In the third part of our “How To Succeed in Network Marketing Part Time” blog series, we're going to examine the MLM Online Marketing System and whether using these are good ideas or a total waste of money.

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So let's take another kind of leveraging power — MLM Online Marketing Systems — and how they can help… and hinder  your Network Marketing Part Time Business.

The Goodmlm online marketing system

There's some controversy in the Network Marketing industry about the usefulness of online marketing systems.  There are those who swear by them and those that absolutely hate them.

I find myself somewhere inbetween.

While I don't believe that these semi-automated systems are THE answer for all marketers, they do serve one very important purpose — they provide a structured framework through which the Network Marketing newbie can begin the process of becoming a rock solid entrepreneur.

It can be totally overwhelming when just starting out,  trying to learn all the “moving parts” of the process:  creating landing pages, writing sales pages, creating a funded proposal, using autoresponders to keep in touch with business leads, not to mention trying to learn new marketing skills.

Most will throw up their hands in disgust (and fear) and give up.

Enter the MLM Online Marketing System.

In recent years, quite a few online marketing systems have sprung up that have essentially allowed the MLM newbie to plug into an already established marketing system and funnel and make some money, all while going about the process of learning the skills that will carry them forward in their business.

The best systems out there include customizable landing pages and sales pages, pre-written autoresponders that can be personalized, well structured marketing funnels and extensive training.  One even has a Call Center that will talk to prospects for the marketer, answer questions, and close sales.

Three of the most popular systems currently available are Carbon Copy PRO, MLM Lead System Pro, and 7-Figure Networker.

Here is what's good about these online marketing systems – they allow MLM newbies to plug into their systems and make some money while they cut their teeth.

They can leverage the knowledge of more experienced leaders in Network Marketing to get some results, build their confidence and start the process of learning their craft.

With all this good, there must be some “bad”, right?

Read on….

The Bad

You knew there had to be a downside to these automated marketing systems, right?

There is.

And here it is — to be truly successful in Network Marketing (especially when marketing online), you MUST stand out from the crowd.  You must rise above the noise to show prospects how you are unique and what you have to offer (and why they should join you rather than the next guy).

And using replicated websites and canned autoresponders doesn't exactly help this process.

Some will argue that MLM online marketing systems actually slow the progress of new marketers.  I'm not sure I agree with that, but I do agree that newbies must not lose sight of the essential need to stand out and create their personal brand.

In the long term, it's the only way to build a sound, profitable Network Marketing business.

But if this is true, what about the leaders who are making so much money using these systems?  How are they able to do it?

The answer is simple.

For the most part, the “big winners”, the top earners in these companies like PRO and MLSP are already established marketers.  They already have the experience in MLM necessary to stand out.

Some have huge followings that they bring with them.

Others are already well known in the industry and their reputation precedes them.  They've built their brand.

In other words, they've already gone through the process of learning and growing that ALL networkers need to experience.

So while there's nothing wrong with using MLM online marketing systems to get some initial results and building confidence, you must understand that the learning process can NEVER be eliminated.

The key is to get out there, learn your skills, make a name for yourself and start the process of building that brand that will set you apart from the herd.

The Ugly

Here's where the drawbacks of online marketing systems can get downright ugly…. it's when they hype of “automated systems that do the work for you” and “plug and play” cause newbies to mistakenly believe that all they'll need to do is “buy their way in” and the rest will follow.

We all know this is a recipe for disaster.

When you bring together the hype that some unscrupulous marketers use to get people to join their team, and combine it with the entitlement mentality that pervades society today, you end up with highly dissatisfied Network Marketing newbies who end up quitting with the feeling of being lied to.

When you start hearing complaints like….

“I paid my money, how come I'm not getting leads and sales?”…

you can see the ugly side of these systems in action.

Success in business (and anything else) will always take WORK on your behalf, no matter how much skin you have in the game.  It still comes down to you… and only you…  who must do the work, grow your skill set, change your mindset, and become more valuable to the marketplace.

That's when the money really comes rolling in… and not before.

No system, no matter how good can change this fundamental rule of business.

To suggest otherwise is… well, just plain ugly.

Online Marketing System Takeaway

Using an online marketing system can be a great early step towards becoming a successful Network Marketer.

You can certainly leverage these systems to get some early results (make some money) while learning how to market online and start building your brand.

