Sometimes finding success in Network Marketing feels like an impossibility, especially if you've been struggling for years.

I KNOW, we were right there with you.

But in the past couple of months things have changed SUBSTANTIALLY…

This weekend we experienced a level of success that we'd never known before ,

and I want to share the reasons why.

success in network marketing image

It's not like the successes we've had recently will allow us to leave our jobs…

sure we made a little money, but it was what these successes represented that was so HUGE for us.

They represented PROGRESS and movement FORWARD…. that we are on the right track.

Today, I want to show you what made the difference for us.

Even Leaders Don't Find Success in Network Marketing Right Away

If you listen to the stories of the many leaders in the Network Marketing industry, you'll hear a common theme —

They usually start out with “I struggled for years…”

It's true for Rosemary and I as well.

We were in 3 different MLMs in 3 years before we finally started to have some success in Network Marketing.

Why were we jumping from opportunity to opportunity?

Because we were searching.

As it turns out, we were searching for the WRONG thing.

We were looking for the perfect COMPANY with the perfect COMP PLAN that would help us succeed.

What Should You be Looking For?

At this point in the post, you're probably expecting to hear the same old thing…

“Don't look outwards for solutions, look INWARDS.”

In other words, look to improve YOURSELF and YOUR SKILLS in order to find success in Network Marketing.

It's true… partly.

It's definitely true that you need to become a bit “seasoned” before success will find you… by way of learning some basic skills, strategies and perhaps dealing with some “mindset issues.”

But there's more to it than that.

How we Finally Found Success in Network Marketing

Sure, we switched to a new company and really resonated with their message and their product.

But so do many people who NEVER realize success in Network Marketing.

So what's been the difference for us in the last 7 months?

1.  We found a mentor/coach who would tell us the TRUTH

We've had several mentors during our journey and most have been great.

They've helped us through different struggles we had along the way.

But here's the problem with most coaches and mentors:


They tell you how great you're doing even when you're not doing squat.

They tell you SUCCESS can happen at any time.

Well, that's all well and good but the fact is…

You need to hear the truth.

  • You need to know that what you're doing for your business each and every day isn't worth a dime if you're not presenting your business to people.
  • You need to know that meeting people isn't enough… you need to have a conversation about your business.
  • You need to hear that your Warm Market is not your enemy if you're looking for signups fast (more on this in a minute).
  • You need someone to KICK YOUR BUTT when you're not doing what you should be doing.

You don't need a friend or cheerleader, you need someone who already has success to be very blunt about what you need to do to be successful.

It's that simple.

Yet many get turned off by this kind of mentor.  Many want to be propped up and told everything will be okay.

The reality is… it WON'T be okay if you don't start doing the right things.

We found a coach and mentor who wasn't afraid to kick us in the butt.

It's been a huge difference maker.

Now, that's what we do for OUR TEAM MEMBERS…. we bluntly tell them the truth and kick them in the butt when needed.

So far no one has complained! 🙂

2.  Joining a Team that Supports Each Other

Never before have we found a team that supports each other the way our current team does.

We leverage Private Facebook Groups and Trainings to ask questions, run strategies, share experiences and get support.

Since we are an international company there is literally help available 24/7.

That's important because you can't expect your sponsor to always be there when you need them.

In our group, everyone is pulling for the same thing… success of our team.

It's a great thing to be part of.

3.  We embraced our Warm Market


You can't get all the signups you want from faceless people on the Internet?

Not if you want to make some quick advances in your company.

In our company, new distributors who bring in 2 new people in their first 30 days gets a huge bonus that pays them greatly for the rest of their career.

And the best way to bring in those people in 30 days is to talk to people you already know — your WARM MARKET.

Warm Market Prospecting — It Doesn't Have to Be Icky

The thought of talking to family, friends and colleagues — people you already know — makes most people very uncomfortable.

But what if I told you…
success in network marketing image

You can approach your warm market without feeling weird or self conscious.

It's a matter of “Who do you know” rather than “Buy my stuff” or “join my team“.

When you ask for referrals rather than purchases, you position yourself as a solution provider rather than a salesperson.

You also trigger their “snoopy gene”…

Many time, the people you talk to in your Warm Market, the ones you ask for referrals will check out what you're doing out of curiosity.

And you've done what you set out to do… you got people to TAKE A LOOK.


These 3 factors… finding a mentor who tells it like it is — joining a team that supports each other — and prospecting our Warm Market in a different way have made the difference between failing in yet another MLM…

and FINALLY realizing success in Network Marketing.

So what about the company leadership, the product, the training and the comp plan?

Aren't they important?

Of course they are, but we've always done our research before joining a company, yet still we failed.

This time we've found success, we've found a home…

and you can, too.

It's all within your grasp.

    5 replies to "How to FINALLY Find Success in Network Marketing… after Struggling for Years"

    • jeniffer

      Congratulation on your success. This tips are really great and helpful.
      Thanks for the sharing.

    • Kristine

      Hello Dr. Bob! Congratulations and thank you for imparting your knowledge on successful MLM marketing., over the last few months I have become more confident about encouraging people to join me in my quest for financial independence. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors! More Power!

    • Joy

      Congratulations Bob 🙂 MLM is definitely a challenging business and it takes a great deal of perseverance and dedication to succeed. I highly appreciate the tips and the best practices you have shared here. More Power!

    • Jane

      Congrats Bob, I’m so happy for you. And I’m so glad you’ve just spilled out the secrets. Not everyone does this!

      By the way, I love the point you made about having a coach/mentor. Yup you don’t need a cheerleader – you need a coach to tell you the truth; plain and simple!

    • Juli Becker

      Dr Bob,

      Congratulations on your success! These are great tips that everyone should be aware of, including myself!

      So glad I stopped by,


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