I can't tell you how many people I've talked to over the last few months who have one simple request:

“TELL ME THE TRUTH…. that's all I want!”

truths about network marketing imageAnd I totally get their frustration.

Have you ever seen that Jim Carrey movie, Liar Liar?

If not, you should go rent it… what a blast!

In a nutshell, Jim Carrey's character was a sleazy lawyer who lied his way to the top.

I mean, he was SLIMY!

Then someone caste a spell on him, and for 24 hours he was unable to lie — he HAD TO TELL THE TRUTH!

Don't you wish a spell like this existed on Facebook and in business?

How cool would that be?

Unfortunately, many in MLM/Network Marketing are basically taught to mislead;

they PITCH their business as soon as possible and generate excitement through hype.

But people nowadays are more cynical and can spot an amateur very quickly — and mistrust naturally follows.

All people want is the truth.

  • What do I need to do to succeed?
  • How much time will it take me to start making money?
  • How much money will I need to invest?

Why Can't People Just Be Real?

I got to thinking about the topic of TRUTH today because of a post I saw on Facebook…

started by one of my mentors, Diane Hochman.

Diane asked the simple question…. Can't we just be real?

And as you can see below, the response was huge.


diane fb












Some agreeing, some defending but definitely a hot topic.

When I saw this, I knew it was time to tackle the topic here.

So here ya go….

Some straight answers to your biggest questions.

Let's get to it.


 23 Seldom Revealed Truths about Network Marketing 


How Do I Succeed?

1.  Network Marketing works.  Affiliate marketing works.  Internet Marketing works.  Information Marketing works.  It ALL works… if you know what you're doing.

2.  Your success will depend on your value to the Marketplace…. that is, what skills you bring to the table.

3.  You build up your skills by attending trainings and implementing what you learn.  Most free trainings give you just enough information to want the paid trainings.

4.  You build up your influence by helping others, showing them you truly care and that you're in it for the long haul.

5.  Success is NOT automated.  Systems can help, but in the end the difference is YOU. 

6.  The best way to realize success is to STUDY success.  Don't copy unskilled marketers looking for a fast buck.


The Unfortunate Reality is…

7.  Most people don't stick around long enough to realize their success.

8.  Most people aren't willing to work hard enough to realize their success.

9.  Most people aren't willing to sacrifice what's needed to realize their success.

10.  Most people don't want it bad enough to realize their success.


How Much Money Will it REALLY Cost?

11.  The biggest attraction of starting an MLM business (low start up costs) is also one of the biggest reasons for it's high failure rate.

12.  The Industry is full of people looking for the easy money.  They will never find it.  If you're looking for a quick hit, play the Lottery.

13.  Once in a while someone will get a quick hit and make some money, but more often than not they can't repeat it because they have no idea how they did it.

14.  If you don't invest in your business and yourself, you will never make the money you seek…. there are no free passes.

15.  The less money you have to invest in your business, the longer it will take you to find success…. that's just the way it is.

16.  Investing in YOURSELF is almost always better than buying leads.


How Much Time Will it Take to Become Successful?

17.  The more time you have to devote to your business, the faster you'll see results (maybe).

18.  How you spend your business time is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than the total time you devote to your business.

19.  Part Time Marketers can become very successful when they use their time doing the right things.

20.  The fastest path to success is to find someone who knows how to do what you want and is willing to show you (in other words, finding a mentor).


But Don't I Just Need More Leads?

21.  Most people want more leads but have no idea what to do with them… and are scared to call them.

22.  Converting leads to sales is a SKILL you learn — most people start with convincing and fail miserably.

23.  More LEADS are not what most  people need; BETTER SKILLS are what they need.


Feeling Disappointed or Excited?

Now that I've pulled back the curtain and revealed these 23 truths about Network Marketing, how are you feeling?

Are you excited, energized, and enlightened or disappointed, frustrated and feeling like you want to give up?

If you truly want to change your life, here's my advice:  DON'T GIVE UP!

The bad news is that there are millions of people each year trying their hand at Network Marketing.

The good news?  The majority of them do nothing or very little once they realize these truths about the industry.

YOU have the ability to make this happen.

Everyone does.

Don't give up!  Go make your fortune!

Time for Action!

ACTION 1:  DECIDE if you're willing to do what it takes to succeed in MLM.

ACTION 2:  DETERMINE YOUR BUDGET and allocate it most effectively (hint:  invest in yourself first).

ACTION 3:  BLOCK OUT TIME for your business and work with a mentor or coach to use it most effectively.

ACTION 4:  If you need help, GET IN TOUCH with me and I'll see if I can help you out.


It's YOUR time to get excited… your future is in your hands!

    20 replies to "23 Seldom Revealed Truths about Network Marketing"

    • Emilia

      Get-rich-quick schemes are everywhere so be wary of those. Success and financial independence are goals that we must aim to work hard for. Thanks for the enlightening read.

    • Nawaz

      The real investment in Network Marketing is the knowledge of blogger and time that he spends with network members.Some paid training courses are very useful for online success.

