futuristic marketing imageI don't buy many products anymore.

I really don't.

So when I started seeing references to Jonathan Budd and Mark Hoverson's new product launch, Futuristic Marketing…

I honestly dismissed them.

I went into “learning mode”, where I gather all the emails of the “gurus” who promote the launch and study their technique.

I also began strategizing how I would promote the product for my teacher…

Read:  How to Come Up HUGE in a Product Launch You Don't Promote Yourself to see why I would do this.


I started getting emails from people with inside information on this new product and they got me excited.

You see, being a Part Time Marketer I'm always looking for LEVERAGE.

With the limited time I have to build my business, I need to leverage it as much as possible.

And within Futuristic Marketing were 2 pieces of software I HAD TO HAVE.

The first is called the Facebook Lead Accelerator.

It's software that runs completely within Facebook and is a push button solution for generating leads from Facebook Marketing.

Considering how extensively I use Facebook to build my business, this was HUGE.

The second is called Futuristic Influence Machine.

Simply put, this software will allow me to promote my business using AUTOMATED WEBINARS, something that usually costs thousands to put together.

Add in 2 extensive coaching programs to show me exactly how to make it all work… 

and I was sold.

So Here's What I Posted on Facebook 2 Days Ago…

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard about the latest Product Launch going on right now…. it's HUGE.

As you watch the videos and read the persuasive copy, try not to get caught up in the hype and buy on emotion.

If it's right for you at this point in your business, GRAB IT… it looks like a great product and training. 


Did I follow my own advice or did I get caught up in the hype and make an emotional buying decision?

About 6 months ago, I would have bought on emotion, no doubt about it.

But with the extensive coaching and mentoring I've been receiving, I am now making SOUND BUSINESS DECISIONS, not impulsive purchases.

Why I Bought Futuristic Marketing

I purchased Futuristic Marketing because it fit exactly into my business plan:

1.  To Build my List on a Daily Basis

2.  To Build a relationship with my list

3.  To Increase my influence within my niche

4.  Continually look for ways to leverage my time that fit into points 1-3.

Futuristic Marketing fit the bill exactly.

In Module 1,  J Budd and Mark Hoverson have brought together the best of the best trainers in the industry to teach cutting edge lead generation methods going forward.

In Module 2, Mark and other top notch trainers teach the art and science of Persuasion, Influence and Ad Creation.   

Finally, the software included provides 2 killer ways I can leverage my time and build my business on autopilot (mostly).

So as you can see, this was a …

BUSINESS DECISION that fit perfectly into my BUSINESS PLAN:

  • Traffic generation to Build my List
  • Training to build my Influence
  • Software to Leverage my Time

That's what YOU need to do if you're thinking about purchasing this product.

Ask yourself these questions….

“Can I use the information and the software in this product to help build my business in the next 3 months?”

“Do the contents of this product/training fit into my overall Business Plan?”

If the answers to both are YES, you should consider buying it HERE from my mentor Diane Hochman

Diane has teamed up with other Masters of Network Marketing, Eric Worre, Todd Falcone and David Wood to include some amazing, amazing bonuses.

If the answers are No, then click off this post and go back to what you need to do to build your business right now.

Either way, congratulations….

You've made a sound Business Decision.

    11 replies to "Futuristic Marketing – Why I Bought It"

    • Aayna

      Promoting an online business is always a priority of any business. We always keep on searching for tools which can do the need full. The futuristic marketing can act as one such tool. Thanks for sharing the information on the same.

    • Nawaz

      Guaranteed software are always very valuable for the customers. That for introduction such a products that are very helpful for the promotion of online business.

    • Alex

      Hmm, looks nice. But I believe that the future of marketing is affiliate marketing.

      • Bob

        Why Alex?

    • Menno Bos

      Looks cool, I’ll check into it. But I must be honest. I guess I have lived under a rock :/. I’ve never heard of this to be honest. Thanks for sharing.

      • Bob

        I’ve been checking it out since I bought it and it’s VERY cool. And they’ve added some new stuff very recently that will help the beginner who is feeling overwhelmed.

    • Maxwell Ivey

      Hi Bob; this was a very responsible approach to something that is sweeping the internet. I’ve only recently been pushing myself to get more involved with other online marketers, so you and diane are the only ones I’ve heard about this from. but you are right about any product having to be a good fit for you and your business as well as your personal style. For me the one thing I wish I could find out in advance is how accessible is the product going to be for a totally blind user. will there be digital versions of text documents, will the speakers on the videos be easily followed, will the software be something i can use, etc. I’ve recently learned that I’m more capable than i thought i was at this technology stuff. smile but its still a concern that i would have to address before investing time and money in anyone’s program. thanks and take care, max

      • Bob

        You’re VERY capable, Max… but I understand your concern. The nice thing about most of these products is they come with a full guarantee, so I suppose if you got it and realized you couldn’t easily access the information, you could simply ask for a refund. This way you could expand your knowledge at basically no risk. Just a thought.

        • Maxwell Ivey

          Hi bob; its good to know about the refund, but it would still be nice to know in advance if the product was something I could use easily. I know there aren’t enough visually impared customers to make creators of these products test them for accessibility, so the refund is the best i can hope for. but you know there is something disheartening in ordering a product, getting excited about the possibilities, and then getting it home only to realize you can’t enjoy it or you have to arrange time and assistance from others to get the benefit. you are doing a good job for us, max

          • Bob

            Agreed, Max… that would be disappointing.

            But its a bit of a Catch-22, don’t you think? If you purchase something and it doesn’t work for you, then you’re disappointed. But to not buy something because you might get disappointed in the format also does no good, particularly if you miss out on something that would have pushed your business forward.

            I don’t know the answer. Perhaps you could ask the product creator upfront if their product format supports the visually impaired. It would be hard in many cases to directly reach the creator of the product, but perhaps you could reach the support staff.

            Good conversation!

            • Maxwell Ivey

              hi bob; you are exactly right about it being a catch 22. I guess it would really depend on how positive I’m feeling on the day of the offer. when you are already feeling down, you don’t want another disappointment. but when you are feeling positive and strong, then the miner negative of having to return the product wouldn’t effect you much. and the real problem is it is difficult for even those who want to to really know if a product can be used by a blind customer. the best approach is to find someone you trust and take a positive approach. if one doesn’t work, hopefully the trial and error period would be short. the question is how do we connect some of us blind users with people who are creating these products. It seams that many of the experts in the field know each other. Perhaps we could do something to help educate them. thanks and take care, max

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