traits of successful peopleIn this post, I'm gonna share with you 9 very powerful traits of successful people.

What do you think makes someone successful?

Is it money?

Is it status?

Is it self-defined?

What Makes Someone Successful?

Especially in business, we tend to equate success with making money.

But is that really true?

While it is true that getting results in your business gives you a certain status, does that really make someone successful?

Money can make you comfortable and give you material things you might desire, that's true.

Money can also allow you to donate to needy causes.

But like happiness, money alone doesn't necessarily make you successful.

After all, not many people would consider Bernie Madoff successful before he got busted.  🙂

So if money doesn't make someone successful, what does?

In the audio below, I reveal 9 traits of successful people.  Some will seem obvious.  Others may surprise you.

But none of them talk about money!


Here's a list of the 9 traits of successful people.  For further examination and stories around each, listen to the audio…

9 Traits Of Successful People

  1. Successful people emphasize the action more than the result.  Success is in the DOING, not the GETTING.
  2. Successful people accept life as it is, with all its challenges.
  3. Successful people have a positive attitude towards life.
  4. Successful people build good relationships.
  5. Successful people have a sense of direction and purpose.
  6. Successful people have a strong desire to learn
  7. Successful people maintain high standards in their personal conduct.
  8. Successful people understand the difference between “existing” and “living”.
  9. Successful people don't FIND time, they MAKE time for what's important.

Source:  Life's Greatest Lessons, by Hal Urban

Final Thoughts

Your potential is endless.  No matter how old you are, your level of education, or how much money you have in the bank, only YOU get to decide when you hit your full potential.

And I'm guessing that Highly Successful People never get to that point!


Now it's your turn…

What do you think of this list?  Have anything to add?

Leave a COMMENT below and if you got value, please SHARE with your friends and followers!

To your success!

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