts about money (or if you find yourself envious of others that do make money), this powerful audio training is what I used to transform my thoughts in this crucial area.

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    3 replies to "What Does It Really Mean To “Work On Your Mindset?”"

    • Debbie Short

      Hey Bob
      OK I admit I felt the same about people waiving all their earnings & recognitions under my nose…but that was in the beginning.
      Now I think the same as you, BUT, I’ve never actioned it.
      Like that idea of liking and leaving a positive comment, far more empowering than leaving yourself feeling jaded!
      Great Audio – Thanks

    • Sawicka

      I believe that when you find the right mindset, which is your state of mind and how you confront situations at any given time, your skill set, the things you already know how to do, always follows.

      Even though mindset and skill-set are closely related, I do believe that mindset is what will allow your skill-set to improve in the future.

      Now, when you’re expanding your skill-set, that is, learning new skills and expanding what you already know, mindset is also INCREDIBLY useful to allow the learning to percolate.

      The most straightforward way to change your mindset, is to have a Coach help you explore these reasons.
      Your Coach will ask you questions such as:
      – What’s your outcome? What do you ultimately want to achieve?
      – What is your current reaction getting you in terms of results?
      – What are your thoughts about the situation?
      – When you take a step back from the situation, do these thoughts still ring through?
      – Is there a different way you could look at it?
      – Based on that different way, what different actions could you take to resolve the situation more effectively?

      This is a starting point. Changing your mindset and sticking to it takes time and practice, but the results feel incredible!

      For me, it’s changed my entire way of viewing myself and how I relate to my colleagues and the Corporate environment I am in.

      Once you’ve explored the reasons behind your current mindset, you can decide which alternative mindset will get you better results, and apply it.

    • James

      Thanks Dr. Bob! this is awesome! love the actionable steps that you are sharing here. Mindset is definitely one of the biggest areas people sabotage their ability to succeed. I see so many people who do exactly what you talked about in the first half, reading books and not doing anything with the information… thanks for sharing.

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