When it comes to product launches…

you need to pick and choose your spots.

Well, you don't NEED to, but you should…

product launch imageIf you're a HEAVY HITTER with huge INFLUENCE over a TON of people,

you can promote product after product to your list and do REALLY well.

In fact, that's just what the big Gurus do.

But what about other folks… people who don't have the list size or the influence to compete with the heavy hitters?

How can people like you and I WIN BIG in these product launches?

The bad news is… you probably can't,

at least in terms of bonuses and the “perks” you can offer.

So what are you to do?

If you want to promote affiliate products to supplement your income (and you should!)…

I suggest you start small, promoting products to your readers that have helped you build YOUR business.

In other words, you're recommending products that you know WORK.

Start small… and build up to the bigger product launches.

So what am I talking about in the title of this post?

I mean, how can you possibly come up HUGE in a product launch when you don't even promote it yourself?

It's something I've learned from some really good teachers….

And it's something that very few would think of doing.

Are you ready?



Have I lost my mind?

Why would I give up some potential sales and pass them on to someone else?

The answer is simple…


Of who?

Of someone who can take me and my business to the next level of success.

So there's a product launch going on right now…

unless you've been offline for the last 2 weeks you've undoubtedly heard about it.

EVERYONE is talking about it… and the HEAVY HITTERS are offering insane bonuses to make sales and win the grand prize.

So what am I doing?

I think I'm being very smart 🙂

I've decided NOT to promote this product myself.

Nope, not doing it.

But here's what I AM DOING…

I'm going to promote this product to my list for SOMEONE ELSE.


2 reasons:

1. I know the value of the bonuses this person is offering is insane and would be of immense value to people on my list, and

2. Because I want to get more time with and attention from a teacher who I KNOW can help me get to the next level.

Someone who can help me grow my business and my influence SO MUCH FASTER than I can do alone.

And if I help her out…. I'm thinking I'll grab her attention.attention image


Do you see how you can come up HUGE in an product launch you don't promote yourself?

It's simple — put your energy and muscle behind promoting it for the person you really want to work with.

Tell them what you've decided to do…

and then do it.

Chances are VERY GOOD you'll get on their radar…

It's the first step to what could potentially be a truly beneficial relationship for all.

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    • scottie

      Coming from Magnetic Sponsoring has been a big Boom for my part time Biz. I enjoy your posts here are right on the money. The over whelm is certainly the largest hurdle for me. Your zero’ing effect on time management is a plus to learn. I find myself trying to establish a product comparable to yours. The information you supply is spot on.

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