Professionals and other busy people trying to build a part time network marketing business face challenges that full time marketers never dream of.  For the part time Network Marketer, every minute working on their home business must be laser focused on what matters most.

“Checking out blogs” or “cruising on Facebook” just isn't an option.

Only when Part Time Network Marketers learn to leverage their time, money, skills, and other resources will they build the success they'll need to take their business full time.

As a Professional building a Network Marketing business part time, I've come to understand key areas of importance that are crucial to success.  I call these my….

Part Time Network Marketing Do's and Don'tsnetwork marketing dos and donts

DO……… spend some time understanding and identifying your target market, or “your niche”.  This will save you both time and money.

DON'T.. try to market your opportunity to everyone.  You will simply blend in with the thousands of other networkers in your company.


DO……… develop skills that will make you more attractive to your prospects.  More skills makes you more valuable to the marketplace.

DON'T.. believe the hype that “the products will sell themselves”.  You must make yourself more valuable to your prospective business partners.


DO…….. surround yourself with people who have what you want.  Attending live events will be crucial to your development as an entrepreneur.

DON'T.. think you can do this on your own.  Being successful in any business can only be accomplished with the help of others.


DO……..  spend time building relationships, the precursor to sales.  Pick up the phone and find out what your prospects need and want.

DON'T.. hide behind your computer.  Use technology to find your prospects and drip them information, but use the phone to make deeper connections.


DO……... learn how to leverage your time, money, skills and other resources to put your business progress on the fast track.

DON'T.. be afraid to learn new things.  Technology can be a part time network marketer's best friend.  Use the power of the Internet to your advantage.


These Network Marketing Do's and Don'ts have become the cornerstones by which I run my business.

As a Part-Time Network Marketing Professional, I know first hand the problems, frustrations and obstacles that can arise when trying to juggle a full time job and building the business of your dreams.

Following these Network Marketing Do's and Don'ts will put you on the fast track to success.


What are your personal “Do's and Don'ts” when it comes to growing YOUR business?  LEAVE A COMMENT and let's expand my list!

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To your leveraging success!

    22 replies to "Part Time Network Marketing Do’s and Don’ts"

    • Chuck Holmes

      My favorite tip you shared was not hiding behind your computer. I use my blog to build my business 100% online. However, I call or SKYPE every lead I generate to build that personal connection and add the human touch. Even if you build online, this is still a people business and most people will not just sign up after they read your email or visit your website. The personal touch is what makes ALL the difference. Just my two cents. Great blog, Bob.


    • David Harman

      Very useful tips here Bob. Common sense is the way to go. At the end of the day people buy from people.

    • Audrey Ross

      Time has always been the challenge for part-time network marketers. The ability to multi-task and to focus are necessary. It’s extremely difficult, especially after a busy and tiring day at the office. One has got to be able to assess carefully their strengths and weaknesses. This should help one identify limitations and thus, focus more on what’s important.

    • Natasha

      Bob — again, found these on your Best Of list. Great stuff, here – I also like that the do’s and don’ts are kind of interrelated, they correspond to one another nicely. Thank you, thank you! 🙂

    • Hans Schoff

      Hey Bob, great tips for networkers! Your Dos and Don’ts really help emphasize the fact that this is a business, and people need to treat it with that level of respect. It requires it’s own set of skills, there is a learning curve, mastering these skills takes time, you need to learn from others and network with others by attending events and training calls regularly, etc. It’s not just a matter of setting up a website and making a million dollars next week from the beach. In time, perhaps yes. But it takes work, commitment and consistency, like any other legitimate business. Again, great tips!

    • Diane

      Thank you for these tips. It’s hard trying to utilize all the time into blogging when I’m part time. This seems like a system that would work out and not limiting the options to the internet. I like how you incorporated getting away from the computer and making real connections in person. Thanks!

      • Bob

        Hi Diane… welcome!

        I have always found that the best place to find prospects is the Internet (at least for me)… the reach of the Internet is so amazing.
        But the best place to make SALES is the phone. That means getting away from your computer, talking to people, getting to know what they need and provide a solution. It’s hard to do that 100% online.

        Thanks for the comment, I appreciate your feedback!

    • Steve Shoemaker

      Great article here and really some very sound advice for what marketers need to be focusing on. I like the mention about not hiding behind your computer and to over rely on the internet. While it is probably the greatest marketing tool of all time I think you still need to start locally as well.


      • Bob

        Hey Steve, thanks for stopping by. I totally agree, this business is about building relationships and you can’t do that hiding behind your computer. You can build your business locally in addition to building an internet presence, if that’s what you wish to do. If not, then picking up the telephone is a must. People want to see your face and/or hear your voice to get to know who they could potentially be working with.

        Thanks for the comment. See you again soon.

    • Richard Goutal

      Bob, because we have spoken and I feel like I know you, I should have known better. But for some reason, the post title made me think… “Hmmm, part time. He is going to cut down on a lot of stuff and just stick to ‘sharing the plan.'” So imagine my surprise when I saw you emphasize the fundamentals. I don’t know why I thought you’d do anything else. But actually, those do’s and don’ts are just as applicable to full timers (those that actually have full time due to a job lay-off, etc.) – aren’t they?

