Have you heard of The Success Triad?

It's been used in many ways to describe 3 things that lead to success in various industries and occupations.

I'm using the “success triad” to identify the 3 skills that I've identified in my own home business that have accelerated results while working a hectic full-time job.

success triad

The Success Triad:  3 Skills To Accelerate Your Business Results

I've found there are 3 general skills or strategies that helped me go faster in my business.

They are specialization, implementation, and consistency.

1. Specialization: The Art of the Singular Focus

The first leg of our Success Triad involves an ultra-focused approach: concentrating on one offer to one niche, utilizing one marketing platform, guided by one main coach or trainer, for a solid year.

This might sound simple, but it's far from easy, and here's why it works.

Narrow Your Focus

Imagine trying to hit a small target.

The closer you are, the better your chances.

The same goes for business.

By narrowing your focus to one product or service and directing it toward a specific niche, you amplify your impact.

This isn't just about reducing competition; it’s about becoming a big fish in a small pond.

Your offer becomes finely tuned to the needs and desires of your audience, making it more compelling.

Choose One Marketing Platform

Why spread yourself thin across multiple platforms when you can dominate one?

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or any other, mastering one platform allows you to understand its nuances and leverage its strengths, maximizing your visibility and engagement.

If you're not sure which platform is right for your business, this resource will help.

Follow One Coach

Information overload is real.

By choosing one mentor to follow for a year, you filter out the noise and focus on tailored advice that complements your business strategy.

This consistency in learning fosters a deeper understanding and more nuanced application of business strategies that are crucial for your niche.


2. Implementation: Turning Knowledge into Action

Knowing what to do and doing it are two very different things.

Implementation is where the rubber meets the road.

It’s about taking the strategies, insights, and tips you’ve absorbed and putting them into practice.

Many entrepreneurs excel at planning but falter in execution.

Don’t let that be you.

Set Concrete Goals

Break down your strategies into actionable steps.

What can you achieve today?

This week?

This month?

Setting incremental goals makes your larger objective more attainable and less intimidating.

Track Your Progress

Implementing without measuring is like driving with your eyes closed.

Use tools and metrics relevant to your marketing platform to track what works and what doesn’t, allowing you to pivot as necessary and enhance your strategies.

Seek Feedback

Never underestimate the power of feedback.

It can come from your customers, your mentor, or peers.

Use it to refine your approach and improve your offer continuously.


Recommended Resource:  The Focus and Implementation 1-Hour Challenge


3. Consistency: The Key to Long-Term Success

Last but not least, consistency is your golden key.

It’s about showing up, day in and day out, not just when you feel inspired.

Consistency in your marketing messages, your content, your service delivery, and your learning efforts.

Develop a Routine

Create and stick to a routine that works for you.

Whether it’s dedicating an hour each morning to marketing or setting aside time on weekends for product development, find a rhythm that suits your schedule.

Stay Motivated

Maintain your drive by celebrating small wins and keeping your ultimate goals in sight.

Motivation can wax and wane, but your commitment must remain steadfast.

Adapt and Persist

The path to success isn’t linear.

Adaptability is crucial, especially when consistent efforts don’t seem to pay off immediately.

Stay the course, tweak your strategies, and trust the process.


I recently did a 30-minute training on the success triad for my tribe.

Check it out for a more detailed explanation…



Mastering the Success Triad of Specialization, Implementation, and Consistency can dramatically transform your business outcomes.

It’s not just about working harder but smarter.

By focusing your efforts, actively engaging with your plans, and maintaining a steady pace, you set the stage for a successful and profitable home business.


I have one more resource for you…

My Stupid Simple Daily Action Guide For Part-Time Entrepreneurs.

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It's packed with very specific information that is crucial to your business if you're part-time (and even if you're not).

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It's Your Time to SHINE!


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