Every Part Time Network Marketer faces the same struggle — how to be most productive with the limited time they have to work on their home business.

As I pointed out in my last post, there's 2 kinds of marketing, passive and active.

Passive marketing gets you leads; active marketing builds relationships.

And the key to active marketing is to get people on the phone.

The Most Profitable Use of Time for the Part Time Network Marketer

There's no greater income producing activity than getting on the phone with a prospect.

There's just something about the phone that connects you to someone better than Facebook, emails or texting.

That's why the most successful marketers in the Industry get prospects on the phone as soon as possible.

But as good as the phone can be for your company's bottom line, the phone can also be….

A HUGE Waste of Time.

part time network marketing imageBe Smart on the Phone

There's nothing worse than spending a long time on the phone with a “prospect”, only to find out they their lack of money prevents them from moving forward.

It's happened to me… and it's probably happened to you.

And it's a COLOSSAL waste of your valuable time.

Sure, it's great to get to know them a bit and find out their story, but in terms of profitability for your business…

Not so much!

What I'm about to give you is some of the best advice my mentor ever gave me.

When I learned this, it changed everything,

Here it is….


What incredible advice!

And so simple.

Here's what it means….

When you first meet someone who expresses interest in your Network Marketing business, and they ask the question….

“What's it all about?”

POINT them to a company call, video, or webinar that explains the opportunity and products.

Don't PONDER on the phone with them for an hour trying to explain everything,

Chances are you'll say too much and overwhelm them anyway.

And chances are also good they either 1) won't be interested or 2) won't have the money to get started.

And then you've spent 30-60 minutes with them that's essentially wasted time.

Some won't agree with this, but believe me…

This is time you could have put to much better use, like finding MORE prospects.


Here's an Example

If I meet someone who expresses interest in my business, I only want to know one thing:

Have you had any experience in Network Marketing before?

If not, I send them to my company video for Newbies to the industry.

If so, I send them to my company video specifically for other Network Marketers.

And if they say… “Network Marketing, I'd never get involved in THAT”

then I've just saved myself some time and energy, and I can move on.

Point, don't ponder.

If someone tells you they're really not interested in a business but your product intrigues them…

Then POINT them to a retail page on your company site.

In my case, I send my retail prospects to my company's TV station.

It sure beats trying to explain all your products, don't you think?

Final Words

As a Part Time Network Marketer, TIME is of the essence.

You MUST use it as wisely as possible if you want to succeed.

POINT prospects to tools that your company provides and follow up with them AFTER they've viewed them.

It makes for far fewer questions and, if they never take the next step…

They've eliminated themselves from getting more time with you. 

    20 replies to "The Key to Becoming a Successful Part Time Network Marketer"

    • Chuck Holmes

      I think the real key to success is to have a game plan and clear goals. You must know what you want, create a plan of action, set a work schedule and hustle. That’s what it comes down to. Just my two cents.

    • Tyronne Ratcliff

      Great post Bob. No doubt about it, the best use of your time is getting on the phone and talking to people. It’s the most effective way to make sales. That’s why a lot of your top tier programs are actually sold over the phone and not online. Have a good one!

    • Harish

      An excellent publish! In their free time network internet marketer is recommended. Cheers intended for giving the particular very helpful awareness. Nice work buddy 😀 thanks !!

    • Joice M.

      Hi Bob,

      Thank you so much for sharing this post. I found it to be useful and I agree with everything you wrote.
      Keep up the good work!

      Joice M.

    • Abhay

      Rightly said that time is essence and i totally agree if you are losing time you are losing money.

    • Gajendran Megajolla

      Hi Bob, These are really amazing. I like your article. Thanks for sharing this great information..

    • nits


      Great post Bob. Managing time can be a challenge, that’s why it’s so important to qualify.

    • firdosh joy

      Hello Bob , these are really some great tips for becoming a successful part time network marketer. I am also a part time network marketer and i think these tips will help me . I will follow all the you wrote in the above article. Anyways thanks for such a great article

    • Abhishek

      Bob, as a part time marketer I can very well relate to this post of yours. Many a time I have faced this situation wherein I had a long phone sessions and exchanged a number of mails with prospects realizing later that the prospects lack money and resources to move forward. This has lead to a considerable wastage of my time. Now I ensure to make things clear right at the start so as to avoid facing such a situation. Its so true that TIME = MONEY

    • Joy

      Proper time management is essential in ensuring success, I have spent many hours on the phone trying to convince potential clients to check out my products and to encourage them to make a commitment only to find out that they want more information– this can be very frustrating. Thanks for the much needed enlightenment, Bob 🙂

    • Kristine

      Hi Dr. Bob! Rightly said– when we try to establish a connection with a potential client it would really be mutually beneficial if we direct them to the marketing materials we have for their perusal, this way we don’t need to spend so much time explaining all the details. Thanks for another enlightening share!

    • Fatima

      I completely agree with what you have so nicely presented, Bob. Having targeted videos for each type of prospect can really be a time-saver and this actually gives prospects a chance to decide in favor of your product. I’ve seen many people enjoying amazing results through this approach. Thanks for the great share.

    • Wade

      Brilliant advice Bob. This post takes me back 10+ years when we were trained to never let a lead say no. I got so burned out trying to convince the wrong people that my opportunity was right for them.

      . BTW I tried to tweet this post so that I could select more options for commentluv, there were too many characters.

    • Yumi

      Great post, as we know, withoue any experience of doing business online, it is hard to be a sucessful marketer, the advice you post above is awesome. We really need to have a good plan to do network business and have a good manager on time.Thanks for your sharing, Bob.

    • Richa

      Thanks for this great advice, Bob. Having a plan of action is really important and how you manage your time decides it all. Recording a video can make things very simple.

    • Aayna

      Hey Bob,
      A wonderful post! Part time network marketer seems to be a great idea. Thanks for sharing the helpful insight.

    • Wow, Bob. That’s really efficient. It seems it really pays off to have some kind of introductory videos in this niche. If you were to send them to a plain text page then you would most likely have a higher drop rate. Still, I think it is worth it. Time means money!

      A short side-note for anyone interested. If you need a professional video done by internet marketers for close to nothing you can go and get one from Fiverr for $5. I bought many services from this site and I am so amazed that I can not resist passing it forward.

    • Gary Slayter

      Great Post! We all had to start out part time when we started. It was the actions we did that determined if we stayed part time or not! I agree that in order to be successful, you need to have a plan of action.


    • David

      Great post Bob. Managing time can be a challenge, that’s why it’s so important to qualify.


    • Maxwell Ivey

      hi bob; this is excellent advice. and not just for network marketers. someone like me could record videos that answer key questions and have links to them on my site. One of the things i spend the most time answering is why use a commission site to sell amusement, concessions, or confections equipment when there are several free sites. I could record a video that explains the fees and tells people why they should use my site. appreciate this post a lot, max

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