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Blogging has grown into an industry where anyone can enter, voice their minds and publish themselves. It is a great market today, as more and more people are trying their hand at blogging professionally making it to be a serious business.

You can blog about your interests and let the web world know about it.  Indeed, it is a great way to speak out your ideas, endorse your business/products, write reviews, and showcase your creativity.

In case, you are a newbie blogger in the blogosphere, you may have to learn some of the basics and important techniques of this field to get your blog noticed and reach as many people as it can.

If you have started out and have been let down by the little response you have received, you will also need to learn few extra tips and tricks to bring your blog on track with good page rankings.

You also have to keep an eye on the blogging mistakes you'd probably commit as a newbie and check on them frequently.

It's truly possible for you to create a popular blog that everyone wants to read, but first you must take a step back and consider the basics.

Today, you get ample information on the web about the basics and important notes about blogging. It might show more insight about the basic understanding of how a blog works and its intricacies.

The question now arises, why should you blog and embrace the newbie inside you?

  1. You have the passion to write about what you like/about your interests and let the world see it.
  2. You can also make good money with blogging (requires a lot of dedication and time spent more than usual)
  3. You should not let your creativity die a death before even showcasing it to the world.
  4. It is an opportunity to learn new things and make good friends in the process too.
  5. And lastly, it will give you the confidence of unleashing new capabilities and never-known creativity present deep inside.

Lets ponder over these reasons a bit more to give you a clear idea about why should the blogger inside you needs to be encouraged.


Passion about your interests helps you to start your way out in any field. If you have the passion to write on your likes, interests, current trends, technology, or just about anything, do give yourself a try at blogging. It is certainly not something tough like science. It is a way for you to put yourself forth, your views, your ideas, etc with the help of your blog.

Passion for writing about your favourite topic/interest will only be a driving force initially and you need to dedicate more time and research/update about your niche more regularly, depending on the topic you are blogging about.

You have got to find yourself the passion and inspiration that keeps you going which will invariably allow you to stick to it till the very end. With passion alone, you cannot succeed in the world of blogosphere. It does need some more tips, tactics and intelligent techniques to survive in the field.


Your blogging success also depends on your earnings and the income you derive from your blogs. It is indeed a great motivation to get you going in the field where you find many bloggers entering the field each day.

But do you think money is the only factor that has to be the reason to enter into this field? Definitely not, it is always a secondary thing. You need to have skills that will help you survive too.

When I first started to work for Coupon Triumph, a discount coupon site that features autotrader and woot discount coupons, skills required to develop the site and promote it mattered a lot. Money was certainly a secondary thing!

But there are several professional bloggers who work full time for a living. It is from them you understand that is it indeed a serious business where you can explore new areas and earn too.


Don't let your creative brain die a silent death without even showing it to the world. You will be surprised at knowing your creative bounds once you acquire the satisfaction from your audience's positive response.

Sometimes it is great fun to find your creative possibilities and a little more, in finding out that your blog has received a good feedback.

Do respond to your comments as it will help in for more discussions with your followers. A touch of humour is also a tip to strike a great conversation with them.

Learning new traits

It is a great platform for you to put forth your ideas. And also it is an opportunity helping you to learn many more new things about blogging etc.

You will learn more about your area of interest, will work more on your networking skills, get to know more about promoting your blog and a lot more!

These are some skills which will help you and your blog in the long run. In the process, you will not be able to count the number of friends you have made. Relationships bonded this way are a great help for your blogging success.

Great satisfaction

You never know how satisfied you might get with unleashing your capabilities that you thought until now, never existed. But it does come with the initial fear of getting the traffic required and the number of likes and dislikes.

Since you are just a newbie, you will have to have patience and dedication for your work to get your blog its due recognition. It is just matter of time! Money will also flow in with its success.

Until then, you need to work your own way up to climb the blogging success ladder and tightly embrace the blogger inside you with patience. Do not let the blogger in you die.

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    20 replies to "Why Should You Embrace The Newbie Blogger Inside You?"

    • Sam Adeyinka

      Hi Jane,

      Another insightful post from you. You indeed are a Blogging Queen! No wonder folks like Harleena, madam Adrienne, Sue Neal, Enstine Muki and a host of them always reference you. Kudos ma’am! 🙂

      Speaking bout the post, this are surefire ways to blog with fashion even as a newbie blogger.

      Well, like Julie, I started out with a free option until 2months ago when I decided to take blogging seriously and take it indeed to the next level when I decided to be self-hosted. I now blog at where I aim to incubate people for lifelong success.

