People are funny…

They run around all day long trying to learn this skill and that skill, convinced that the next one will be THE difference maker.
They bounce around from program to program, company to company, trainer to trainer hoping for their BIG BREAK.
But here's the truth —
Network Marketing really isn't that hard!
In fact, there are only 7 skills you need to learn to be a really successful Network Marketer.

eric worre imageI learned this from Eric Worre on an MLSP weekly webinar.  The buy was dishing PURE GOLD.

Eric talked about how the biggest problem with new Network Marketers is that they have a bad case of ADD…

they have NO patience and zero attention span.
But if they would just STOP…
and focus on these core and fundamental Network Marketing skills, they would become WILDLY successful in their business.
Have you seen this?
Here are the 7 core skills that ALL Successful Network Marketers have mastered:
1.  Learn how to FIND people to talk to (leads, prospects).
2.  Learn how to invite people to take a look
3.  Learn how to present your business effectively
4.  Learn how to follow up effectively
5.  Learn how to close (help someone make a decision).
6.  Learn how to get someone started once they join.
7.  Learn how to build for events — events change people's live.
Trouble is, most people focus on Skill #1 and spend 90% of their
business time on lead generation.
That's only the start, but for many, it's the end.  

And that's a HUGE mistake.

So 7 skills… looks like a lot of learning right?
It will take you months if not years to learn all of these skills.

But here's the GOOD News!

You don't have to learn them all in the beginning.
In fact, you don't want to, because even if you could….
your downline could never duplicate what you did.
And they'd quit… and there goes your residual income.

So the answer is…. TOOLS.

— Find tools that will help you generate leads
(if you haven't checked out MLSP for $10, you should).
— Find tools that will help you present your business (like your company video or presentation)
— Utilize your upline to help you close the deal 
When you use these TOOLS you can make GOOD MONEY while you take the time to learn these 7 skills.
As Eric said last night…
“You can make GOOD money by using tools like the ones I described above…
You can make AMAZING money when you learn these 7 skills yourself.”

But the key is PATIENCE and PERSISTENCE.

Have the patience to learn these skills as you go along your journey of becoming a better and better Network Marketer every single month.
  • Learn from the leaders and mentors
  • Take the trainings
  • Read the books and watch the videos.
  • Observe and learn.
And while you're doing that, use your company's tools to replace these skills UNTIL you master them yourself.
That's the key — to make some money early on, to gain confidence, and to STAY in the game long enough to get the BIG benefits of learning these skills.
Make sense?

    19 replies to "The 7 Network Marketing Skills That Will Make You Rich!"

    • Alex Chow

      Thanks for the information…great & very helpful.

    • Truong Thien

      Thanks for your marketing strategies . they will help me to become a richer 🙂

      • Yousef Zatari

        Its all about building a base of contacts that can help you start off in anything new you are planning.
        When I start offering a new service I always rely on my past clients and other related contacts to help me out. Anyways thank you for the detailed tips, all of them make sense.

    • Sandra

      There are various marketing strategies and skills that needs to be mastered. There are also tools that can help us in pursuing our businesses. We just need to find the best resources.

    • Calra

      Hi Bob! Thanks for the comprehensive guide, sometimes we just lack the persistence and dedication we need to attain our goals in network marketing. This industry is tainted with doubt so we must work even harder to prove them wrong and usher in their investments.

    • jawad zaib

      Totally agree with you Bob, PATIENCE and PERSISTENCE are the keys in a successful blog carrier, i am going to spread your post to my new blogger friends and they will learn something out of it thanks for this great post and keep up the good work…

    • Kelly

      Thanks for these insightful share. I’ve always believed in the value of persistence and it’s ability to transcend borders brought about by the difficulties we encounter as online marketers–when coupled with knowledge and the right set of tools success will be within reach.

    • Cristian Balau

      Its all about building a base of contacts that can help you start off in anything new you are planning.
      When I start offering a new service I always rely on my past clients and other related contacts to help me out. Anyways thank you for the detailed tips, all of them make sense.

    • Veronica

      When one learns about these marketing skills, he must be on his way to achieving success. Who knows one day one of your readers would be super rich? This article is worthy of recognition!

    • Maja

      I agree that patience and persistence is back bone of blogging. Without patience success is impossible. To be target oriented is another quality that a blogger must possess.

    • Stacey

      Marketing is all about communications and strategic planning. One’s success lies in the combination of these two core factors in marketing! Thanks for the tips!

    • Kristine

      I couldn’t agree with you more–persistence is such an empowering trait that we must imbibe when confronted with the challenges of online marketing. Never rely on the promises of get-rich-quick schemes that are rampantly being promoted through bogus sites. Never stop learning and dedicate your time in pursuing the goals you have set. Thanks Bob!

    • Joy

      I firmly believe in the principle of investing on tools and spending a good amount of time in learning how to utilize them properly, it is never enough to bank on lead generation for success. Thanks Bob!

    • Mariella Lombardi

      Hi Bob,
      thanks for the list, but I think these concepts are still too advanced for me. Still learning the ropes of internet marketing and I must say that there is quite a bit of info out there. And some of it is contradictory too.

    • Abhishek

      These are 7 key points you have made here. Patience and persistence are the key if you wish to get success. Thanks for this great piece of info.

    • Melissa J.

      I would agree that those virtue you were mentioning are very significant aspect for anyone to succeed on their business. Not everyone has this potential. It may be learned but it takes quite some time to achieve and master.

    • Sunil

      Hey Bob,
      loved the tips and i must say if anyone applies them onto their business then there is no stopping for him/her. And as you mentioned ” the main key is PATIENCE and PERSISTENCE”. Thats all it takes when you have the proper tools. I would love to buy one those tools for myself.

    • Lorie

      Hi Bob,
      Thanks for the info…very helpful.

    • Nawaz

      According to my experience this course will be milestone for online success. Because of this course we can travel journey of year in a month.

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