If you're looking for some honest truths about what it takes to build a successful business Part Time, look no further.  

You've come to the right place.

In fact, whether you're building an MLM business, affiliate business, content marketing business, or any kind of business and you're doing so Part Time, these hidden truths will open your eyes.

But I won't leave you there…

I'm also going to give you the roadmap I used to build a successful home business, working 2 hours/day or less.

Are you ready for some TRUTH and HONESTY?

Alright then…

Struggling To Build A Successful Business Part-Time?

So did I in the beginning… BIG TIME!

Here's my story and what motivated me to write this post for you…

When I was into the 3rd year of my business and still not getting results, I remember very clearly thinking…

Would someone PLEASE just be honest with me?

Would someone just have the integrity and the guts to tell it like it is and NOT sugarcoat it?

Would someone tell me what the “real” game is, rather than dressing everything up with fake promises?

That was my mindset back in 2013.

It turns out that not many marketers want to be that brutally honest because they're afraid their prospects will freak out and go find someone else who is telling them an “easier” way.

I made a pact back then that if I ever succeeded in my business, I would NEVER do that.

I would tell my audience EXACTLY what is needed to succeed… and give them the roadmap (once I found it, of course).


So here it is…

My roadmap for building a successful business Part Time…

First, some cold hard truths…

1.  If you think the amount of time you have for your business is the problem, you're sadly mistaken.

2.  If you think like a Part Timer, you'll never make it.

3.  If you don't know how best to use your time, you'll end up wasting it and spinning your wheels.

Be sure you're focusing on the activities that matter most in your business using my Stupid Simple Daily Action Guide.

4.  If you build someone else's business (like your MLM or your affiliate company), you could one day find yourself with NO business.

5.  VERY IMPORTANT!  Your business will NEVER be FREE, despite what others will tell you.  There's always a cost.

The amount of money you put towards your business is NOT as important as being smart about how you spend it.

6.  It will be hard work.  You'll want to quit.  You'll wonder if it's worth it.  And only the survivors cash in.

Did I scare you off yet?

I guess not if you're still reading this.

So congrats, let's keep going.


The Roadmap To Building A Successful Business Part Time

There are certainly other ways to make it “big” if you're a Part-Timer, but this is what has worked for me…

  • Get a handle on your time.  Understand where it's going and then figure out where your business can fit in.  (HINT:  It's rarely the big blocks of time).
  • Outsource as much as you can, except your Voice. It's much cheaper than you think.
  • 90% of your success will come from working on your mindset and beating off the inner demons who'll tell you “you're not good enough!”
  • Find a coach who has done what you're trying to do… and then do what they say.  Don't let your ego get in the way.
  • Leverage EXPOSURE AGENTS — platforms, companies, or other marketers whose influence you can borrow to build your business faster.
  • Build your own list.  That is your true business. Building someone else's list is building someone else's business for them.
  • Once you have a list (even one person), nurture them and treat them like GOLD.  Never lie to them.  Always do what you say you're going to do.  Their trust means everything. And their successes are your successes.


That's it!

That's my roadmap to success as a Part-Timer.

You'll notice that I gave you the steps, but didn't tell you how to actually accomplish them.

Honesty time… that was on purpose.

The rest you'll have to pay for. Why?

Because you should.

Because I paid thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours figuring it out.

​It shouldn't be free… it's too valuable.

If it was free, you'd put it in your “later” pile and never discover the secrets inside.

So if you're insulted that I charge for my advanced trainings, so be it.  I can't help with that.

But if you want to go deeper, I have 2 options…

If you're simply looking for help in taking charge of your TIME and figuring out how to get more business

time in your day, check out Part-Time Mastery.


If you want the whole shebang…

If you want all the deets on not just your time, but solving your mindset issues, building your audience, creating a lead magnet, building your list, creating content fast, and getting your list to trust you (and buy from you)…

All in just 2 hours/day or less, then…

The Part-Time Profit Machine is what you want.


So there you go…

I told it to you straight.

I hope you valued it as much as I did when someone did it for me.

Believe me, if you take what I said above to heart, I just saved you months (or years) off your learning curve.


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It's Your Time to SHINE!


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