Are you struggling in MLM and ready to quit?  You’re not alone.  

In fact, 98 people out of 100 have felt the same way at one point.

Like us.

That’s the bad news.  

The good news is that you can turn your MLM business around without quitting or finding a new company.

 It’s possible because we did it.

So can you.

This was us just 2 years ago… any of it sound familiar?

  • We purchased expensive leads from “reputable” lead collectors only to find out that our “leads” were unsuspecting victims who hated the idea of anyone interrupting their lives with another “opportunity” to make money.  What a disaster.
  • The thought of picking up our 10 ton phone to call an unsuspecting lead was enough to make our blood run cold.
  • We just couldn’t understand how others in our company were having all kinds of success when we couldn’t figure it out.

We were miserable, struggling in MLM BIG-TIME and READY TO QUIT!

The Problem was FOCUSstruggling in mlm

As it turned out, our struggles in MLM were mostly due to our FOCUS.  We were working hard on our business, just not on the right things.

Here’s the biggest mistake that most MLM Marketers make, especially in the beginning:

They focus on their MLM Company, not on THEMSELVES

WOW!  When we figured that out, it changed everything for us.

People don’t join MLM Opportunties… they Join YOU!

Our biggest mistake is that we started every prospecting call telling people all about how great our company was, how great the leaders were and how terrific the comp plan was.  You know what they heard?


We were getting nowhere.  We were struggling so badly in our MLM that we  were ready to give up.  Seriously.

Luckily, we met a guy at one of our training events who helped us turn the focus away from our company and on to ourselves.  

We were telling him about our struggles, and he asked us two simple questions:

Why should anyone join YOU?  

What do you have to offer?

Here’s the answer:

When you shift the focus from your opportunity and it’s features to what YOU have to offer to your prospects, things change quickly.

When you educate yourself and make yourself more attractive, everything comes together and your MLM business actually becomes FUN!

When you work on building YOUR skills and YOUR influence as a leader, people are naturally attracted to you. After all, they are looking for someone who can SOLVE THEIR PROBLEMS.

Someone who can take them away from the miseries of their life and lead them to the life of their dreams. Is that you? It can be if you work on becoming someone who can Lead and Influence.

Until next time,

This is the system we use to generate more leads, cash flow and attract more signups for our business… especially for you if you're building your business Part Time!

    44 replies to "Struggling in MLM and Ready to Quit?"

    • Chuck Holmes

      Good point, Bob. I agree that people join people, not businesses. That being said, it does make sense to have a good business. Most people will look at the person talking to them and ask themselves the following questions:

      1. Are they committed?
      2. Will they help me?
      3. Can I do this?

      If you can get them to answer yes to those three questions there is a good chance the people will join your team.

      Just my two cents.

      Nice blog.

      Chuck Holmes

    • leospittles

      Great and internet marketing strategies!
      Thinking of making a online business work properly!

      Mulitiple streams are a good idea, but a person should build up one business,
      before taking on another business.

    • Tony

      MLM is can be very difficult for new comers. They read to much information and just get to overwhelmed with it all.

      great article though thanks for the share,

    • Michael Sandberg

      I love how you view every point in the article. such a great post!

    • Scott Grigg

      Nice article but have to disagree. Most often it’s not the people in MLM’s or that they need to work on themselves more…that is MLM speak for “we’re crappy but if you’d just work a little harder at convincing your friends, relatives and others to buy products you’d make money.”

      The FACT is that 97% of home businesses fail not because I need to work on myself more, it’s because people don’t make money because the MLM is selling crap people don’t want – or not enough of them anyway. Trying to convince Uncle Bob or Aunt Sally that they just HAVE to have this fruit juice, vitamin or whatever you’re trying to peddle, is very, very difficult. It’s not mindset, they just don’t want it. And then, of course, for every two people you get into your downline, you lose one because they don’t make money.

      I agree that some personal development and leadership is a good thing, but that vastly oversimplifies the problem. I’ve known some great leaders who had a garage full of product because the bottom line was, no one wanted it. Period. And they simply could not convince enough suckers to sign up to sell it either.

      I finally discovered a business online where I DO make money. And guess what? No one has ever left my downline because THEY make money, LOL. And getting people into it is easy, because it’s priced reasonably and there is a demand for it. Too many MLM companies simply are just hawking overpriced products.

