prospecting questionsThe other day I watched an excellent Prospecting training that was part of the free MLM training series done weekly by My Lead System Pro (MLSP).
The webinar was done by a 7-Figure Networking LEGEND. 
Her name is Lisa Grossman.

Have you heard of Lisa?  She is one amazing lady…
SO down to Earth… and yet profound in her thinking.

She just has a way of SIMPLIFYING everything.

3 Simple Prospecting Questions

She spoke about how she can get people to watch her company's presentations using just 3 simple questions that are a NATURAL part of the conversation.

So it doesn't feel weird or spammy when you ask.

You can do this on the phone (probably most effective), but you can also do this via online chat if you wish.

Here's how it works…

Say you're talking to a prospect.

You're finding out about their current situation  just by having a general conversation.

Most people then turn right to the PITCH.

DON'T… resist with all you have.

Because once you pitch, if they say no you're done.

Instead, try this…

Once you've established some rapport, maybe found some common ground on which to connect and found out a little about what they want…

Ask these 3 prospecting questions:

1.  Are you satisfied (happy)?

This can be asked in different ways, like…

Are you happy with the destination in sight?”, or

Do you like the road you're on?”  or

Are you satisfied with your progress so far?”

Most people will hem and haw for a while before they finally admit they are NOT happy or satisfied with their current road.

[By the way, if the answer is YES, then they DON'T need to see about your business.  They are NOT a prospect!]

2.  Do you have a plan?

If the answer to Question #1 is NO, then this is a logical next question to ask…

Do you have a plan for getting better results?”

Do you have a plan for getting what you want?”

Again, most people will hesitate and then admit they do NOT have a plan.

[Again, if they DO have a plan and are excited about it, then back off.  They are NOT your prospect, either.]

3.  Would you like to see one?

This is where they either agree or don't agree to see your company presentation.

Most will say yes if you do this in  a natural, non-pitchy way.  It can't come off as a sales pitch.



RELAX and really LISTEN to the PERSON on the other end of the conversation (yes, this is a person, not a lead).

ASSESS his/her answers… do they need what you have?

INVITE them to see your presentation if it seems right.

Make sense?

It was truly an AMAZING webinar.

It's recorded for you to hear if you're an MLSP member.

Hope this helps you out in your Prospecting.

Just remember these 3 prospecting questions and watch the magic happen when you use them!

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    • Scott Lindstrom

      Hey Bob, I enjoyed the post about how to talk to someone without sounding ptichy… I remember I would walk around the mall or Wal Mart and say something like ” If the money was right and you could fit it into your schedule would you be open to a business opportunity… LOL. The things you do when your just starting out in this business. Thanks for the info!

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