It's one of the most common questions — how do I get leaders and the gurus to notice me?
I wondered that for a long time, too.
And I've come to a conclusion that there's only one SURE way to get recognition…
Put your head down, learn what you need to learn, and put the pedal to the medal.
Let me tell you a story…
I was literally floundering in my business.
I was kind of known around the Industry, but more for my beautiful wife than anything I had actually done.
Just being real.  It's the truth.
So I had a conversation with a person that has been mentoring me, kind of complaining that things just weren't moving forward fast enough.
She did for me the BEST thing a mentor can do…
She ripped into me.
 She was mean.
I don't remember exactly what she said, because I was burning with anger…
But the gist of it was…
Get off your butt (censored) and start producing, start actually getting results instead of complaining about what's stopping you.
Yeah, I was mad…
But mostly because I knew she was right.
So I made a commitment right then and there that I  was gonna PUSH HARD, work like I've never worked before.
And guess what?
I started getting results.
First, we qualified for a free Caribbean cruise with our primary company through our recruiting efforts, the first time we'd ever done such a thing.
And the leaders STARTED to notice.
Then, I turned my sights on MLSP, another major income stream in our business.
And I vowed to make a move… to push hard.
And the result?
Recognition onstage for an advanced leadership award.
And you know what, leaders noticed.
Leaders SMELL people who are producing.
They are attracted to movement, to action.
And as a result, one of the top earners in MLSP
is doing a PRIVATE, 30-minute strategy session for
my team ONLY.
That's HUGE for my team.
Can you imagine getting that kind of attention from
someone who understands what it takes to get to 
6 figures?
That's EXACTLY what's gonna happen next week.
I'm so excited for my team!
Here's my challenge to you…
Make the DECISION to go all out and produce.
Whether it's in your primary company or you decide to
come into MLSP with us.
Whatever you decide… just DO IT!
Put your head down and PUSH!!!
Don't let anything get in your way.
And you know what…
The leaders will notice.
They will smell you (in a good way).
And that will only make you push harder.
You'll get instant recognition from leaders
you didn't even know we're watching!
That's what's happening to me now.
And it can happen for YOU just as easily.
I've gotten some recognition and, as a result
my team is benefiting.
And I will not stop.
If you want to see what we're up to, you can
grab a trial for $10 and see what's up.
It's cool if you do and cool if you don't.
I just want you to understand this…
When you produce, you get recognized.
When you don't, you blend in with everyone
else who complains about not getting recognized.
You see how that works?
Okay, get to work.

    2 replies to "How To Get Recognized By Top Leaders"

    • Tyronne Ratcliff

      Great video Bob! Another thing that leaders wil notice is your willingness to invest in yourself and your education. Our actions are more important than our words! Have good one.

    • Matthew

      Hey Bob Great post and video.

      So that is all it takes is getting an Ass chew from a top leader. I sure like this part When you produce, you get recognized. When you don’t, you blend in with everyone else who complains about not getting recognized. Thanks for the insight..


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