Unknown-7Do you have someone in your life who is just plain…
Maybe it's a nosy neighbor who peeks out their window every time something happens.
Or maybe it's a nosy family member who's got to know EVERYTHING that's going on in your life.
They're everywhere… we're surrounded!
Even online!
Maybe you're even one of them (that's okay, truth is we're ALL nosy to some extent).
But the Attraction Marketing folks I hang with have learned to take that nosiness and…
Use It To Our Advantage.
We do what my mentor calls TRIGGERING the NOSY GENE.
It's pretty simple really… 
You pique people's curiosity and they come snooping.
It's not a bad thing… in fact, we COUNT on it!
I'll teach you more about triggering the nosy gene in a  later training, but for now I have a question…
Are you ready when they come snooping?
Are you ready to take full advantage of their nosy gene?
Some are, but most are not.
In today's training, I teach you how to be SURE you're ready when the neighbors come snooping!  🙂

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    5 replies to "Attraction Marketing Training: Triggering The Nosy Gene"

    • Mitch

      the post is about “triggering the nosy gene” yet you mentioned very little about it in the video, I thought at least you were gonna give us a hint or two.
      i’m curious to hear your thoughts on this, because for me, in my own experience i tend to stay away from catchy mysterious titles,
      the internet is full of spam and false advertising, everything single time i read a playful title i stay away.
      Simple titles that simply describe things as they are, are magnets to me,
      so i just wanted to check what type of “triggering the nosy gene” approach you are talking about.
      Many thanks and Best wishes!

    • Rich

      Marketing is one of the best way to expose your business and to building business relationships with them we want to do is find out how we can help them, suggest them that importance to explain their problems

    • Andy Stanley

      I really like this idea of turning those “nosy” people to something as an advantage. Piquing their interest can be really helpful. Just getting the right idea and knowledge for it and your good to go. Thanks for sharing this article here. Even I am intrigue by this.

    • Andrew

      HI Bob,
      This is a great marketing technique and I think that more people should be using it to get more people to buy their products. Thanks for sharing this,

    • Alysha

      Marketing communications have moved into the twenty first century and with advance of technology the tools used within marketing have advanced as well. Marketing training is essential if one has to succeed in a competitive world where everyone else wants the same thing that you do i.e. get your product/service out there. It can be done by using various channels and this is where Marketing Training plays an important part.Thanks a lot for your information.

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