Do you ever wonder why you don't get more comments on your blog?  You've worked hard getting more traffic – solid keyword research, on-page and off-page SEO, and promoting your posts in your social networks.

Heck, you've even spent a lot of time commenting on posts in important blogs in your niche.

top blog commenters awardsThe traffic is coming, but still very few comments?

What's wrong?

The problem might be right in front of your nose.

Maybe — just maybe — you need to look at things from your reader's point of view.


5 Reasons I Don't Comment on Your Blog Posts

1.  You Don't Ask

Seems obvious enough, but I can't tell you how many blogs I've visited where the blog owner never ASKS people to comment.

I've found that if you don't ask, people are less likely to do something.

Make it a habit at the end of each blog post to ask your readers to comment.

Even better, ask them a lead-in question or what their opinion and viewpoint followed by the words, “Please Leave a Comment and Join in the Discussion.”

You'll find this phrase at the end of almost every post I write.

2.  You Don't Make it Easy

Making a comment can be time consuming.  First you have to fill in your name, email and website and then write the body of your comment.

Since I am huge on time efficiency, you can imagine my delight when I see that my personal information has already been filled in the comment area.  All I need to do is make my comment and I'm done!

I use a plugin called MaxBlogPress Subscriber Magnet for this purpose.  It's a great little plugin with many features, like auto-fill, sure to keep your readers happy.

Any time you can make your reader's lives a little simpler, you should jump at the chance.

3.  You Don't Make It Worth my While

Let's face it — many blog commenters are self serving, looking for links back to their own blog.  There's nothing wrong with that, and as a blog owner you'd best be ready to help them out.

I use CommentLuv, a neat plugin that gives the commenter a link back to their site and the ability to choose up to 10 of their previous posts to be displayed at the end of their comment.

This results in double the exposure and blog commenters love it.

4.  You Don't Interact

If I see a blog where there are no replies in the Comments section, I wonder about the dedication of the blogger.

When I make a blog comment, I always subscribe to the comment thread when possible to receive any replies to my comments.  At the very least, I expect the blog owner to reply and can use this to continue the discussion.

If you don't take the time to reply to all of your comments, you're missing out on a huge opportunity to interact with and build a relationship with your readers.

5.  You Don't Reward Me

People love recognition and blog commenters are no different.

Too many blog owners fail to recognize their top blog commenters and that's too bad, because it's very easy to do so.

Installing a Top Commenters widget on your WordPress blog will allow your readers to see their names on your sidebar as being a commenter on your blog.  You can choose to display the number of comments as well, so they'll know how far behind they are from the top commenter.

You can also do a Top Commenter Post at the end of each month with links back to their blog (see below).  This is a great way to highlight and reward your top commenters.

These are the 5 reasons I don't leave comments on your blog.  They're easily fixed with a little effort and a couple of plugins.

Top Commenters for June 2011

The Top Commenter for June:

Oliver Tausend, creator of

Oliver takes over the top spot this month, advancing from #2 last month.  Oliver provides insightful comments to our blog and we are very appreciative of his contributions.

You are the best, Oliver!

If you haven't yet visited Oliver's superb Personal Development and Financial Intelligence blog, you're in for a treat.

Head on over there right after you finish reading this post (and commenting of course!)

Oliver's Last 3 Posts:

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Thanks to all of our great commenters for June!

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    77 replies to "5 Reasons Why I Don’t Comment On Your Blog | Top Commenters Awards"

    • Jenny Mahr

      Well I would have to say that a lot of websites have to keep these things in so that there aren’t much spammers commenting on their blogs. That being said I would think with links being switched back and forth that would be beneficial for the blog and the commentator both?

      • Bob Clarke

        It can work, Jenny… but it’s often abused.

    • John

      I just like the helpful information you supply in your articles. I will bookmark your weblog and check again right here regularly. I am fairly certain I will be told lots of new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!


    • Paul Maseberg

      Good tips, I will definitely put em to good use!

