Everyone wants to know the secrets of the Top Earners in their profession.

Whether it's in MLM/Internet Marketing or Rocket Science, people often believe that the top earners in their field are mystical or have some secret magical formula that makes all the difference.

 7 Qualities That Top Earners Possess (and a Bonus!)

Here are 7 qualities that all Top Earners in ANY field possess…. and this is definitely true of Network Marketers and Internet Marketers.

​1. You are willing to master the skills.

Top earners in every field have mastered the skills necessary for success, no matter what it takes.

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2. You are committed to being a Professional.

No cheesy “tactics” will help you to become a Top Earner.

Acting and feeling like a Professional attracts others, period.

3.  You want to have the nicer things in life.

C'mon, lets be honest. It's great to want to save the world, but most top earners also desire the finer things life has to offer.

4. You desire to be a leader.

Let's face it, the leaders in any profession make the big bucks.

It's no different in MLM/Internet Marketing. If you don't want to be a leader, don't expect top earner's pay.


5. You have a helping heart.

​Behind it all MUST be a strong desire to help others. If you're only in it for you, you, you, don't expect others to follow.

6.  You refuse to quit.

Obstacles will hit you from every direction as you strive to take your place among the top earners in your profession.

Those who refuse to stop, refuse to give up no matter what are the ones who ultimately win.

Quit is Not an Option

7. You want to make your family proud.

There's nothing like accomplishing something and having your family be proud of you! It's one of our built in desires as humans.

BONUS TIP:   Love what you do!

Top earners in their field LOVE what they do.  Their passion is obvious and to them, nothing feels like work.

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How did you do?

Did you mark “YES” next to each trait?

If not, it's fine…

Because it's a learning process and takes time.

But keep these qualities of Top Earners in mind as you come up against all the obstacles you'll face in your journey.

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No brainer.
To your success and happiness!







Dr. Bob

Creator of The Part Time Business Blueprint

Email: bob@bobandrosemary.com

Skype: drbobclarke


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    3 replies to "7 Qualities That All Top Earners Possess"

    • Chuck Holmes

      Great list, Bob. The only quality I would add to this list is FOCUS. So many folks try to do so many things at once. As a result, they might get okay results. But they could do a lot better if they just focused on being excellent at one thing. Just my two cents. Nice blog.

      Chuck Holmes

    • Gordon Milton

      Thanks Bob. I think your bonus tip, “Love what you do” makes all the other tips come natuarally, don’t you?

      • Bob Clarke

        It all starts with that, definitely Gordon

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