Unknown-2To some, MLM success seems like a pipe dream. They try and they try and they try again, yet in the end success evades them.

I don't want that to happen to you.

I've seen people make a lot of the same mistakes when building an MLM, but one of the most common and toughest mistakes is the choosing of a sponsor.

I know, I know you hear that a sponsor shouldn't really matter, that you should be prepared to grab MLM success independently.

But the reality is…

The right sponsor can take YEARS off your learning curve.

And get you into the green much faster.

MLM Success: 3 Inches Off The Top

Here's the biggest mistake I see people make when choosing a sponsor:

They Shoot For The Moon

They look for the biggest name, the most successful, the brightest stars to lead them into the Promised Land.

For some, this is a REALLY bad idea.

In the short video below, I'll tell you why and show you what you may want to do instead.


Next time you're in a position to choose a leader to help you, consider going 3 inches off the top.

For many, it's just what the doctor ordered!  🙂


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Here's what my buddy Dean from CT just sent me. 

I look forward to Bob's emails everyday. They provide constant value and great tips, especially for someone like me who's still working, and doing my marketing part time.

I love the mindset aspects that he shares, and it's nice to actually read an email that's not just a cookie cutter auto responder message!   Thanks Bob for your time and efforts!'

Appreciate the kind words, buddy.

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    4 replies to "MLM Success: The Biggest Mistake In Choosing An MLM Sponsor"

    • JJ Ahuna

      Thank you Bob and Rosemary,

      Appreciate the tips on choosing people I would want to work with.

      Makes sense and I believe in the recommendation made.

      Take Care,

      JJ Ahuna 🙂

    • Antoinette

      MLM you’ll get what you want but you have to work hard for it but it will definitely pays you what you’ve done!

    • Shalonda Gordon

      Bob, love this post.. you are so right, that many will seek out the TOP DOG.. just to realize that person does not really spend quality time with their folks..yet there is that successful person that literally can take them to the top.. Love it. thanks so much for sharing. keep smiling

    • Claude Skye

      Indeed MLM is kinda difficult. I used to be in that line but never actually lasted long enough. Maybe it’s the way its being handle that I lost interest of it. Great video by the way. Really interesting. Thanks for sharing this.

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