“I need to find more time in the day for my business”…said every Part-Time Marketer on the planet.

Time is most definitely the most limiting resource for entrepreneurs building their business “on the side”.

Ask any Part-Timer and they'll tell you…


“If only I had more time!”


There's really 2 parts to the problem…

First, there's not enough time in the day to devote to your business.

With work, kids, activities, chores, appointments and all the other minutia in our day that sucks up our time, there is definitely a lack of it!

We'll help you with that in this blog post.

Second, most people don't know how to most effectively use the time they do have to maximize their results.

You can learn about that in this free resource.

I grew my business Part-Time for over 10 years before leaving my healthcare career to go full-time in my business.  My goal was not to quit my job immediately – I enjoyed what I was doing!  Rather, my goal was to have the skills and income in place so I had the OPTION to leave my job when I chose.   

The strategy worked! 

On October 25, 2019, I decided to hang up my lab coat for the last time and seamlessly went full-time in my business.  Thank goodness I had that choice.

Many don't.


Over these last 10 years, I've learned a thing or two about time.

Time wasting.

Time limits.

And the need for time mastery.

I've also learned this…

We have WAY more free time in our day than we think.

Fact is, if you want to find more time in the day for your business, there are a multitude of ways.

And they're all pretty simple.

find more time

15 Ways To Find More Time For Your Business

Are you ready to find more time for your business?

Let's get right to it!


#1:  Audit your time.

Before you find more time in your day, you need to figure out where it's all going.  

Take some time this week and do a “time audit”.

Make note of what you're doing during your day, including eating, sleeping, showering, laundry, work, school, kids activities, appointments, watching TV…


Think of it as your “Time Diary”.  

Do it for a week, and you'll have a really good idea of where all your time is going!


#2:  Look for unseen gaps.

Using your time diary, it can be easy to see areas where you can find more business time.  

Cutting things out like “watching TV for 2 hours each night” is an obvious one.

But also be on the lookout for unseen gaps… those little “nooks and crannies” in your day that you can use for specific business tasks.

There are lots of them in your day, I promise.


#3:  Rid yourself of time-sapping addictions

I mentioned TV watching above.  

This is probably the #1 time-sucking addiction on the planet.

But there are others:  checking your phone every 5 minutes, surfing the internet, scrolling your Facebook timeline and watching cat videos on YouTube are definitely other time-wasting “activities” that can be eliminated.

You'll be amazed at how much time you'll free up for your business just by eliminating these bad habits.

Don't want to give them up?

No one said building your business Part Time would be easy!


#4:  Wake up early/ Stay up late

This would seem to be a no-brainer.  

Staying up an hour later or waking up an hour early is a simple way to find more time for your business.

But it comes with a disclaimer.

Be very careful that you are getting enough sleep!  

Sleep deprivation is not only detrimental to your focus and productivity, but also your health.

Use this one with caution!


#5:  Batch mundane tasks.

I hate to do chores.

Food shopping, running to the pharmacy, cleaning the house…

I just don't like to do it.

So I tend to do it in dribs and drabs, when I can muster up enough interest to get them done.

But lately, I've started batching chores to get them done all at one time.

Not only is it easier to “swallow” doing them…

But I've used it to find more time for my business each week.

Batch your mundane tasks — it works!


#6:  Multi-task when it makes sense.

I'm not a fan of multi-tasking.  I believe in most cases you'll be far more productive if you focus on one thing at a time.

But there is a time and place to multitask to create more business time in your day.

A couple of examples:

Listening to mindset audios while driving or commuting to work is a great use of multi-tasking.

When driving becomes so routine you don't even need to think about it (like the drive to work you've been doing for years), doing another activity simultaneously is easy (and of no danger to you!).

Here's another example:  Listen to training (or watching a business DVD) while you're cleaning the house.

You generally don't need any brain capacity to clean the house… it's routine stuff.

Using that time for business just plain makes sense.


#7:  Cut a deal.

One of the easiest ways to find more time for your business is to cut a deal with your spouse or friends.

Ask your spouse to watch the kids or do the chores so you can work on your business, and return the favor for him next time so he can have some alone time.

Or ask some friends with kids to watch your children for a couple of hours and you'll watch theirs tomorrow.

Become a deal broker… there's a wealth of time to be found here!


#8:  Outsource and delegate when you can.

Who says you have to do everything yourself?

Delegate those unwanted activities (at work and home) to someone else when you can.

Outsource tasks to others who “do that sort of thing for a living”.

I've recently outsourced my landscaping duties.  

I've done it myself for years but I've found I can generate a lot more free time by letting the professionals do it.

Same with cleaning the house or doing those home repairs.

And probably a dozen or more other time-sucking things you do that are better outsourced or delegated.

If you've got the money, by all means, let others take care of them for you.


#9:  Use wait time wisely.

You know those times when you're sitting outside the school waiting for your kids or wasting time at the doctor's office because he double-booked your appointment… again?

Don't get mad… get to work.

Take those minutes to make a business call, write an email, or even cut a short video.

You'll get a lot more done for your business… and reduce your stress at having to wait!


#10:  Use a calendar.

Another quick way to spot unused time is to use a calendar.  

This can be a regular calendar or an online calendar (I like Google Calendar).

Keeping everything straight and getting organized using a calendar is not only a time saver but a time “generator”!


#11:  Use your lunch hour wisely.

The next few tips involve specific ways you can find more time for your business while at work.

One of them is to use your lunch hour wisely.

Whether you get an hour or 30 minutes for lunch or something in between, here's my suggestion.

Split it up.

Use half of your lunchtime to work and the other half to do something for your business.

There are lots you can do in 30 minutes or less if you think about it!


#12:  Eliminate “water cooler time”.

Although this may be a bit outdated (are there even water coolers anymore?), the point is clear…

Eliminate the time you spend “catching up” (or gossiping) with your co-workers and use that time more wisely.

I am amazed at how much time my coworkers waste during their breaks.

Even if they just spent those 15 minutes reading a good success book, what a difference it would make!


#13: Negotiate your work hours

This isn't for everyone, but if it's possible it may be advantageous to talk to your boss and renegotiate your work hours.

I was able to do this in my healthcare job before I left to work my business full-time.

I worked 4 days a week (10-12 hours a day) rather than 5 days.  It cut down on my commuting and I had the better part of 3 days to work on my business.  It was huge for getting more done.


#14:  Say NO more often.

If only we could all learn this sooner!

Don't be afraid to say No when you need to.

It's great to do things for people, but most times folks don't say no because they're afraid to offend others.

That's not a good reason!

Saying NO more often will add hours to your business time, I promise!


#15:  Have a PLAN!

I see this time and again…

When a person finally does get time to work on their business, they sit at their computer and think…

“What should I do?”

This should NEVER happen!

You should always have a definite plan of attack so that when you do have time, you don't waste a second.

I solve this problem for you in my free training Part-Time Profits Blueprint.


There are lots more ways to find more time for your business if you use your imagination.

Do you have a way I haven't listed here?  

LEAVE A COMMENT and share it with others!


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    • Donna Merrill

      Hi Bob,

      Many of these are certainly good ways devote more time to business, but I personally has developed a team who take care of all the work and I get majority time with my family.

      Although I have struggled with my business in the past, so I think this post will be helpful for many.

      ~ Donna

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      Really good post, it helps one make him perfect and success of his work, Thanks for Sharing this article.

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