    • Hannah

      I’ve never expert in terms of MLM but you’re making clear points here and it’s really helpful not just for us who don’t really have broad understanding bout MLM but for those who really want to understand (I mean REALLY understand) the facts about it!

    • Jacob

      Great post and great video. We appreciate the optimistic note on this page, It’s pretty much identified that individuals use their minds to understand information, yet purchasing is usually a difficult selection. Maybe not as accurate using the everyday stuff you acquire but investing in a business is most likely, while you state, induced by some psychological a reaction to the one that will be introduced the chance. Thanks for sharing this great video and great post as well.

    • Audrey Ross

      What a great discovery. MLM people tend to market hard the company and what it offers. Come to think of it, people really don’t care how great the company is. Then tend to care about how good, trustworthy, and credible the person selling it to them is. Makes perfect sense!

    • Elmar Sandyck

      Hi Dr. Bob,

      So nice to be dropping by your site and listen/read to affirming words of wisdom about “focus” in the MLM industry.

      Focus, as in any endeavor, is what could make or break one’s spirit. If you have focus and determination to follow it through, you can really weather all storms.

      The next challenge would then be the getting the right focus. If you focus on the people more and what rewards and benefits they could get from doing business with you, then, you’re definitely on the right track.

      Thanks for sharing this post!

      • Bob

        Welcome Elmar!

        I agree that you will see success much faster if your focus is on finding solutions for your readers rather than focusing on your income. It falls under the category of Attraction and Karma, I suppose!

        Thanks for your insightful comment, Elmar!

    • Kathy Barber

      Hi Bob & Rosemary,

      I’m not necessarily struggling about giving up. My struggling is getting the focus on where to begin, and figure just which area I need to focus on.

      I read the ‘about us’ section, and felt a connection. My husband and I are also in the medical field, and getting very discouraged with the amount of hours, stress and so on that it brings. Your story brings encouragement. Thank you.


      • Bob

        It’s so awesome to have you here, Kathy. Us kindred spirits need to stick together! 🙂

        Your comment about focus is one I hear alot — where do I focus my attention on first? It can seem overwhelming when you try to look at the whole picture. I always tell my students to break it down into small chunks to make it more manageable.

        If you have decided to build your business using online marketing methods. then I would suggest your first step be to decide what kind of marketing you like (blogging, videos, direct response marketing, etc) and then get some specialized training in that area. The key is become really good and well known in one marketing method. It’s better to be among the best at one than be mediocre at many!

        Hope this helps. Come back often, and feel free to contact us anytime!

    • Shivam Garg

      Hi Bob,
      Nice article there.I am fortunate enough to read your story about MLM as i have started participating in it a few months back.I feel its the attitude and people skills that matters most in this business.People are always attracted to a person’s unique selling point.

    • David Merrill

      Good information, Bob.

      It really is about YOU and not your company. When you come to realize that, it hardly matters what company you represent, you’ll attract followers, recruits, customers and clients.

      So yes, work on YOU… everything else falls in line.

      • Bob

        Hi David, welcome!

        I agree 100% with everything you say. When you work on improving yourself, you help others by default.

        Thanks for the comment, David!

    • Dev

      Hi Bob,

      Fantastic post and great video. It’s good to see the positive not in the post. You’ve made great point about “People do not join companies or products, they join people.”

      Thanks for sharing this great post !


      • Bob

        Glad you enjoyed it, Dev. It was one of those moments when you’re out and about, having fun with your family and all of a sudden INSPIRATION hits and you just need to grab your video camera!

        Appreciate the kind words, Dev. Thanks for visiting again!

    • Gary

      Another great post:) So true. I remember how powerful it was when someone told me that people dont join you not your business. Made a big difference in the way i approached people.

      • Bob

        Hi Gary!
        That is the turning point for many… the day when someone of authority lets them in on “the secret” to recruiting. It’s not really a secret, more common sense, but surprisingly few get it. Sounds like you’re one of them! Kudos, Gary!

        Thanks for the comment — appreciate it, Gary!

    • Tommy DiPietro

      Hi Dr. Bob,

      Great post!

      That is exactly what I am trying to accomplish over at the WLC network.

      Stepping up to the plate and showing some leadership is what its all about.

      Sure I’ve struggled but always came back stronger.

      Its the doers that make a difference!

      Thanks for sharing!

