Want to make more money Part Time in your business?  This post will outline the 4 steps that will get you there in the fastest time possible.

I grew my marketing business Part Time from 2009-2019 while simulataneously built a highly successful career in healthcare.  During those 10 years of building Part Time, I was always on a search to figure out ways to work smarter and find faster ways to get results.

Over time, I narrowed it down to 4 main steps that you MUST take if you want any chance of building a Profitable business Part Time.

Step 1:  Set Your GPS

Just like you would set the GPS in your car if you wanted to get somewhere but didn't know the directions, you must also set your business GPS to help get you where you want to go.

This means Goal Setting, but not just any Goal Setting.

It's setting the kind of goals that stretch you but take into consideration your time constraints.  

It's about setting both long term and short term goals that keep you accountable yet help you see the big picture of where you want your business to go in the months and years ahead.

Setting your GPS is the first step in working smarter and making more money Part Time in your business.  

You can't skip it.

Step 2:  Identify Your One Thing

If there is any concept that got me out of struggle and into big-time results when I was Part Time in my business, it's the concept of The One Thing.

Simply put, it's all about identifying that one thing in your business that if you do it consistently over time, success is a given. 

No doubt.  It will happen.

I highly recommend you read The One Thing by Gary Keller.   I review it at least once/year and I consider it to be the Bible if you're Part Time in your business.


make more money part time

You can pick it up on Amazon.com or any local bookstore.

Step 3:  Master Your Time

If you have a plan (Step 1) and know Your One Thing (Step 2), then you must figure out a way to carve out enough time on a consistent basis to get to work.

Here's the great thing… you won't need as much time as you think, now that you understand the concept of The One Thing.

I've found that the biggest trick to mastering your time is to STOP looking for big blocks of time to grow your business and START identifying those 15-30 minute blocks of time that go unnoticed and unused in your day.  

  • The time you spend commuting to/from work
  • The breaks you get at work and at lunch
  • The time you spend waiting to pick your kids up at school
  • The time you sit and wait at your doctor's office

These are examples of what my mentor calls the “nooks and crannies” of your day, and it's within these times that you “Win your Day”.

Check out:  15 Simple Ways to Add Find More Time For Your Business

Step 4:  Leverage Your Work

This is quite simply…

Getting More Results With Less Work in Less Time

I've found there are 4 main ways to accomplish this leverage:

  1. Leverage technology
  2. Leverage other people's knowledge (coaching, consulting)
  3. Leverage other people's skills (outsourcing)
  4. Leverage other people's audiences

Of these 4, I most enjoy leveraging other people's audiences.   It's the fastest way to get a lot of eyeballs on your own offers FAST.

This can take many forms, but it includes such things as getting interviewed on someone's podcast, getting highlighted by the creator of a course or training, and hiring a specific coach to help you get to the next milestone in your business.

Do you want more in-depth training on these 4 steps to working smarter?

Check out this FREE TRAINING:

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Personalized Help on Making More Money Part Time

You can now book a Free 30-minute Focus Session with me, where I'll help you with the 4 steps of making more money Part Time in your business and figuring out YOUR ONE THING and how to implement it successfully.


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