    • Shine

      Wouldn’t making it easy for people to comment on your blog makes it easy for spammers to put their spam comments too?

    • Tiago Pimentel

      Amazing tips… Some of them are really simple and yet we don’t use them all the time! Thanks for sharing!

    • Jay Kuba

      This is a great article Dr Bob! I learned a lot from it and can tell you that I have never seen anyone take the time to authentically respond and interact with their readers as you. This post inspired me to rais emy blogging game. Thanks:)

    • Hans Schoff

      Hey Bob, glad to see my blogs pass your qualifications for comments! Very valuable information there, so important to think of your visitors/blog readers and make it as easy, fun, simple, rewarding as possible for them, especially if they regularly like to comment to keep them coming back to your blog, not off visiting someone else’s blog, simply because that person took the time to look at their blog from their visitor’s perspective…

      • Bob

        Haha Hans…. I love coming to your blog… great information.

        I do believe its so important to look at everything we do as marketers from our visitors perspective. Sometimes we get so busy we forget this important exercise.

        Thanks for your insights!

    • anne Perez

      Great points here Bob and some I’m definitely going to work on in my blogs. I love the idea of an autofill and rewarding top commentators with recognition. In addition I appreciate your comment about replying to comments – something I’ll be spending more time on from now on. Thanks for sharing

    • JohnPautz

      I can definitely agree on your tip#1 Bob, That is what I have notice in some of the blog sites I have been. It felt like the blog owner is not interested in me which is a big Leave your comment note would make a reader want to say what is on his mind and does produce a discussion. I am sure to drop by often to check your posts.

    • Davida

      Very interesting perspective, I could relate to the point you made about making it too difficult for people to contribute. Thanks for sharing.

    • Rico

      There are only a few reasons people comment in my eyes. In large, these are, reciprocation, request, passion, and incentive. I might be leaving something out, but that’s the list from the top of my head.

      • Bob

        That sounds about right, Rico! Thanks for sharing your insights!

    • pet transport

      Fantastic tips bob. I am new to this field and was in search of such knowledgeable blog. I would always love to share my views through blog commenting.Its away of increasing knowledge.

      • Bob

        Blog commenting is awesome and you’re off to a great start!

        Glad you found these tips useful. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

    • Jenny

      Hi Bob,

      That’s truly a rewarding post especially to the top commentators here in your site. Thanks for giving an idea to reward my commentators too. 🙂

      • Bob

        Glad to help, Jenny.

        Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment!

    • baagdi

      I am really grateful to have the information from this

      blog. I liked the blog as it has been written,the

      information i got from here.

      • Bob

        You’re welcome, Baagdi.

    • Mavis Nong

      Hey Dr Clarke,

      I agree with your 5 reasons. Great to see that you practice what you preach – it’s always a pleasure leaving comments on your blog 🙂

      Well done for honouring your top commentators for June. Congratulations to Oliver, Dennis, Adrienne and Janet – all great bloggers.

      All the best,

      • Bob

        Thanks, Mavis! As always, we appreciate your support!

    • Kevin DeRoo

      Hey Bob,

      I once wrote a post similar to this one on my blog and I follow the same beliefs as yourself when it comes to providing value to your readers who are kind enough to take the time to comment on one or several of your articles.

      I’m going to look into the Maxblogpress plugin which you mentioned in number #2 above. Also although I do have the Top Commentators widget on my blog I like how you have rewarded your top commentator for the month. I may try to implement something similar, it’s a great idea and I hope that you don’t mind me working with it for my own blog.

      Thanks for sharing Bob, I will return!


      • Bob

        Hi Kevin,

        I really like the MBP plugin… it just makes it so easy for your commenters to take action.

        Let us know how it goes with your top commenters awards.

        Thanks for your insights, Kevin, appreciate the comment!

