If you're struggling to get into momentum in your home business, incorporating ways to build accountability will likely help.

The problem is this…

Most people think that needing help with accountability is a sign of personal weakness.

But actually, the opposite is true.

The wise person who understands that accountability is essential to momentum and growth is the same person you see getting consistent results in his/her business.

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Smart marketers build accountability into their business in as many ways as possible.

With this in mind, let's get into the different levels of accountability, and how you can add them to your business.

build accountability

3 Easy Ways To Build Accountability Into Your Business

I've identified 3 main levels of accountability that you can leverage in your business:  self-accountability, external accountability, and technology-assisted accountability.

Self Accountability

I started with the most important level of accountability:  self-accountability.

Because in the end, accountability starts and finishes with YOU.

Unless you are willing to be accountable to yourself, nothing else will really help.

Here are 7 specific tips on building Self-Accountability:

  1. Remember that boss you had (or have) that is really tough but fair?  BE THAT BOSS.   Most people think that “being your own boss” would be fun.  But not until you've built your business strong enough to give you the freedom you covet.
  2. Just like you have/had regular hours at your job, set regular business hours.  And honor those hours as you would a job.
  3. Are you sick enough to stay home from your job?  If not, buckle down and get to work in your business.  Don't let yourself off the hook too easily.
  4. Set business deadlines and stick to them.  Like your life depended on it.
  5. Add in real consequences for not hitting your deadlines or sticking to your hours.  Something that really hurts.
  6. Similarly, mix in some benefits that you really enjoy for positive business outcomes.
  7. Watch your words.  Instead of saying “I'll try” or “I should”, substitute “I will”.  Our ultimate success is often a battle of self-limiting beliefs.

External Accountability

Most people can't rely solely on self-accountability.  Bringing other people in to help keep you accountable is really powerful.

There are a couple of ways to accomplish this:

  1. Accountability Partner – this is a person (spouse, friend, another marketer) who will help keep you accountable in your business.  Ideally, you touch base with this person daily to go over what you accomplished (or didn't).  Being accountable to another person is highly motivational.  We don't like to disappoint others, especially those we respect.
  2. Accountability Group – this can be in the form of a mastermind, group coaching, or less organized.  It's basically a group of individuals who serve to keep each other accountable.  Again, the motivation NOT to disappoint others can be a huge driving force to building accountability.

Whether you choose an accountability partner or a group of people, putting in place some kind of external accountability can help keep you in action when you otherwise would have faltered.

I highly recommend incorporating some form of external accountability into your home business.

Using Technology To Build Accountability

There are different ways to build accountability using technology, but one website I use the most for this purpose is AskMeEvery.com.

Using a free account, you can have their automated system email you up to 20 questions each day.  More than 20 questions require a paid account.

Over the past few years, I've used AskMeEvery to keep me accountable for various activities related to business and personal life.

Each night, the AskMeEvery automated system sends me the following 4 emails:

build accountability

You must open every email and truthfully answer “yes” or “no”.

The system then records your answer and sends you an email at the end of the week summarizing your previous 2 weeks:

It's a fun and clever way to leverage technology to build accountability in your business.

As with any other method for building accountability, it's only as good as your self-accountability: answering each answer truthfully.

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Final Words

We all need accountability in our daily lives.  The person who can rely solely on self-accountability is rare indeed.

For those who trying to build a home business mixed into a very busy life, these additional accountability levels can prove quite useful to stay focused and consistent on those money-making activities that matter most in business.


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