One of the biggest concerns in deciding to start a Network Marketing business is TIME, or more specifically, Lack of Time.  Full-time job, school, kids, chores, activities, and even elderly parents can make it seem almost unimaginable to even consider starting something new in your life, even something as potentially life altering as becoming an entrepreneur.  In this article, you will learn why a lack of time is rarely a justifiable reason for delaying the start of your own Network Marketing home business and how you can best use your time to shortcut your way to success.

Listen, everyone is busy… some more than others.

But if you're convinced that you want more out of your life than what you're currently getting and that starting your own business is something you really want to do, don't let TIME get in your way.

The Reality of Time

If TIME is a concern and even causing you to delay the start of  a Network Marketing business, consider the following truths:

  • There is NEVER an absolutely right time to start something new, whether its a new business, getting married or even having a baby.  You can't spend your life waiting for the perfect time because it will rarely present itself.
  • Whether you have 5 hours a night or 5 hours a week to work on your new business isn't important.  The key to success is BEING CONSISTENT in your efforts.
  • QUALITY of time is much more important than QUANTITY.  One hour spent wisely performing activities that will directly produce income is far more valuable than 5 hours watching random videos, reading emails and surfing Facebook.

5 Keys to Using your Time Wisely

My wife Rosemary and I have become quite successful in the Network Marketing industry over the last few years, all while working full-time jobs, dealing with 4 kids, and volunteering at our local church and Senior Center.

Along the way, we have identified 5 keys to using your time wisely, especially when you first start a Network Marketing business:

  1. Keep Everyone Involved. If you are trying to start a Network Marketing business and meeting some resistance on the home front, it's really important to show others close to you the positive impact that your business may have on them.  Show them testimonials, videos, and success stories of people who have “made it” in the Industry and how it's changed their lives for the better.
  2. Be Organized and Set a Schedule. Take a close look at your obligations and decide how much time you can devote to your business each day or week.  Then set a schedule and block out that time.  Post it in the kitchen or where everyone in your home will see it.  It's important to treat this time as if it were a job outside the home – no interruptions and no excuses.
  3. Find a Mentor or Coach.  This is probably the biggest time saver for any Network Marketer, especially when first starting.  We didn't realize how powerful a mentor was until we had wasted a lot of time spinning our wheels without one.  There are several ways to find a terrific mentor, and any money you spend will be among the best investments you will make in your business.
  4. Consistency and Persistency are Key.  Being consistent in your efforts and persistent in your actions are essentials in succeeding, especially at the beginning.  You will undoubtedly come upon obstacle after obstacle to your success.  How you deal with those obstacles will determine the results – positive or negative – in your business.
  5. Use Technology to Leverage Everything You Do.  The Internet has revolutionized the Network Marketing industry.  Gone are the days that you need to stalk your next “prospect” at the local mall or grocery store.  Now, you can target your ideal prospect simply by using powerful Internet tools.  Leveraging technology is incredibly powerful in creating shortcuts to Network Marketing success.

Time can be your friend or your enemy when starting a Network Marketing business.  How you utilize the time you have for your business, especially when your life is extremely busy, will go a long way to determining your ultimate success.


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    9 replies to "Do You Really Have Time To Start a Network Marketing Business?"

    • Angell

      Today, employment is really hard to achieve. Mostly, go on business because they can have their own idea on how to earn and survive. Often, engage on online business because it is easy to have a customer. High professional prefer on networking business because of easy money. No way of passage but directly on their hands of earning.

    • Hans Schoff

      Bob, great tips. You know, I’ve found that the people with the busiest lives ironically are the ones who actually have the most success in this business. I believe the reason is because they’re used to juggling lots of different activities and demands for their time and they know how to use their time wisely and to prioritize “the big rocks” over the smaller ones. I find more that the people with lots of extra time on their hands have more difficulty converting that time into results than those who appear to have ZERO free time at all. Great post!

      • Bob

        Hi Hans,

        You know, I never thought of it that way but it makes perfect sense. Sometimes those with the most time don’t know how to best use it. Those that are super busy are already used to prioritizing and concentrating our time on the most important things. Great point, Hans!

        Appreciate your insights!

    • glenee

      I agree! Consistency is the key to success. If you’re consistent on your effort on running and marketing your own business then no doubt it will grow based on your expectations.

      • Bob

        Hey Glenee… welcome to our blog!

        Consistency is key, and so is persistence. To me, consistency means doing things on a regular basis — to take regular action. Persistence means taking action in the face of adversity or obstacles. Both are extremely important in business…. and in life.

        Thanks so much for your comment, Glenee…. looking forward to hearing more from you!

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    • Adrian Padua

      Great Post!

      I personally find #4 to be the most important one of them all. Without consistency and persistence, you may find yourself going back to your old ways within weeks.

      Keeping a good schedule combined with consistency and persistence will ensure you some good time management. Anyone who is seeking to make the most out of their time should keep that in mind.

      Thanks for sharing!

      Adrian Padua

      • Bob

        Hi Adrian… I agree that consistency and persistence are two of the keys to success, not just in business but pretty much anything worth accomplishing in life. Pushing forward on a consistent basis will ensure positive movement of your business.

        Thanks for the comment!

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