    • Lynn Jones

      Hi Bob, Great post! I agree with you on the… is not easy to find where to comment. It does take time to read blogs and it would be nice if it was easy and very visible where to comment. I also like the idea of recognizing the top commentators. I’ll have to look into getting that widget.
      Thanks so much for these great reasons. I think I can identify with all of them!
      All the best to you!

      • Bob

        Hi Lynn, thanks for stopping by.

        I’ve found that commenters really like the idea of getting recognized, especially when it gives them some extra link love. I definitely recommend it.

        Appreciate your comment, Lynn!

    • raverture

      Getting a good niche is one way to get the attention of the readers as well. Remember that you have a lot of competitors, so always look for a good strategy so that you will get more visitors everyday. And interacting with your fellow bloggers will greatly help you with your goal.

      • Bob

        I agree, it all starts with finding an appropriate niche.

    • Dennis Edell

      Upcoming commentv contests – Unique? Perhaps…Fun? Absolutely!

      • Bob

        Hey Dennis,

        I’m not familiar with the contest. What are the details?

    • Guill Jones

      Hello Bob, I highly agree with your ideal thoughts. Those reasons are really useful to everyone who make blog comments. If somebody don’t like to leave a comment to a blog it seems that the blog is lack of interesting ideas or lack of plugin like CommentLuv . Aside from informative details of your blog, you provide us plugin that will help us to display our own blog at the end of our comments. Thanks for sharing your thoughtful ideas and God speed!

      • Bob

        Thanks, Guill… we all all like to think that people will inherently love everything we write and can’t wait for the next post, but in reality there are millions of blogs out there, all vying for our time, so if we can make it easier for someone to engage with us, and perhaps throw them a little enticement, it’s all good.

        Appreciate your comment.

    • George

      Commenting is of the highest priority for any blogger. With a good commenting system integrated one could find it easy to manage the comments. I use Intense Debate commenting system which I find very useful for its comment threading and social integration feature.

      • Bob

        Hi George,

        I am using the built-in WP commenting platform, but I have heard good things about IntenseDebate as well. Anything you can do to make commenting easier for your readers and make it easier for you (as the blogger) to keep up with your commenting strategy is time well spent. I agree that commenting is a key component to our growth and that of other successful blogs.

    • Diane

      Great points! I notice blogs that end with a question always show that care aspect and keeping the interaction going. Also, rewards are great since we all love free stuff, right? I’ve noticed that it takes sacrifice in order to reap the benefits.

      • Bob

        Hi Diane,

        I’ve found that everyone loves to be asked their opinion. Asking questions is such a powerful tool to promote engagement on your blog. I use questions whenever I can.

        Thanks for your comment, Diane.

    • Glyna Humm

      Great post and fantastic points! One of my pet peeves when I am trying to syndicate is when I cannot figure out how to leave a comment. Every blogger should make this one of their priorities to their readers! We shouldn’t have to spend time trying to figure it out – it should be obvious:) Thanks for sharing this!

      • Bob

        Doesn’t that drive you crazy, Glyna? I mean, if commenting is one of your goals, why would you make it hard to do so?

        It’s a mystery, but maybe some bloggers don’t look at their blogs from their reader’s eyes. It’s important to do this periodically as things can change.

        Thanks for the comment, Glyna. Good to see you again.

    • Jym

      Hey Bob – I can see you have no problem getting comments here!

      Great round up of reasons why people don’t stop to comment – all points to consider. Any blogger wanting to generate more buzz and comments on their blog can do so by applying these elements.

      One to add is that your content has to be of a high enough standard for people to want to
      1 – read it
      2 – comment.
      Valuable, engaging content and the areas you mentioned are a sure recipe for a lively blog.

      Nice to see you rewarding your top commentators here too, great bloggers all!

      • Bob

        Of course you’re right, Jym… if your content isn’t top notch, then nothing else really matters.

        Thanks for adding that to the discussion, Jym! Great to see you again.

