network marketing skill imageEver wonder what is the most powerful Network Marketing skill, the one that will get you the best results in the fastest time?

If you're thinking it's copywriting or blogging or making videos or placing ads for your business, you'd be wrong.

The most profitable Network Marketing skill is (and always will be) sponsoring people using the PHONE.

Methods like video marketing, article marketing and blogging are worthwhile, but they are included in a category called PASSIVE MARKETING — you are creating something that you hope others will respond to.

On the other hand, Prospecting and Sponsoring people using the Phone is ACTIVE — you are connecting with people one-on-one and asking questions.

But Don't You Teach About Blogging and Making Videos?

The fact is, 6 months ago I would never have written this post.

I was a student of Passive Marketing — blogging, articles, videos, etc.

And this predictably yielded Passive Income… so passive that it mostly passed me by! 🙂

When I began studying under those that were TRULY successful in the MLM industry (not the ones who SAID they were successful), I began to see a common denominator.

They were all master prospectors using the Phone.

The Network Marketing Skill Most Misunderstood

It happens all the time.

When I mention to one of my team members that they should pick up the phone and talk to a prospect, their face gets all twisted and contorted.

The mere thought of picking up the phone makes many marketers very image

In fact the phone can feel like it ways 100 pounds!

But it doesn't need to be that way.

Understand that Your Phone Yields Tremendous POWER!

When people think of phoning someone about their MLM business, they usually think of CONVINCING.

That's where most marketers go wrong.

The phone is NOT a convincing tool.

It rarely works, and if it does the people you convince to come into your business don't usually last long.

But when you start using the phone to ASK QUESTIONS, magical things begin to happen.

One of the most powerful questions you can ask a lead is:

“What's recently happened in your life that has you open to a home business opportunity?”

The answer to this question can be PURE GOLD — because it can give you insights into a prospect's “Why”.

And once you know this, you know their hot buttons — those areas in their life that mean the most to them.

Most People Don't Want a Business

Most prospects aren't looking for a home business simply for the sake of owning a business.

Most are looking for SOLUTIONS for a problem.

For most, this comes down to Financial Freedom or Time Freedom.

  • It may be freedom from debt or the ability to live life without worrying about having the money to pay the bills.
  • It may be about having more time to spend with their kids as they grow up.

When you pick up the phone to talk to a prospect, THIS is what you're trying to find out — NOT if they're interested in starting a business.

You discover this by asking questions about their lives.

And when you understand the answers, your phone becomes VERY POWERFUL.

Want the Fastest Results in your MLM Business?

The fastest way I know to start bringing people into your business is to learn the skill of PHONE SPONSORING.

Learn to ask the right questions.

Stop convincing and start listening.

Get comfortable using the phone to reach out to people and you'll start seeing results in your business very quickly.

    4 replies to "The Most Profitable Network Marketing Skill"

    • George

      Usually marketing over the phone turns to be more aggressive. Thanks for this post, which makes a totally different approach. Asking interesting questions could eventually lead to a productive discussion.

    • Azam

      Hello Bob

      According to my experience most of the people are distracted from the Phone technology and how it can be successful for online world ?

    • Sue Price

      Hi Bob

      Great advice. I came online like many people to grow my Network Marketing Company. It was a different one to the one I am now in. Mainly because when I arrived online I started doing everything passive.

      I learned many skills but did forget I had a phone and guess what happened to my business.

      I see people get leads online and say they never pick up the phone. I do not believe that builds relationships and that is what this business is all about.

      Happy blitzing.


    • cris

      Yes, I believe the phone is making a comeback in network marketing! I too found it very surprising to see that there are people/prospects who WANT to be contacted by phone. A lot of people do put bogus phone #’s on contact forms but there are still a small percentage that will put their REAL #.

      The reactions I’ve gotten when I actually picked up the phone and call these people are shocking. They’re all glad I took the time to call but yet they’re amazed that I even called them because nowadays most marketers don’t call people…not even the ones on their team.

      Calling can boost your results for sure because you’re making a connection that can never be made by just sending an email.


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