But most successful marketers I know wean themselves from these systems and go about creating their own success independently.

They make themselves into the Network Marketing Leader that others will follow.


    21 replies to "How To Succeed in Network Marketing Part Time | MLM Online Marketing Systems: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly [Part 3]"

    • Sudha

      I think there is very thin line between the bad and the ugly, Basically I feel what ever is completely automated should never be used. And the golden rule you cannot run with the big G it will catch you eventually.

    • DC

      I’ve been around for a while. I find these lead gen systems and their affiliate marketing aspects to be fascinating.

      One thing I find absolutely interesting is how many top income earners DON’T use these system at all for lead gen/marketing. I know several personally that have built solid 6 figure incomes in the past 18 -24 months from scratch (no moving downlines) – they did it the old-school way – “3 foot marketing” and “who do you know” – and they have their people duplicating. The ones in my organization that spend time online trying to manage these systems are stagnate. No growth, lots of money going out and none coming in.

      Am I missing something?

      • Bob

        Hey DC,

        My feeling is that online and offline marketing both work and it depends on your interests and your areas of expertise. I believe these marketing systems are best for beginners and intermediates because it provides a system through which you can move your prospects. It’s difficult for them to develop these kinds of systems on their own. The top earners you discuss are probably not in need of this kind of structure because they’ve already developed their deep funnel.

        Thanks for the comment, DC!

    • Josh Garcia

      Hi Bob,

      I’ve never been part of any of the systems you discuss on this post. So, I can speak good or bad about them. I do know having a system to grow a business is better than not having anything at all.

      Have a great day…

      • Bob

        Hi Josh, thanks for dropping in….

        Systems are a great way to get started, but it’s just that .. the start of a journey. As soon as the newbie understands this and begins the branding process, the better….

        Thanks for the comment!

    • Golda Smith

      Hi Bob,

      This is a polarizing topic indeed! Success starts with increasing and master the skill set of whatever industry you are in. Once you have the necessary skill then you can take that and successfully market yourself both on and off line.

      I do believe that in this day and age we simply can’t afford to do one exclusively over the other. At the end of the day while the marketing systems you mentioned are great for laying the foundation and putting some quick cash in the pocket of the newbies, it is just the beginning.

      I think that part of the trouble with the people marketing today is that they don’t know how to connect with their target market. They don’t speak the same language and until they understands what keeps them awake at night and are able to give a solution to that problem they will continue to struggle.


      • Bob

        Hi Golda,

        I think you said it perfectly. Having a system to rely on and learn from lays the FOUNDATION for you to begin the process of branding and distinguishing yourself from the masses. It helps at the start, but the idea should always be to move forward beyond the system.

        Appreciate the comment, thanks!

    • Tommy DiPietro

      Hi Dr. Bob,

      I feel these systems are really good for newbies and I have tried them.

      I was a member of MLSP for 6 months and had my fair share of leads
      and the sign-ups were not as good.

      My only problem with these systems are that the trainings are a bit outdated
      (at least the last time I saw them they were) and when they had a new product
      release, the cost was overwhelming.

      If we are trying to help people succeed through these systems than why
      do we need to charge a couple of hundred dollars especially if it’s a newbie
      that is trying to figure things out.

      I never used CCP but have heard more positive than negative reviews on the system.

      Overall, this is just my point of view.

      Very well written piece of writing and many will learn alot from reading this. Thanks for sharing!

      Tommy D.

      • Bob

        Hi Tommy….
        Welcome to our blog! These online systems are great for getting people started, but they can become a crutch and actually work against people unless they understand the need to stand out from the crowd. I also like MLSP, I know Norbert and Brian really well and they are the real deal. I just needed to choose one to work with, so I chose PRO.

        Thanks for your point of view…. hope to see you around often!


    • Sawyer

      Great to know. If done right, you can earn some great money.

    • Allie


      Many industries have “starter” kits or ways a newbie can start off strong. I think were many newbies fail is that they think that is all they need to do. “I placed an ad, a website and bought business cards, now the money will start rolling in.” How wrong they are. This is why they quit, they don’t put in the effort.

      Newbies tend to fail at marketing, great product production (If you already have a product then YOU are the product to sell) and many hours of hard work.



      • Bob

        Hi Allie, welcome!