    • marquita herald

      Great article Bob and the comments are almost as interesting! I have one additional reason I don’t comment on some blogs and that’s no new comment – in fact this has become something of a hot button for me. It’s amazing to me how many bloggers are actively promoting sites with not a single new post for 2011.

      As far as the points on your list – I certainly agree about making it easy to comment. Another issue for me is when every single comment must be approved. I can understand the first one or two comments – I do that to keep the spammers out – but after awhile it gets old. And as far as comments – for me the key to how much time I spend replying is how much value the comment has added. In balance, I receive so many form email replies in response to blog comments – often with some sort of pitch attached – that I now only bother looking at reply emails if I know the blogger or it’s a subject I was especially interested in.

      • Bob

        Hey Marty, good to see you here again.

        Yeah, this comment thread is awesome! We have some really sharp people reading our posts! 🙂

        I agree about the lack of new content. It’s always a red flag. I mean, if they’re not keeping active then it’s likely that their traffic is way down, and their comments are likely few and far between. This negates one of the great benefits to commenting — having other commenters reading your comments and possibly coming over to check you out. So I also am a little hesitant to comment on barren blogs, unless I feel I have something particularly awesome to contribute.

        Thanks for your insights, Marty!

    • Joe Young

      Hi Dr. Bob,
      5 great points to answer the question, if anyone was wondering. You are right about replying to comments. The courteous thing to do is to reply and create dialogue. Why have a blog if you are not going to do so? Many in the thread here have made great points. You make a really good point about, making it easy for the reader to leave a comment and engage. After reading a recent post about the FB/Twitter share buttons, I moved them to the bottom of the post so that the reader does not have to scroll all the way up again to share. Some have a moving slide bar to aid in the “ease” process.

      I think we can all tweek our blogs to be the most effective for our traffic, new and old. It is part of our business to do so. Make them feel at home, cause them to engage through rich content, and make them want to return. I am finding once a person defines their passion, builds their blog around it they can do this. And as long as they follow steps like these you listed.


      • Bob

        Hi Joe,

        Great point! It’s always a good idea to periodically review our blogs IN THE EYES of our readers, to see how we can make things easier for them. After all, they are taking the time out of their busy lives to read our posts, the least we can do is make it easy to navigate, right?

        Thanks for your insights, Joe. Good to see you here again!

    • Janet

      Bob, aloha. Great list of items. It always amazes me when I visit a blog and there are no responses to comments. Now I know that sometimes people like to let comments come in before they start responding or the blogger may not be able to respond right away, however, if I look at others posts with comments and there are no responses, most likely I will not take the time to leave a comment.

      Bob, I think learning to ask questions that will lead people to commenting is huge. When I first started blogging, I didn’t understand the importance of it. Now, of course, I always leave multiple questions so they can pick and choose. Also, I like to make the questions easy to answer. Some blogs I have visited either leave so many questions or ask for such detailed answers that I don’t comment.

      In my opinion, learning to ask questions be it at the end of the blog or in business, is key for success.

      Thx so much for including me in your top commenters, Bob. It is always such a pleasure visiting your blog because of your great content that I have no difficulty leaving a comment.

      Best wishes for a fabulous 4th of July. Until next time, aloha. Janet

      • Bob

        Hi Janet,

        I’ve been to your blog several times and I can say for sure that you are great at making it easy to comment. What you say is very true… ask several questions if possible to provide several avenues through which your reader can comment. And I like your comment about making it simple. It’s always best to keep things simple whenever possible.

        It was a pleasure to honor you again as a Top Commenter. The fact is, your comments are insightful and full of tips (like this one).

        Thanks for stopping by, Janet!

    • Carla J Gardiner

      Thank you, Bob. This article is packed full of interesting, effective tips to help each of us increase our website’s commentors. We do have some loyal readers and those who comment, but hey…who couldn’t use more, right? Looking forward to receiving your free newsletter with many more insider tips.

