rich people imageI came across a blog post yesterday called “21 Ways Rich People Think Differently Than Average People” and honestly, I loved it.

[Thanks to my friend Kim Castleberry for bringing it to my attention!]

What struck me was the difference in APPROACH TO LIFE AND MONEY between the two groups.

In the original post, they listed 21 differences, but here I've chosen my favorite 7.

7 Ways That Rich People Think Differently Than Average People

1.  Average people think MONEY is the root of all evil.  Rich people believe POVERTY is the root of all evil.

Poverty never helped anyone.  I believe that the more money you can make, the more you can give away to causes that are dear to you.

2. Average people have a lottery mentality.  Rich people have an action mentality.

Yesterday, some guy from New Jersey won something like 21 million dollars in the Lottery.  Sadly, I predict he'll be out of money in 5 years.

Average people think that winning the lottery is the only way out.  Rich people understand that ACTION precedes money making.

3.  Average people think the road to riches is paved with formal education.   Rich people believe in acquiring specific knowledge.

I have both formal education and specific knowledge.  

Formal education will make you a living.  

Specific knowledge can make you a fortune.

4.  Average people believe you have to DO something to get rich.   Rich people believe you have to BE something to get rich.

This brings to mind Jim Rohn's great quote…

“It's who you become in PURSUIT of what you want that's important” (paraphrased).

5.  Average people believe the markets are driven by logic and strategy.   Rich people know they’re driven by emotion and greed.

NO comment.  It's true.

6.  Average people would rather be entertained than educated.   Rich people would rather be educated than entertained.

Becoming rich begins with EDUCATION.  You've got to be willing to sacrifice to get it.

People who strive to be rich will temporarily forego entertainment in pursuit of their financial dreams.

7.  Average people think rich people are snobs.   Rich people just want to surround themselves with like-minded people.

Entrepreneurs just think differently than those who work traditional jobs.  We need to surround ourselves with others who think like us.

We're not snobs, we don't think we're better.  We just know a better way.


If you want to read the entire list of 21 Ways that Rich People Think Differently Than Average People, you can find it here.

And if you see yourself in the “average” category, this training will change that, especially the way you think about and react to MONEY.

    6 replies to "Do Rich People Actually Think Differently Than Average People?"

    • Lisa

      That is so true about the ACTION mentality versus the lottery mentality!

      How many people do you know who have waited around for some miracle to make them wealthy and have that actually happen?

      I see only the people who are willing to keep putting one foot in front of the other and take ACTION meet with real success.

    • Arianne

      Reality in its finest sense. I can’t help but agree to everything. Among the people I know, many of the rich people in my life are the most motivated people I’ve seen.

    • Dean R Black

      Thanks Bob, it is so important for people who want to have success to start changing the way they think. That is the first step.

    • Laura

      Hi, Bob, interesting theme. I think the average people are too afraid to take risks, the invested amount of money is too important for them, unlike rich people that usually think: “ok, let’s give it a shot, what do I have to lose?” I’ve just finished downloading the movie Boiler Room with Ben Affleck, i’ve heard it portrays people starting at the bottom of the barrel aspiring to get rich quick by being the best salesmen they can be.

    • James

      read that post too Bob, and got it from Kim. One thing I found interesting was reading the comments, and seeing all the people who COMPLAINED about how rich people are, and the way they talked only served to reinforce everything the article said.

      Some people won’t ever get it I guess, but that leaves a doorway open for those of us willing to put in the effort.

    • Debbie Short

      Yes Bob I agree, I think Rich people do think differently, especially their mindset.

      They have learnt a better way.

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