Lots of people ask me how to keep motivated, especially after you've had an exhausting day at work and just want to eat, watch some TV and go to bed.

I hear ya… I've been there…

Many times!

Staying motivated, maintaining self discipline, keeping accountable…

What people are really asking is…

How Do I Take Action When I Just Don't Feel Like It?

how to keep motivated

First, if you feel this way often, no worries…

Everybody feels that way at times.

There's not a person in the industry who hasn't had those days when they'd rather do anything else but work on their business.

But here's the difference…

The winners do it anyway.

The winners complete at least some essential business tasks that will help move things forward.

The winners make the money.

How To Stay Motivated… When You Lack The Motivation?

Here's a short video I cut yesterday giving you some “not so common” tips on how to stay motivated.


By the way, the online accountability tool I mentioned in the video is called Ask Me Every.

A great little free tool that will induce guilty and keep you motivated.

Let's keep going

3 More Tips On How To Keep Motivated

Here's some more tips and strategies on how to keep motivated:

Have A Specific Plan

Don't just have some vague strategy for working on your business.  This will give excuses the chance they need to invade your head.

Rather, have a specific plan on what you'll do the minute you have some business time.

And take it one step further…

Choose ONE thing, the most important thing you can do for your business in 30 minutes or less…

Put it on a sticky note and place it on your computer (or whatever works for you) so that when you feel less motivated, you'll know exactly what you SHOULD be doing.

Specificity is king here… the more specific you are with what you need to do, the less chance that apathy will take hold!

For more on this:  How To Build Your Business In 15 Minutes

Limit Decisions

I just wrote about this very subject on a recent post, but it bears repeating…

The fewer decisions you have to make, the better decisions you'll make.

Limit the number of decisions you need to make each day, so that when it comes time to decide to work on your business or crash on the couch, you'll make the right one.

Read:  Put Success In Your Way

Remove Temptation

Just like you'd eliminate sweets from your kitchen if you were serious about losing weight, remove temptation when it comes to working on your business.

If you really want to watch your favorite TV show but it falls right in the middle of business time, record the show so you can watch it later.

Excuse eliminated.

If you'd rather go out with your friends instead of working on your business, have a friend remind you ever-so-strongly that you're delaying your dreams by doing so.

Problem solved.

The point is this…

There are a million reasons to delay business time in favor of fun time.  And only a few not to.

You've got to key into those reasons to keep going even when you don't feel like it… and hold on tight.

It won't be a smooth ride…

But it will be worth it!


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