      • Bob

        I’ll take as many loyal readers as I can get! 🙂

        Great that you signed up for the Newsletter… there will be a new edition coming out this week. Let me know what you think!

        Appreciate the support, Carla!

    • Ilka Flood

      Hi Bob,

      I agree with all 5 of your reasons and especially with #5. If people take the time to comment and add value to your blog through interacting and adding to the conversation, the very least you can do is reward them with recognition.

      By the way, Oliver is awesome. He always adds value with his comments. I’m glad he’s your #1 for the past month. Congratulations Oliver, and Dennis, Adrienne and Janet as well.

      Happy 4th of July!


      • Bob

        All of our contributors are awesome, Ilka.. including you! We are so appreciative of our incredible commenters, and have found so many interesting blogs and made many new friends from those that leave comments on our blog. It is a great source of information, is it not?

        Thanks for stopping by, Ilka!

    • Dennis Edell

      Thanks for the linkage once again my friend, always appreciated. 🙂

      Also, I think you’ve shown me how I can make my future comment contests easier for me and possibly more rewarding for commenters. 😉

      • Bob

        Thank you Dennis for your continued involvement on our blog. Much appreciated, my friend.

        WIll be looking forward to seeing what you come up with for your comment contests. Knowing you, it will be unique.

    • Julie

      Hi Bob,

      Great post, thanks for sharing the info.

      I too get abit put out when blog owners do not reply to their comments. Something I have learned to make a point of doing and to return the visit. Not only doing both because it’s the right thing to do but have come to really enjoy blog hopping. All rather like calling on old or new pals and colleagues only you have to get your own coffee.

      Take Care

      • Bob

        I agree Julie, it can be fun checking out the blogs of your commenters; in fact, I always do it when someone leaves an intriguing comment.

        You just need to be careful with your time. You can look up and have spent 3 hours hopping around on different blogs if you’re not careful.

        Appreciate the comment, Julie!

    • Theuns

      Hi Bob

      Thanks for this good info you give us.

      I have most of it in place and it help me a lot and
      my readers.

      I just miss the Share button on your blog to share it
      with people on social media.


      • Bob

        Hi Theuns,

        Glad you found this information useful.

        Not sure why you are not seeing the share button. I will check Digg Digg plugin to be sure its working correctly.

        Thanks for the heads up, and appreciate the comment!

    • Barry Wells

      Hi Bob, I wish every blogger had your approach.

      One of my pet hates is seeing a Blogger not bother to reply to their comments. Worse still is when I see them leap frog comments and only reply to their mates or business associates. These blogs are very lucky if I continue to visit them as I just don’t feel valued.

      In my view our blogs are nothing without our readers and I feel that if someone has been good enough to read my posts and then leave comments the very least I can do is reply to them and continue the conversation. On top of that I visit the blogs of everyone that leaves me a comment.

      I feel there are too many blog owners who think that, because they’re successfull, they don’t need to blog hop or return visits as we’ll flock to their new posts because they are who they are.

      I haven’t got the MaxBlogPress Subscriber Magnet but I do have both the Top Commentators widget and CommentLuv installed, (the new version of commentluv is simply fantastic), as both are free and both reward my Commenters and encourage them to leave their comments.

      I also display recent comments and replies in my sidebar to give my commenters a little more exposure.

      I have never thought of writing a top commenters post, but seeing yours I can see the benefits of doing so.

      Thanks for a great post Bob, on the strength of this post alone I’ve just subscribed to your RSS feed, So I look forward to more 😎


      • Bob

        Sounds like you have a great blogging philosophy, Barry. It will take you far.

        I never understand why a blog owner wouldn’t want to reply to ALL comments, for the reasons I stated above in Bryan’s comment. It just doesn’t make sense.

        And you know what you say about hopping over to your commenters blog is quite right — it builds rapport and who knows, you may just find a new source of information for your own personal or business growth.
        I can’t tell you how many of my newest “favorite blogs” have been found from my comment section!