      Tommy D.

      • Bob

        Hey Tommy, welcome!

        Leadership is all about showing up, being consistent in your efforts and persistent in working through the inevitable obstacles. Looks like we both tend to lead by example!

        Thanks for stopping by, Tommy. See you around!

    • Tosin

      Hey Bob,

      Seems everyone had to learn that this industry is not about any particular company. It’s about YOU Inc.

      Basically, YOU are your business. Your name. Your face. Your personality. Your words, your actions, and your energy are your business.

      YOU … Serving others, solving people’s problems, the relationships that you build, and the value you provide to the world becomes an actual real life commodity that can be traded for money.

      Great education, Bob!


      • Bob

        Hi Tosin,

        It is about YOU… and THEM (your customers). Your company or opportunity finish a very distant THIRD!

        Thanks for the comment, Tosin. Great to see you here again so soon! 🙂

    • Marcus Baker

      Hi Bob,

      Those two questions, “Why should anyone join YOU? What do you have to offer?” are very powerful in setting one off down a different road to the opportunity pitching one.

      People want more than anything to connect with people who make them feel important and heard.

      It’s the human element that makes the difference and when you develop yourself so that you can lead others confidently they will work with you in any opportunity.

      Well said Bob and I loved the video! 🙂


      • Bob

        This is a great point, Marcus — people DO inherently want to feel important and heard. Anything that you can do to enhance those feelings puts you head and shoulders above the rest who are trying to sell them something.

        Thanks for your insight, Marcus… you always provide great comments!

        See you again soon!

    • Lou Barba

      Hi Bob,

      It’s pretty well known that people use their minds to learn facts, but buying is usually an emotional decision. Perhaps not as true with the day to day items you buy at Walmart, etc., but buying a business is probably, as you say, triggered by some emotional response to the person who is presented the opportunity. Thanks for sharing.


      • Bob

        Hey Lou, good to see you again!

        You’re right…. buying is often an emotional decision and they later try to justify their purchase with facts.

        I would recommend a great book on this subject — The Psychology of Persuasion, by Robert Cialdini. It was the first book I read on this subject and it’s remained one of my favorites.

        Thanks for stopping by, Lou!

    • Jym Tarrant

      Great post Bob.

      What you say is so true! The idea of joining and MLM business is (for most people) an offer of taking on a new PROBLEM!

      What people are really looking for is a solution to the problems they already have. Leadership and value presented in the right way offers a SOLUTION, and that’s what will attract people to you, and result in them joining your MLM Opportunity.

      I know I just re-worded what you already said but it’s such a simple and important point – success in this business depends upon getting it!

      My favorite line: “When you educate yourself and make yourself more attractive, everything comes together and your MLM business actually becomes FUN!”

      Wish you all the best, and love the location of your video!

      • Bob

        Hey Jym, good to see you again.

        The video was shot at Paradise Island, Bahamas. It’s our little getaway that we hit every chance we get. It’s such a beautiful location and we just need to recharge our batteries sometimes.

        And you’re right about people seeking solutions.. the last thing they want is more problems. Help them solve some of their biggest issues and you will have a fan for life.

        See you again soon, Jym. Have an awesome week!

    • Nanette

      Great post…love that you’re able to re-focus the attention of your team on yourselves, not the company, and the understanding that people join you!
      This section your post is so poignant:
      “They focus on their MLM Company, not on THEMSELVES
      WOW! When we figured that out, it changed everything for us.
      People don’t join MLM Opportunties… they Join YOU!
      Our biggest mistake is that we started every prospecting call telling people all about how great our company was, how great the leaders were and how terrific the comp plan was. You know what they heard?
      We were getting nowhere. We were struggling so badly in our MLM that we were ready to give up. ”
      So glad you didn’t, and you’ve reached out to share what you learned with all of us!
      Wishing you well–

      • Bob

        Hi Nanette… welcome!

        It’s one of the biggest mistakes newbies make.. they regurgitate the company line, all about the company features and why this is better than any other MLM and people just don’t care. They want to know that you, their potential sponsor can help them achieve their dreams. And you can only do that by becoming better… a better marketer, a better communicator and a better team builder.

        Thanks for stopping by, Nanette. See you again soon.

    • Janet

      Bob, aloha. Terrific post and video. You are right on the mark. People do not join companies or products; they join people. There is a reason our industry is also called relationship marketing. It’s about the people.

