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I know you want to succeed in your Online Business, but do you have the basics in place yet? In this article I am going to give you the 7 basics that all online businesses must have for a sure success.

Now I could get all fancy and technical from here on if I wanted, but when it’s all said and done, those who live the lifestyle they used to dream about, and spend all day with their families, have their online businesses fully automated.

Everyone else just pretends like it.

Question is… how do you automate, then?

Well, there are 7 basic requirements you need to be able to fully automate your online business:

1. A web domain
This is where you want you will direct people through your ads and other content online. You need to choose a domain that relates to your brand, and that is easy to read and spell. You can check to see if a certain domain name is available at

2. A website
This is a squeeze page.
This is a blog.
This is an info-site.
This can be whatever you want it to be, but one thing that it must be is highly engaging, and highly converting. You do not want people to land on your website and then lose interest and immediately go somewhere else.

3. A product
If you don’t have a product to sell, then what do you have?
What online business doesn’t have a product?

You don’t want a website that is just simply attractive and has informative and valuable content on it. You want your content to sell something.

Your product could be something that you have created yourself.
Your product could be from another company that you are promoting as an affiliate.
You product could be your MLM network marketing business opportunity.

Whatever the case, you want to make sure that you have a good solid product for sale.

4. A marketing plan
If you think that by simply “winging” it and getting some content out there in cyberspace that you are going to discover the lifestyle of your dreams…you are wrong.

A marketing plan is essential for online business success.

If you don’t have one, get a mentor or marketing coach, and work out a plan that will enable you to dominate your niche.

5. A way to get paid
There are various ways to accomplish this.
You could sign up as an affiliate through some affiliate center such as
You could become a rep for a network marketing opportunity.
You could set up your own membership site, and have people buy a membership through PayPal.

Whatever you do, make sure that you have a way to get paid.

6. An automation schedule
What this means is that people will click on your ad, go to your website, engage with your content, want what you have to offer, and then give you money to purchase your product.

All of this will be happening automatically, whether you are online or not. Whether you are “at work” or not.

Get your business automated.

7. Desire
Most people who get started in an online business do not see it through to success.

Do you know why?

It’s because they lack real desire.
Yes, of course they think that they have desire and that they are going to dominate the web, but when it comes down to fighting the flesh day in and day out, they give up.

Do you really, really want it?
Are you willing to pay the price to get it?
If so, and if you have the first 6 things firmly in place, then I am confident that you will succeed.

That's all you really need.

Most people try to make it more complicated than that, but there's
no need to — this is it, the whole “ball of wax.”

Leverage your time.

And even take off for 6 months and come back to find your online business
doing better than it was before you left.

Not many online businesses have these 7 basics, therefore not many online businesses are succeeding.

Go back through these seven points and put them in place, and a year from now see what happened.

But you don’t have to take my word for it…
About The Author

Martin Dale

Martin Dale is an online business trainer and success coach. He specializes in training people to create killer content through blogging and video marketing. He has written 2 eBooks:The Top 10 Reasons Most Network Marketers Fail, and Killer Content. As well as developed a membership site to train online business entrepreneurs how to master iMovie for video marketing (soon to be launched). You can learn more about Martin Dale and his training at Martin Dale

    15 replies to "Online Business Basics For Success"

    • Jym

      Excellent overview Martin, you covered all the key stuff here.

      Have to confess I dont’ have all these in place, although I’m certainly working on the ‘gaps’.

      One of the central points I see being missed al too often is having a real marketing plan, based on real market research. Without these elements, we’re just blowin’ in the wind…

      My own downfall has been not to have products and services readily available – but that will be remedied very soon indeed!

    • Charles Holmes

      Thanks for the great post Martin.

      This was my first time on your blog.

      All of these steps I believe DESIRE is the most important. If you have the desire to succeed, you can learn the steps.

      If I had to choose between working with someone who had the technical skills, but no desire or someone with desire, but not technical skills, I would choose the second one.

      Desire wins every time.

      Thanks for the great post.


    • Mika Castro

      Thanks for responding Martin. Hoping for the best of you and to your success!

    • Martin, thank you for the wake up call! That being said, I think there is something to be said for the Fire, Ready, Aim approach advocated by Michael Masterson. On the other hand, if a new person read this article and took it to heart, they would move along a lot more quickly than I have 🙂 I’m personally learning a lot about putting together my marketing plan, refining as I go. I’m also learning a lot these days from reading The Personal MBA.

      • Martin

        I can relate so well!

        The “Fire-Ready-Aim” approach is how so many of us get started.

        However, I do not believe it has to be this way.

        My hope is that a simple post like this one, can help many many people who
        are just starting out to get ALL 7 of their ducks in a row, and not just a couple.

        Thanks for commenting!
        Martin Dale

    • Steve Nicholas

      Thank you for sharing this, Dr. Bob! You are so right, Martin! It is vital to have all of these in place. My marketing plan isn’t where I would like it to be, and I am redoubling my effort to get consistent after rebalancing due to starting my new teaching job, but Field of Dreams is wrong. You not only have to build it, but you have to let people know that it’s there.

      • Martin

        Thanks for adding to this conversation.
        I appreciate your transparency.

        Build it, and Make it Known.

        You are right about that one.

        Thanks for the comment,
        Martin Dale

    • Craig

      Thanks for these tips, Martin! It is true that you must have a strong enough desire to keep going especially when the going gets tough!

      Enjoy the content! Have a great day!

    • Julie Hayes

      Its a great tips on how to be successful on online business, however a great deal of work and time should be given before the money comes to your business.

      • Martin

        Yep Julie,
        It’s so true.

        Sometimes I also deal with burn-out.
        But sticking with these 7 basics, and consistent effort will pay off.

        Thanks for the comment.
        Martin Dale

    • Mika Castro

      It is true that all online businesses now a days are really improving and as follows. What i very much like on this business is that we online marketers dealing with this nicely and see to it that we stable to our belief to be successful.

      • Martin

        Thank you Mika for you input!

        It is difficult to pursue an online business, but not insurmountable.

        And you are right that we need to be stable in our beliefs.

        Thanks again for your input.

        Martin Dale

    • Herbert

      This is very informative Sir Martin, newbie like me would definitely try this basics.


      • Martin

        Thank you for commenting Herbert,
        and I hope this simple little 7-part post can help you in your business pursuits.

        Be sure to implement all 7 parts, or your journey will overly difficult.

        thanks for leaving a comment!
        Martin Dale

        • Herbert

          I will definitely try those 7 parts Sir Martin. BTW, I visited to your site and commented on your recent post but I think it was caught on the spam filter, dunno why :/

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