        Thanks for taking the time to comment, Barry. We appreciate it.

    • Bryan McHeyzer

      Hi Bob,
      Some very good reasons why we are not getting comments on our blogs.

      I find that when the blog owner does not interact … reply to my comments ,most off putting.
      As you mentioned it does take time to read the post and comments.

      Great post and thanks for the info.

      • Bob

        Hey Bryan,

        Interaction is huge! It’s pretty much why we blog, right? We want to inspire others to communicate with us and let us know what’s going on in their world.
        It’s how we learn!

        I never understood blog owners who don’t reply to comments. Really?!! I mean, why are you blogging?

        Thanks for the comment, Bryan. I appreciate you taking the time.

    • Gian Faye

      I really don’t like people ‘ASKING’ for comments. If your post is interesting enough to make me speak up, I’ll speak. You don’t have to tell me to.

      As for the discussions here about Disqus, I don’t think it’s a hassle to comment on blogs using Disqus as their commenting system. To test that, I’ve tried opening my browser in Incognito, went to one of my post, typed something, clicked the Post As.. then bam, you just have to input your name and email, plus an optional field for your URL if you chose to. Also if you are logged into your Twitter, you don’t have to input anything. There are also lots of options you can choose from.

      Plus, you can attach images and automatically post your comment on your Twitter if you want to.

      As for me, if I really want to comment on a post, I really don’t care whether they use Disqus, IntenseDebate, or the typical WordPress. “Making it harder for us to comment” is just an excuse. If you really want to do something, just do it.

      But I’ve seen worse – those blogs that literally require the commenters to login via WordPress to comment, now that’s what we call “making it really difficult to comment” as we still need to register if we haven’t yet.

      I really don’t think I need to be rewarded for me to speak up. It’s a bonus, but not a requirement from me.

      On the other hand, comments from the blog owners are indeed a crucial part to determine whether they interact with their readers or not. I’m mostly eager to comment when they reply to their readers. Else, I’ll forgot about that they have visited their blog. See that when you reply to your readers, and they are notified, they’ll visit the post again and could even add more to the discussion.

      Anyways, interesting post! Made me spark up my opinions. 🙂

      • Bob

        HI Gian,

        I agree with you on a couple of points. I also don’t care that much what commenting system they use, as long as it’s not a hassle to comment. I will admit that there have been times when it was so hard to comment that I just left, even if I had something to say. So I guess there’s a lesson in there somewhere.

        I also agree that making registering a prerequisite to commenting is not good form, and I have never done this either.

        I don’t think that most people mind being reminded or asked to comment. It doesn’t bother me. And some people do need to be reminded, in my opinion.

        Thanks for the comment, Gian. I love when someone provides opposite viewpoints and justifies their comments as you’ve done here. It provides for great discussion.

        Perhaps our other commenters would like to weigh in on this one.
        What do you think?

    • Irfan

      After reading your points i realized the importance of awarding people. I think this is the time i should start awarding my readers for their comments. Thanks lighting on this!

      • Bob

        Hi Irfan,

        We have found people really respond to it. This is our 3rd month doing it and our comments have increased each month. Not sure if its due to our monthly spotlight, but I think its because of the overall strategy we’ve used to engage our readers, that includes Top Commenter Awards each month.

        Check back here and let us know how it goes, Irfan!

    • Oliver Tausend

      Hi Bob and Rosemary,

      I totally appreciate you featuring me, thanky you very much.

      You see, you make it really easy for me to come to back and comment on it. I know for sure that I will get valuable information because you definitely have a “no nonsense” and “no hype approach”. Your pieces of advice are valuable both for part time networkers and full time networkers. Having more time doesn’t automatically mean that we use it wisely.

      I also love it how you weave the topic of blog commenting into this post. You are so right with your observations that many people make it too difficult to leave a comment or they kind of radiate that they’re not interested in getting many comments.

      I also agree with Richard that it’s too much of a hassle to sign in, for example to Disqus. Another issue are Captchas.