    • Joy

      I did a remarkable job of stepping out of my comfort zone to make things happen in my life and I’m so glad I did. I think that most of us are way too consumed about generating leads and selling without being mindful of our credibility. Thanks for this enlightening post, Bob.

    • Kristine

      I agree that there is no quick hit in any business and one must really strive by investing time,money and effort.Thanks for the share 🙂

    • Richa

      Great points, Bob. People surely want to hear the whole truth. But where money is involved, you never know whether you are getting the truth or not. Thanks for this informative share.

    • Aayna

      There has always been a thin line of difference between the business and the real business. Getting into the details of this difference is indeed a cumbersome task. The secrets revealed by you in this post, are very apt as per today’s scenario. I particularly liked the last set of lines which says “don’t give up”. Keep trying is the key to succeed in any endeavor. The four action plans are a must to achieve your goal in network marketing.

    • katherin

      Great post.
      Most people aren’t work for longer time.they just want to get success in short period,its a big drawback.
      we must spend some time and work hard to achieve success.
      thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    • Born27

      The only problem in this field is the marketer.. If they can only tell the whole truth about their products and services, then the people will not expect for more.
      Thanks for the great post Bob!

    • Dipa

      Maybe we should add a Fifth step: if you make mistakes, go back, retrace your steps, recalculate and re-evaluate your goals. And a sixth one: do not beat yourself too much when things do not work as planned.
      Nice post as always, Bob.

    • James Rosenbaum

      Great information. I am still relatively new to network marketing and I was instructed to read all the top leaders blogs daily I can definitely tell why you were on my list.

    • […] 23 Seldom Revealed Truths about Network Marketing – Looking for some real truths about network marketing? Tired of the hype and the half truths? Feeling cynical and misled? Here you go. […]

    • James

      I agree with everything you have said Bob. I started out thinking MLM was going to come easy to me, but it didn’t. I have learned a lot though and am very excited about what I have going now and in what is coming in the future.


    • Oliver Tausend

      Hi Bob,

      well, it is often said that people quit too soon or that you can’t fail in network marketing unless you quit. In my eyes, very bad advice because it causes people to beat a dead horse. It’s critical for success in life and business to know when and how to quit. And then quit. Quitting has such a bad reputation, people unlearned it.

      One important prerequisite for success is stopping doing Google searches like “making money online”.

      Thanks for sharing your insights.

      Take care


    • Nawaz

      According to my experience most of the people do not know how can they make their potential into kinetic. They do not know with a little effort with guidance they can be the successful person and can be example for others.

    • Kathleen Harrison

      You said it perfectly and honestly. Thank you, Bob!

    • Mariella Lombardi

      Hi Bob,

      It’s so true that people just want to hear the whole truth. But as you said, when money is involved you never know, although it shouldn’t be that way. There can always be a win win situation so I don’t get why so many people just prefer to get involved in scams.


    • Maxwell Ivey

      Hi Bob; We have exchanged enough emails that you should know I’m looking for the truth. so, i loved this post. and while you should never create controversy for controversy’s sake, nothing generates more traffic than a honest post that challenges widely held beliefs. What you are talking about here sounds like the problem i used to have with new event committees back when i was booking dates for our family’s small carnival. They always wanted to know how much money could they expect to make from adding a carnival or sponsoring one. We would always have to tell them there is no way to know. You tell them that if they find a good location, schedule fun activities, and advertise properly; we should both do well; but they would always want to know how much well would be. of course we couldn’t tell them because we had no way of knowing ourselves. smile and you are right about the long term success being about you. because of your obvious passion and sincerity I’ve followed, subscribed to, and even thought about buying products from people you have recommended. and i often get comments from clients and potential buyers about how helpful i am. sometimes you answer lots of questions that don’t lead to a sale. sometimes you have a buyer ready to spend money and all you have to do is get them in contact with the seller. but each time you get a chance to impress people. And to me its an investment. you just don’t know if or when it will pay off. thanks again for the great post, max

    • Wade

      Great post Bob. It freaks me out how people cry about the failures in MLM and fail to focus on the success stories. What about the millions of people who are making obscene amounts of money in MLM? Someone commented on FB that my company is lame. I have met, eaten with and shook hands with people who earn millions of dollars each year. Skepticism is incredibly expensive wouldn’t you say?

    • Ashleen Moreen

      Nowadays, you really can’t say which existing business is real with what they are doing.
      When money is involved, lies also comes around trying to deceit people just to make their own pocket to be full. That’s the sad reality.
      Some are offering a very low investment cost and promises a very huge amount of money in return, that’s quite unrealistic for those who are already aware about false promises.

      • Bob

        It can be a slippery slope (the truth) when money is involved, Ashleen.

        But you CAN align yourself with honest people who truly are looking to improve the lives of others.

        They are out there… you just have to find them.

        It took me a while but I found these types of people, and they are now my team members.

        Keep looking!

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