In today's post,  I'm gonna give you some really good, solid tips for getting results in your home business part-time,  and it's not gonna be your usual tactics and strategies.

It's gonna be deeper, more core, more fundamental, and more essential in my opinion.

These tips will be a result of my own experience.  I built my home business part-time for over nine years, and that was mostly by design.

I was in a healthcare career that I loved and I was building a home business for later in my life, to have more choices when I got closer to retirement.

So a lot of these tips that I'll give you today came from when I was building my business part-time, which was a nine-year span.

5 Tips For Getting Results In Your Home Business Part-Time

Let's jump right into the tips I have for getting more results in your home business part-time… and you'll notice they don't have much to do with strategies and tactics.

They are more fundamental in nature.

Tip #1:  Maximize Your Leverage Of Technology

When you're part-time in your home business, you'll want to be leveraging technology as much as you can.

Technology has never made it easier to build a business.

With the advent of email autoresponder software and Zoom, you have technology that allows you to communicate and speak to thousands of people at once.

That's amazing and it's just one example.

Also, I like to take advantage of various apps, Google Chrome extensions, and tools, which help keep me focused, on task, and more productive in my business.

In fact, I put together a list of 44 Chrome extensions, apps, and tools I've used over the years that will help you leverage technology in your business.

If you want that, go over to

home business part-time

One of my favorites is a Chrome Extension called Momentum (pictured above).

When my computer starts up, the first thing I see is a page that reminds me of my most important activity of the day.

It asks me only one question…


This gets me focused right away, and I have to type it in every day.   This really helps set the stage for me to really focus on my business every day.


Tip #2:  Do Whatever It Takes… For As Long As It Takes

I see so many people dipping their toes into the water. Like I'll give this a shot for 30 days.

Anytime I hear this, I know it's highly likely that this person won't make it, because with that mentality, with that mindset, you're already setting yourself up to give up.

It takes more than 30 days to get results in most things in your business.

If you're gonna dip your to water and try something for 30 days, chances are high, you're not gonna get the results that you were expecting, and you're gonna give up and move on to the next shiny object.

And now you're on the Shiny Object hamster wheel…

New thing after new thing after new thing, and getting more and more frustrated.

Adopt this phrase in all you do:

Do Whatever It Takes… For As Long As It Takes

“For as long as it takes”

I'll be honest, I was really challenged in my business in the first 5 years.

But early on, an interesting happened.

In the first six months of my business, I was running some Google Adwords ads and amazingly, I popped a big $2000 sale… and I thought, this is easy!

This is gonna be simple. No problem.

So I pumped a  bunch of money into these ad campaigns and I never made another sale!

I end up losing a bunch of money.

While that sale was cool, it set some unrealistic expectations in my brain because this business is not as easy as that.

Sure, you might get lucky and pop a quick sale, but until you've got things going in your business where you can make that consistent, you're really not on your way yet.

So be careful.

And understand that there will be times when you pop unexpected sales, and that's great.

But there will be longer periods of time where you don't make any sales, especially in the beginning phase of your business.

And you have to be okay with that.

Do it for as long as it takes.

There was no way I was giving up on my business. Absolutely no way.

I was gonna go for as long as I needed to go, and ultimately, I pushed through,

I made it.

But if  I had given up after 30 days, 60 days, 90 days a year, two years, I would still be at my job, probably with a whole bunch of health issues due to stress.

So, you have to develop a certain mindset that I'm in this for the long haul.

And this leads into my next tip.

Tip #3:  Understand That Time Will Pass Either Way

Look, time is gonna pass anyway, whether you build a business or not.

Time doesn't stop for anybody.

So if you don't spend that time growing a side business, what's your plan?

What's your freedom plan?

What's the alternative?

So why not keep going in your business?

Keep trying, keep pushing because the time is gonna pass anyway, whether you push hard growing your business for two years or just sit around for two years in your job.

If I'd quit, quit on my business, I would've sat around for the next five years and time would've passed anyway.

Keep pushing through all the challenges and move forward ANYWAY!

Tip #4:  Reframe Your Struggles To Challenges

If you've noticed, I haven't used a word “struggle” at all before this

I used to say that word a lot…

“Oh, I'm struggling. Oh, this is a struggle. I have so many struggles in my business!”

Struggles are negative and feel to me like victimhood.

That mindset will keep you broke.

It'll keep you not getting results.

It'll keep you stuck.

Switch over that struggle mindset to a challenge mindset.

Challenge is more positive.

Watch your words carefully.

Your words are really important, especially when you're part-time because it's very easy to get into victimhood.

“I don't have enough time.”

“These other guys who are full-time have all the advantages. I can't compete with that.”

Oh, I'm struggling so much. Right? It's very easy to fall into that language, and when you start using that language, your brain adopts that language, and now you believe it..

Change struggles to challenges.

It'll make a huge difference in your mindset and ultimately in your results.

Tip #5:  Production Over Consumption

My final tip is to slow down your learning.

Some of you are probably wondering,  “what the heck is he talking about?”

He's always telling us to learn.

So why is he telling now telling us to slow down our learning?

Here'w why…

Unless you're just starting out in your business, chances are you know enough to get results.

I made a huge momentous mistake in the first two years that I was growing in business part-time.

I focused so much on learning that I didn't do much of anything.

I came from a totally non-business background, so I didn't know anything about business and marketing and I had to learn.

So I jumped on webinars almost every night and took copious notes.

I learned a lot, but I didn't do anything with this new information.

So this knowledge, which is potential power, was in my brain, was in my notes.

But it didn't do anybody any good, especially me.

So when I say, “slow down your learning”, I mean, decrease the amount of time you're spending on learning and replace that time with doing.

Think of it like a seesaw, like ones you might see on a playground.

On one side of the seesaw, you've got LEARNING or PRODUCTION.

The other side of the seesaw is DOING or PRODUCTION.

Early on in my business, my consumption was so heavy that it weighted down the seesaw.

My seesaw was weighted down on one side… consumption.

Gradually as I started lessening my consumption and increasing my production, it averaged out.

My seesaw became level, and horizontal.

You want it about equal weights consuming and producing learning and doing.

But most marketers, most people I run into are really heavy on learning and very light on doing.

Next Steps

  1. Download my Free Part-Time Productivity Toolbox
  2. Pick 1-2 ways you can start leveraging technology in your business TODAY.
  3. Watch your words and how to you refer to struggles vs. challenges
  4. Adopt a “whatever it takes for as long as it takes” mentality towards your part-time home business.
  5. For each thing that you learn, do one thing to implement.  Production over Consumption.

It's Your Time to SHINE!


Dr. Bob Clarke


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