      Great place to hang out at, keep up your great work.

      Take care


      • Bob

        The thanks go to you, Oliver. Your comments add much to our blog, and we are very much appreciative.

        And we enjoy visiting your blog, because you always make us think outside the box and challenge our beliefs.

        It is also, as you say a cool place to hang out!

    • Richard Goutal

      Two reasons that often cause me to give up and leave without a comment, even when I felt like I wanted to share something, and both reasons relate to making it hard for me.
      1) Finding how and where to leave the comment (very typical problem on Blogspot). On WordPress that can happen with a bunch of tags cluttering the area under your post so that finding “Comments” is buried.
      2) Making me “register” in some way, for example with Disqus or their list of optional places.
      But I totally agree with the list of 5 you’ve given!

      • Bob

        Thats so true, Richard. If someone wants me to register before I leave a comment, most times I’m out of there!

        I figure that if someone is truly interested enough to subscribe or register, it will be because of the quality of my content and not because I forced them to do so in exchange for something else.

        Speaking of quality, I love the path your blog has taken and the strategies you teach. I find it very inspirational and informative, Richard! Keep up the amazing work!

    • Argie Monroy

      Well, I guess now I know why.. Actually my comments have been dropping off from 2 to zero a day.. I guess I’ll have to work it out again.

      • Bob

        It’s a process, Argie. When I first started out, I got very few comments on my blog and it was a little discouraging. But stay true to yourself and your passion. Write for your readers and what they need to hear. Be consistent and persistent and it will pay off in the end.

        One thing you may want to try is to join a Blog Commenting Tribe, where you comment on someone’s blog and they return the favor. It’s a great way to get the comment ball rolling on your blog (people often look to see the comments of others before they themselves comment) and you can also meet some really cool bloggers in the process.

        it’s worked for me.

        Thanks for the comment, Argie!

    • Cindy Schulson

      Fantastic tips Bob! You’ve shared some great insights and resources to make it easier to inspire people to leave comments.

      On the flip side, why should you leave a comment on someone’s blog? Here are a few reasons and I look forward to your feedback on others. 1) reciprocity – leave a comment on mine and I’ll leave it on yours, 2) get a backlink to your site (especially if it’s a high ranking site), 3) add your perspective and enhance your credibility, 4) it’s just a nice thing to do. Someone has gone to the trouble of preparing information to help you. Even if it’s a simple thank you for sharing, that feels good for everyone.

      Thanks and warm wishes,

      • Bob

        HI Cindy,

        I love the way you turn things around and look at them from all angles… that’s why you’ve become on our our mentors! Always the teacher! 🙂

        I leave comments on another blog for all of the reasons you stated, and one more (linked to your #3) — if its on a subject I know something about and feel like I can add to the discussion, I am very motivated to leave a comment. It’s a nice feeling when all your training and learning pays off, and you can add something valuable that others can learn from as well.

        Thanks for your insightful comment, Cindy.

    • Sonny Lanorias

      Hi Bob,

      Great post! Thanks for sharing. I have to make some necessary adjustments on my blog 🙂 Glad that you’ve made this post. Lots of value especially on number 1. I am just waiting for the number 2 to have their $97 special offer again…. because I know that plugin is very valuable and useful. Thanks again.


      • Bob

        Hey Sonny,

        Glad you found this information useful. Your blog is already awesome, and if some of these strategies help you I’m very glad.

        Appreciate the kind words, Sonny… always great to have you stop by!

    • yveslanot

      Thanks for this Bob. I did have a few of these on my blog already but just realized I didn’t have a recent comments or TOp comments. Will definitely put it on my blog now to reward the individuals that are commenting on my blog

      • Bob

        I love the Top Commenter widget because it gets people involved. I truly believe that people inherently love contests, and to see your name on the comment leader board is cool and there is a natural push to move up on that list. It’s just human nature!

        Thanks for the comment!


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