does attraction marketing really work imageDoes Attraction Marketing really work, or is it all just a….


I was a bit skeptical in the beginning, but as it turns out, it's true.  
And I can PROVE it.

You see, I've always been told that people join people, not business opportunities.

But somewhere in the back of my mind, I always thought that it was not exactly true.


Turns out it is.

Here's how I know….

About a month ago, I sent out a survey to my list asking some basic background questions —

  • Do you have a business
  • If so, what kind of business (MLM, Affiliate, etc)
  • What's you biggest struggles.

That kind of thing… you can see the survey here (and respond if you didn't!).

I also asked some basic demographic questions like age and sex.

[Quick Sidenote:  If you aren't using surveys to take the pulse of your list, you should be.  My favorite free one is]

Anyway, yesterday I analyzed the responses and…

Guess what?<


Check this out:

  • 82% of the respondents are MALE
  • 66% are over 50 yrs of age
  • 72% are in MLM and/or affiliate marketing
  • 75% are doing it Part Time.

Hmmm…. I've just described myself.

Weird, huh?  I guess this Attraction Marketing stuff…



So what's the point:

2 points actually….
1.  Be sure you have some way to find out who is on your list and what they're struggling with.  
Surveys are a great way to do this, especially since they're free.

2.  Be sure you are BUILDING your list regularly.

I know too many marketers starting out that are NOT building a list and this is dead wrong.

They think that because they're getting prospects for their company, they don't need a list of their own.

Here's the problem with this:
  • If you business dissolves tomorrow, your list disappears with it.
  • And if you decide that you no longer want to partner with your company, guess who that list of prospects belongs to?

And you're left with…. Starting Over with No List.

If you want some help getting started with a list or building one you already have, I've got some blog posts that will help:

(sorry, this post was written when I was still “hypey”)

If you still have questions, you know where to find me.

    8 replies to "Does Attraction Marketing Really Work?"

    • Kristine

      Hi Bob! Attraction marketing is a relatively new concept to me so thanks for sharing your valuable insights. similarly, I think that I’m attracting the same people too due the very specific nature of one of my blogs. Hosting a poll seems like a great idea and I can’t wait to see for myself if I’m right 🙂

    • Joy

      Hi Dr. Bob! Thanks for putting this together, I have yet to make my own analysis and I’m definitely coming u with my own poll in the coming days. This is a great way to keep my visitors engaged.

    • Marcia Kin

      People buy from people that they know, like and trust so if you are looking to sponsor people into your network marketing company then applying attraction marketing is the simply way to improve a company.

    • Sonia

      That’s something I got started on late with. I am still slapping my self over that one. I didn’t see the importance of it in the beginning, but its something I will be active in telling others about now. Another tip I liked (and yes I filled out your survey) is that we all forget about figuring out how to help our subscribers instead of trying to pitch them. When I smell a sell, I get annoyed when I see it all the time, but when its something I know will help me, I am all over it.

    • Azam

      For online it is very essential to build your own list and always be in touch with your subscribers. Moreover one should also one line network to make identity.

    • Clemence

      I am very appreciate your points. Online marketers need their own list. they have to engage on a regular bases via emali.

    • Donna Merrill

      Excellent points! Online marketers need their own list. I like mine to come dripping in by people who like to follow me. Here we can have a more valuable relationship vs a list I may buy.

      I do know who is on my list and why. I have a few of them. My personal list and those that do promote an affiliate product. With that list, I have to engage on a regular bases via email. Some emails are story form and some are helpful tips.

      I also coach some MLM people that tell me they are not “allowed” to have their own capture page for their product….Fooey! I teach them how to get around that one and brand themselves, from there, they can form their list.

      I’ve heard through the grapevine that some people are asking for addresses on their lists in case everything falls apart, they can resort to that good old junk mail. lol

      Great advice!

    • Nawaz

      According to my analysis attraction marketing is working nicely. I have question how idea popped in your mind to join MLM ?

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