        It’s true what you say… many newbies plug into a system of some sort and think they can sit back and watch the money roll in. They need to understand that this is only the first step of their journey. The smart ones get it; unfortunately, the ones who don’t get it will ultimately quit and call it a scam!

        Thanks for your comment! Come back often….

    • Tosin

      Hey Bob,

      MLM online systems are really useful to get established for business, but like you said you want to set yourself apart and stand out.

      I see that everytime with the heavy hitters. They dont hide under their systems. They get branded as leaders and everything else follows.

      You really exposed the good, the bad, and the ugly very well. Thanks!


    • Gregory McGuire

      Hi Bob,

      I agree wholeheartedly that systems are a great way to cut your teeth in online network marketing. Like you say, however, it’s important not to rely too heavily on that system, as there are skill sets you must develop yourself that no system can replace.

      Thanks so much for the valuable information.


    • Jayne Kopp

      Hey Dr. Bob, I firmly believe there is a time and a place for systems. I know my company has one and for some it words, for others it doest. My opinion is it is OK just to start, but I firmly believe that one must master the skill of their own internet marketing system.

      One of the ‘so called’ systems that I see in place boils down to purchasing leads. (I hate that)…:-)

      I heard CCPro is pretty good… although I know nothing about it.

      I do believe that so may people think they can just ‘buy in’ and sit back. It really does drive me nuts.

      Great post Bob.



      • Bob

        Couldn’t agree more about purchasing leads. We did it for a while and it was a colossal waste of time and money!

        Thanks for the comment!


    • Janet

      Bob, aloha. This is a terrific review–probably because I agree with what you said about the Bad and the Ugly..

      Something that I would like to add to it is that far too many people think they can “hide” behind a system or their computers and never have to talk with anyone. The “nos” don’t bother them because it is the system that is being told no rather than them personally.

      If people rely on these systems to do the work for them, then they are not learning the needed skill sets. If a new distributor does not develop his/her skill sets, they will never be able to help others on their team. In my opinion, a sponsor’s obligation goes far beyond sponsoring a person and then telling them to go sign up with one of the above systems.

      We have to learn to be able to teach and to help our distributors. If we both join on the same day, that’s one thing. However, if I am in months or years before you, I’d better know a whole lot more than the URL for one of the systems.

      If people look to the online systems to build their business, they are depriving themselves of industry needed skills, personal development and a whole lot of potential distributors who are readily accessible in the offline world. There are many, many quality people who still do very little online. Other than sending e-mails, they don’t even use it.

      Well said, Bob. Aloha. Janet

      • Bob

        Aloha Janet.

        Yes, this is a polarizing subject where people seem to either love them or hate them. I do believe there is a place for automated systems for beginners, but your point about hiding behind the computer is well taken. Understanding how to have effective and meaningful conversations with prospects is a skill that must be mastered if you want to make significant money in NWM. However, I will propose to you that many of these semi-automated marketing systems does some of the heavy lifting for you in terms of sorting and sifting through the tire kickers. But in the end, you must absolutely get on the phone or talk in person to your prospects, to see if your opportunity is a match for both parties.

        Thanks again for the comment. Continued success!


    • Lou Barba

      Hi Bob,

      The network marketing company I am associated with is very anti-online marketing. They have created some things in the compliance section for distributors that makes you have to go through a bunch of hoops to be able to market onlline at all. So, if you visit my blog, you’ll find that the opportunities and products I have from that company are “cloaked”. When the company started, many of the people who joined had a large network of middle to upper management people in corporate America, and so had little trouble getting off to a fast start. My situation, and many others I’m sure, is to be living from paycheck to paycheck. Disposable income is scarce. So, we have to find ways to get in front of other people than our normal associates. For me, it’s internet marketing. I don’t know whether that’s good, bad, or ugly, but it sure is the wy it is.

      Lou Barba

      • Bob

        Hi Lou,

        I had a similar experience with my first MLM company and it prevented me from leveraging technology that has become so important to my part time business. I soon moved on to a company that encouraged internet marketing and things have moved forward much more rapidly. I believe internet marketing to be key for those trying to build a business part time. It allows you to leverage the power of the Internet and extend your reach at a click of your mouse.

        Doesn’t get much better than that!

        Thanks for your comment!

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