part time mlm imageYou ever notice how some Network Marketing “gurus” actually try to make you feel ASHAMED of having a J-O-B?

Like you are somehow less of a Marketer because you build your MLM Part Time!

Some leaders have told me that I'll never truly “break throughl” in my business until I quit my job and give it a go “without a safety net”.

Maybe… maybe not.

Time will tell, but for now allow me to…


In the short audio training below, I want you to consider that maybe — just maybe– you should be HUGGING your boss rather than cursing him out.

Have a listen.

There ya have it…

The next time you see your boss, give him or her a HUGE HUG!
(or shake their hand if it's more appropriate 🙂

So what do you think?


Let me know!

    1 Response to "Part Time MLM – Why You Should Hug Your Boss"

    • Aayna

      Hi Bob,
      Quite an innovative thinking. I never even thought of giving a hug to my boss, we both share a purely professional relation and on top of that we both are not that fond of each other. The audio gave me a thought to ponder upon. Thanks for the share.

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