shareable contentIf you're looking to create highly shareable content, the kind of content your audience will eat up and happily share with their connections, then this post is for you.

It's great to create stellar content for your business, but if you really want to get maximum leverage out of each piece of content, it must be share-worthy.

By this, I mean that others will find your content so helpful that they feel the need to share it with others who are struggling.

And if you're building your business with limited time, LEVERAGING YOUR EFFORTS is the name of the game.

The Simple Formula To Becoming an Authority in Any Niche

As I learned from my friend and mentor Ray Higdon, the simplest formula to become seen as an authority in any niche is to out-teach your competition.

The formula is called ILT and looks like this —

INVEST your time and maybe some money to LEARN something new and helpful in your business, and then TEACH it to others in the form of content creation.

It works if you do it consistently and with a focus on solving common problems of others in your niche.

But that's where many people get lost — they create content but don't focus on answering common questions that people in their niche struggle with.

When you create any content, you'll get “okay” results.

When you create HIGHLY SHAREABLE content that focuses on problem-solving, you'll get SPECTACULAR results.

How do you do it?

How do you create content that people will willingly and happily share with their contacts?

3 Simple Ways to Create Highly Shareable Content In Any Niche

Creating amazing, shareable content starts with one simple thing…

Find the questions that people in your niche commonly have… and then provide a solution.

That's really it.

The first step is finding these questions and that's what the rest of this blog post will focus on.

Because after you find the questions, answering them is pretty straightforward — relying on personal experience and/or doing some research to learn the answer and teach it to your audience.

So let's talk about HOW to find common problems in your niche.

What Were Your Questions?

The best way to discover questions from which you can create shareable content is to look at your own experience.

What were your questions getting started?

Where did you struggle?

What slowed you down?

That's why I start here when teaching my Part Time Coaching Clients the power of leveraged content creation.

I ask them to list 5 questions they had (or have) about building their business.

Let me give you two examples…

For Network Marketers, these 5 questions might be:

  1. How do I find people to talk to after hitting up my family and friends?
  2. How can I grow my MLM online?
  3. Should I prospect my co-workers at my job?
  4. What's the best way to close people into my business?
  5. What do I say when a prospect says they don't have the money?

Answer those questions and I promise you…

You'll have 5 pieces of killer content that other Network Marketers will gladly consume and share.

Here's another example from my own niche.

For people growing their business Part Time:

  1. What's the best use of my time for growing my business?
  2. How can I find more time to build?
  3. How do I stop thinking like an employee and more like an entrepreneur?
  4. How can I leverage the internet to grow my business faster?
  5. What if I only have 30-60 minutes/day to build my business?

You get the idea.

ACTION STEP:  Sit down in a quiet place today and write out the questions YOU had/have about your business.  Don't overthink it. Just brainstorm and write them down.  Then pick what you think are the top 5 and create a piece of content to answer these questions.  Watch what happens!


Using The Internet To Create Highly Shareable Content

So the first way to find questions to create shareable, high-quality content is to look within.

The next 2 ways allow you to leverage the power of the Internet.

These are sites I specifically recommend for finding great questions in your niche.

Quora is a popular question & answer platform created by 2 former employees of Facebook.  You can use this site to find common questions from virtually any niche.

The concept is quite simple…

You plug in a topic or question and Quora provides answers others have provided.  This alone is a great research tool.

But they also show you how COMMON the question is (ding ding ding!).

Common question = Common problem in your niche = Highly sought-after solution.

When you create content around these common questions, they become highly shareable!

Here are a couple of practical examples of how Quora works…

If weight loss is your niche, check out the great questions being asked on this Quora search.

I've underlined the most popular questions in red… all great candidates for content creation that could be readily shared by others.

Is your audience interested in using Pinterest to grow their business?

Here's a wealth of questions to get you started.

All in all, Quora is a great online tool to get ideas for creating shareable content in your niche, don't you think?

Answer the Public is actually categorized as a Keyword Research Tool, but it does so by providing Commonly Asked Questions to keywords of interest.  

And it presents data in a fun way — by mapping out suggestions for keywords.

Many of these suggestions (and questions) make for great content for your niche.

When using Answer The Public, you enter your “keyword” on the first page.

I used the term “travel tips” as an example for someone who might be in the travel niche.

Answer The Public then spits out a map of often asked questions surrounding this keyword.  Some of them will not be relevant to your niche or product.

Others will be PURE GOLD.

Here's what it looks like:

The questions highlighted by the Red Arrows might make for some killer content that is highly shareable.

Take your time… do your research… answer the question… and watch what happens!

So there you have it…

3 simple and (by the way) FREE ways to create shareable content in your niche that will turbocharge your content creation strategy.


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