      Albeit am a newbie blogger but I blog like a pro merely by following these stated rules. I think I also need to add just one to it which is desire. Your desire gets you everything and that is actually intertwined with passion. I call it a “burning desire”.

      Thanks so much Jane for sharing this awe-struck post with this great community. I celebrate you ma! 😀


    • Vineet Gupta

      worth reading the above post 🙂

    • Matt

      This is a great introduction especially to readers that are planning on blog writing. Great help to us. Thanks

    • Tom Brady

      That is some great advice for a “newbie” like myself! I am trying to get better every day and reading blog posts like this really helps.



      • Bob

        Glad you found this useful, Tom. Welcome to the blog!

    • Sonia

      When I started I had so many ideas that I didn’t know what to do, but I knew I wanted to blog about something. I have to admit it was difficult trying to pick the exact idea I would be comfortable with, but now after a year I am discovering more things and how to expand.

      New bloggers need articles like this because there is so much competition out there. Newbies tend to get discouraged and forget why they want to blog in the first place. Then you have those that come into blogging for the wrong reasons and fall flat on their face. No matter which category they fall into, we all had to start some where and not giving up shows true passion.

      • Jane

        Very well said Sonia. Couldn’t agree more. Thanks for your comment!

    • Azhar

      When you confess in your inner self that you are newbie in the field of blogging,you should sure consider yourself in play group class and try to study each tip that can make you expert in your niche. The whole lies in positive way and creativity. Satisfaction from work make you ready for the next journey in your niche.

    • Jeanne

      Thank for sharing such informative tips Jane. When I started blogging of my food blog, i am really confused of what to post and what to write. It took time for me to find my groove

    • Cat Alexandra

      Hi Bob & Rosemary,

      I think you make some compelling points here for the newbie, but also for those who are perhaps struggling with getting their blog really going. It’s such a fun and creative process and I personally find it to be cathartic to have a place to really sound off and make some kind of impact in this huge wide world of web! lol

      Thanks for putting this out there; it was helpful for me and I’m sure it will also help many others. I will RT to my peeps!

      Best regards,
      Cat Alexandra

    • Julie Hayes

      I’ve started blogging with a free site. Its a great way to master the basics of blogging before going to the big league.

      • Jane

        Sure Julie, but make sure you’re ready to move on to a self-hosted site any time 🙂 You will need to do that ultimately.

      • Bob

        That’s true, Julie… that’s a great way to start learning your craft before you graduate of a self hosted site. But just be careful that you don’t blog about something that may violate their terms of service. When I first started blogging I had a free blog that I loved and one day it was gone.

        Just gone! They said I had violated their TOS about promoting a business. I disagreed, but to no avail.

        With a self hosted blog, that can never happen. Just something to think about!

        • Jane

          Bob, that’s bad. And I had the same experience as well with blogger. I still don’t know what terms I violated. And the bad thing is that since the hosting is free you cannot question them beyond. But I’m glad it happened, otherwise I wouldn’t be blogging as it is now! Good for you too that you blog got deleted 🙂

    • Phill Griffiths


      Great post, many thanks, you have covered the main points of blogging. I enjoy blogging I know as you say, the main thing is to really find something you have a passion about!

      Many thanks, I look forward to looking through your site.

    • Oliver Tausend

      Hi Jane,

      cool to see you guest posting here 😉

      Great advice for the newbie, I wish I would have had these pieces of advice when I got started 😉

      Blogging is the best thing you can do to build your business, but it can also be the worst thing if people lack any of the qualities mentioned by you above. I love my blog, but not having one doesn’t mean you can’t build a successful business online. I know many people who are very successful in online network marketing without a blog.

      That’s why it’s highly critical for people to look into the mirror and check the qualities mentioned by you – if they have them or if they are willing to learn them.

      Thanks for sharing your insights.

      Take care


      • Jane

        You’re so right Oliver. A blog will act as a trump card for a business. But it is not necessarily a requirement, given that there are numerous options and social media avenues to communicate 🙂

        thanks for your comment.

    • amit sharma

      Worth reading, newbie blogger has one thing, that is passion to write great blog posts, which sharpens as the time passes. So in order to always fire up that passion inside you, be a child, be a newbie to your profession.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jane 🙂

      • Jane

        You’re right Amit, passion is the fuel. Thanks for your comment.

    • Herbert

      This is really interesting Miss Jane. Its very true, we all have to, all successful bloggers starts from scratch.

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