      As we have discussed, Bob, a person cannot become a leader until they become the type of person people will want to follow. They do that by consistent personal development.

      Jim Rohn’s mentor Earl Schoff gave Jim this advice that lasted a lifetime. “Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.” Once Jim understood that, everything changed for him.

      Bob, that advice is true for all of us–no matter what we do or who we are.

      Hope you folks had a wonderful time in the Bahamas. Best wishes for a terrific week. Aloha. Janet

      • Bob

        Hi Janet!

        That quote my Jim Rohn changed my life. “Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.” Brilliant, yet I am amazed at how so many of my coworkers do the direct opposite. They work hard at their job, come home exhausted, eat dinner and fall asleep on the couch. Rinse and repeat and another week is gone.

        But taking Jim’s quote to heart, I (and you and all others like us) have reversed the process, working more on ourselves and our own personal development. It has become just a natural part of our lives.

        As always, thanks for your contributions to the discussion, Janet. You are an awesome leader.

    • Cathy

      I was one of those 98 people who quit MLM years ago. I just couldn’t figure out how to do it without alienating my family and friends. And the rejection from all those “cold leads” was just too much to handle. Too bad I didn’t have this post to read back then. It would have made a difference.

      • Bob

        Hey Cathy, welcome to our blog!

        Network Marketing isn’t for everyone. Others prefer internet marketing or some other kind of direct selling. What really matters is that you’ve found your personal path to success and you’re working towards it.

        By the way, I love your blog! Visited once and can’t wait to go back.

        All the best,


    • Mario Piso

      Hallo Ivan,

      Yes I know the words fear, procrastination and quiting. Yes 97 % of the people and why because they don’t know themselves. So start with your own WHY’s and look for a good system like TSA and good Mentors.
      And they will experiance the results.
      good topic, thanks for sharing,

      cheers… Mario…

    • Ivan

      Great article Bob,There are many “gurus” out there who are there just for the buck,but as soon as they get your money they are out of your life,this to me is not about building great relationship and life long friendship,this is nothing I or anyone who really care about being honest and caring,realy want to be part of,in the long run…so thank you very much for being caring and giving with your time and your know how life experince.You are genuine and you care,and this is the main reason I do read your great articles.Ivan

      • Bob

        Hi Ivan,

        Thanks for the kind words! You’re 100% right… people know who is genuine and who isn’t nowadays, and they always gravitate towards the people who truly care about their success.

        Thanks so much for visiting… see you again soon!

    • Dilip Kumar Pradhan

      Great article Bob & Rosemary! I loved the video as well. [Of course had seen the Video 1 year back. Watched it again]

      “When you work on building YOUR skills and YOUR influence as a leader, people are naturally attracted to you. After all, they are looking for someone who can SOLVE THEIR PROBLEMS.

      Someone who can take them away from the miseries of their life and lead them to the life of their dreams.”

      That’s so true!

      Thanks for always providing value to us. Every individual out there who wants success in this industry should definitely look often…

      • Bob

        Hey Dilip!

        The truth is that most people are looking to follow a leader. The more inner work you can do to become a better leader will pay off big time down the road. That’s why so many of the people who’ve “made it” in this business stress the importance of personal development and leadership skills. They understand what is key to success.

        Thanks for stopping by. Appreciate the kind words!

        • Val Adams

          “The truth is that most people are looking to follow a leader. The more inner work you can do to become a better leader will pay off big time down the road. ”

          Great advice Bob. I really liked it. And thanks for sharing your experience.

          • Bob

            You’re welcome Val.. now get to work on becoming that leader! 🙂

    • Teresa Ivory

      I appreciate the positive note in this post, Bob. I left MLM work many years ago for reasons not related to your post (company closure) but remember the similar struggles. And you’re 100% right. My successes were always based on me…my attitude, my leadership, my ability to help others through the beginning phases of their business. I might just have to give MLM a go again. Your post has inspired me.

      • Bob

        Hey Teresa, glad we inspired you to reconsider Network Marketing. It’s so much more fun when you know who you are and where you’re going!

        I truly believe that everything in our life is in some way attracted to us — our success, our failures, and our challenges. It’s our job to do our best to attract what we want and deserve.

        Thanks for the comment. Look forward to seeing you here in the future!

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