      • Bob

        Hey Richard, great to have you here again!

        It always comes down to the fundamentals, whether you’re a part time or full time Marketer. But for those Part TIme people, focusing on the fundamentals sooner rather than later is essential. What limited time we have to work on our business MUST be spent on the right things!

        Looking forward to your webinar tomorrow.

        Thanks for the comment!


    • Wendy Hewlett

      Excellent list of Dos and Don’ts. Juggling a full-time job with building your biz part time requires precision focus and I think you’ve really discovered the tasks that require your focus. Be wary of all of the distractions and focus on the activities that bring the sales. Darren Hardy, from Success Magazine, calls these the ‘Vital Tasks’:

      1. Talking to NEW people about your products and opportunity
      2. Getting people started
      3. Attending and delivering events

      That’s it … focus on those tasks and you will be on the right path to success.


      • Bob

        Hi Wendy,

        Thanks for the comment. Nice to have you here!
        I agree that it takes laser focus to succeed in Network/Internet Marketing Part Time. It’s something that I still struggle with on a weekly basis and it takes planning, discipline and intense focus.
        But the fact is… it CAN be done, and must be done if you want to quit your job and become a full time marketer.

        Great to see you here!

    • Pastor Sherry

      These sound like great rules no matter if one is full or part time! And you’re the second blog I’ve read recently that talks about phoning and “getting out there.” So far I’ve not been using the phone, but have been talking personally to friends. Sooner or later I’ll have to pick up the phone!

      And as far as selling ourselves instead of products . . . right on. I’m kind of a hard sell if something promises a lot, but recently joined an online course because I’d heard an audio by the person and she was not at all stingy with her information. Since attending the course I’ve learned that she does pro bono work in a certain area of her passion. That raised her immensely in my estimation. If she offers another seminar, I’d definitely consider taking it.

      To take your thought further — it matters more who we are than what we’re selling.

      • Bob

        Absolutely Sherry! Your customer will ALWAYS buy from someone they know, like and trust… and it’s up to you to build that relationship. The more you have to offer, the better prepared you are to help!

        Thanks for the comment! Stop by again soon….


    • […] So we set out to help them in these areas.  We put together a 5 day Crash Course called “Full Time Profits with Part Time Effort“, specifically aimed at helping busy Professionals (and others as well) leverage their time and figure out what was most important for building their business. […]

    • BJ Hayes


      Thanks for getting me back on track. I would say the concentrating on you niche for me is the part I really needed to hear. I know I can get off track and try to sell my brand to everyone in the free world. Many times they do not qualify for my products. I need to instead spend time finding target rich environments to build my business.

      This was a great post that I can use to make sure I hit my monthly targets.

      BJ Hayes

      • Bob

        Hi BJ.. thanks for stopping by. Its true that finding your niche and sticking to it are key to having lasting success in your business. We all get off track sometimes and try to market our product to people who really have no need or interest. That’s when we always need to come back to our niche and play to our power.

        Thanks for the comment!

    • Kellie Hosaka

      Aloha Bob & Rosemary,

      This is a great list of do’s & don’t for network marketing. Thank you for making it very simple for anyone to follow.

      Much aloha,
      Kellie 🙂

      • Bob

        Thanks Kellie! I’ve always found that its far easier to understand complex things if you can break them down into much smaller, simpler chunks of information. It’s the best way that I learn.

        Thanks for your comment!

    • Beth Wiles

      Hi Bob!

      These are all very good points to keep in mind, not only for a part-time network marketer, but a full-time one as well!

      I consider myself only a part-time network marketer at this point, but I’ve not yet really started building my network marketing team – that is just around the corner, though! These past few months, I’ve been very busy with building my online presence, developing my target niche, building relationships, as well as being a student in my nutrition study program with IIN and my Coaching Cognition classes. Lots to juggle right now, but it is all coming together!

      Your tip on building the relationship and taking it offline to the phone, or better yet in person is essential! I’m working on that part myself right now and am challenging myself to speak with at least 3 new friends each week (thanks to Laura Morris’s challenge). I am looking forward to meeting lots of great folks when I am able to attend my first live event some day!

      One thing I have to guard myself for – so this is one of my “Don’ts” is to get too distracted by things that I don’t immediately need for my business at this moment. When that appropriate time comes, I can go back to that specific information.

      Bob, I look forward to learning more from you as we go through Coaching Cognition together! 🙂


      • Bob

        Hi Beth… YES! It is so easy to become distracted by the next best training program or product. This has been a big one for me, also… since I love to learn new things! But you MUST become very good at asking yourself one question…. “How will this product (training, course) help me in my business RIGHT NOW?” If your answer to this question is not obvious, then stay away for now. Your time and money is better spent somewhere else.

        Thanks for visiting our blog. I look forward to our Coaching Cognition classes and getting to know you better!

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